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Ear Care Gold For Dogs
  • Ear infection
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Zymox Otic 250 Plus Ear cleanser Enzymatic solution with Hydrocortisone For dogs

Pet ears are highly sensitive and vulnerable to too many infections and infestations. As a result, they might end up having inflammation in inner ears that is most difficult to treat. Zymox Otic enzymatic solution is one of the easiest ways to treat ear infections in dogs.

Zymox otic enzymatic solution is almost like antibiotics but performs better than the drugs. It uses the enzymatic activity that destroys the invading bacteria’s organic body through enzyme activity. Because it clears the bacteria and fungus, Zymox Otic solution works also as a cure for any inflammation with the presence of hydrocortisone.

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What Is Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution?

Zymox Otic enzymatic solution is mainly an anti-inflammatory solution for pets that also contains the anti-infectious property with the extra enzymes. The natural enzymes work on the inflammation and infections which is found to be effective against most of the ear infection causing bacterial strains.

Zymox otic enzymatic dog ear cleaner is mainly used for chronic as well as acute otitis in dogs that are caused by either bacteria or yeast. The enzymes added have potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties to cure all types of ear infections. The hydrocortisone also helps curb the itching which is the main symptom of ear infections.

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Zymox otic enzymatic solution Ingredients

Here are few of key Zymox ingredients.

  • Hydrocortisone is a steroid that works in topical applications. It influences the chemicals that cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation caused by insect bites, skin problems, allergies or itching can be treated with this steroid. It not only relieves inflammation but also the symptoms associated with it. It cures the itching that is most common with the ear infections in pets.
  • Lysozyme is an enzyme produced in the lysosome of each cell. The main purpose of this enzyme is to KILL. It breaks down the larger molecules and foreign bodies in the cells. Lysozyme in Zymox otic ingredients works almost as garbage disposal and is quite efficient against bacteria inside the cells. As a result, it destroys the cell wall of the bacteria and kills them in the process. It can also catalyze the process of inactivation of many of the microorganisms.

Additional Ingredients

  • Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein that has many functions inside both human and other animal bodies. It is found to have immune modulatory properties to deal with infections. It has direct antibacterial activity and can also reduce the inflammation. Lactoferrin has the ability to bind to the physical body of the invader and work on easily to destroy them. In Zymox otic enzymatic solution, Lactoferrin is an iron binding protein that makes iron-a crucial necessity for the microbes for their growth, unavailable for the pathogens. It can also reduce the severity and duration of the infection at hand.
  • Lactoperoxidase: Lactoperoxidase is an enzyme that mostly acting on pH dependent actions. There is evidence that shows that this enzyme is efficient to deal with bacterial as well as fungal infections. It has particular effects against Streptococcus bacterium and the fungus Candida, the most common pathogens causing ear infections.

Other Inactive Ingredients

  • Other inactive ingredients of Zymox include benzyl alcohol, deionized water, dextrose, glucose oxidase, glycerin, hydroxyl propyl cellulose, potassium iodide, and propylene glycol.

How does Zymox work?

Both bacteria and yeast are the organic matter with a cell wall and other materials. These organic matters are vulnerable to enzymatic activities. Certain types of enzymes can work on the rather stubborn cell wall of bacteria and yeast types. The Zymox otic enzymes are chosen well. All 3 of the enzymes chosen are popular for their activity to fight bacteria and yeast.

Moreover, the lysozyme, lactoferrin, and lactoperoxidase are part of the colostrum-mother’s first milk that is said to be the most powerful immune supporter of all. It possesses healing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. Research reveals that it contains 3 of the main enzymes added in Zymox otic pet ear treatment solution.

These enzymes either dissolves the cell wall of the pathogens or inhibits the binding site for the microbes. Both ways are successful in preventing the growth and destroying them in effect.

When To Use Zymox otic enzymatic solution

If you find your dog frequently scratching the ear or near the area if the dog’s ear stinks, there is redness or swelling near the ears, if you find patches around the ears, if there is any discharge in yellow, brown, or bloody, it could indicate an inner ear infection. It is most likely because of bacteria or fungus-mostly yeast. Use zymox ear treatment solution as per dosage.

What Is Zymox otic Solution Effective Against?

Zymox otic enzymatic solution is found to be effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens. They include,

  • Candida albicans
  • Eschericha coli
  • Malassezia pachydermatitis
  • Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  • Proteus mirabilis
  • Pseudomonas
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Streptococcus intermedius
  • Streptococcus pyogenes

How To Use Zymox otic Enzymatic Solution On Pets?

Zymox otic solution is available in 3 bottle capacities, 1.25 oz, 4oz and 8 oz. the product has a consistency as oil that can be easily administered with the help of a stopper.

The usage of Zymox otic enzymatic solution is slightly different from other treatment methods. Most other treatments require you to clean the ear first. But with this Zymox otic there is NO cleaning. It is meant to be used on dirty ear as it is. There is also a rule not to use water near the ear for as long as the solution is being used.

  • Start with NOT cleaning the pet’s ears.
  • Keep the dog in a comfortable position. Apply a liberal amount of a few drops of Zymox otic solution into the pet’s ear canal.
  • Gently massage the external ear to spread the solution inside.
  • Use clean cotton to wipe the excess solution and let the pet go.
  • Repeat the process once a day for 7 -14 days.
  • Proceed with the 7 day treatment for chronic ear infection and for acute situation continue it for 14 days in total.

Zymox otic solution Caution & Side Effects

No product is perfect. Here are few of Zymox otic enzymatic solution with hydrocortisone side effects. Note that these Zymox otic side effects are a rare-see. If you maintain a proper dosage, you won’t notice any adverse reactions.

  • Do not use water anywhere near the infection. But one may use flushing solution to clean the ear after the treatment.
  • It is also not meant to be used with other topical ear infection medications. It is either Zymox otic enzymatic solution or the other method. Using in combination could nullify the effects of the hydrocortisone.
  • As for the side effects, there is no real possibility of side effects as it is. For starters, the hydrocortisone is added in smaller and safe quantity. Secondly, it is a topical application that can hardly cause any problem.
  • The problematic area is where there the eardrum has any rupture that can cause stinging pain for the poor pets. So make sure that the dog’s eardrum is intact and it suffers only from an internal ear infection.
  • Never use the Zymox otic enzymatic solution without the vet’s recommendation. Also, make sure that the symptoms the dog shows are because of infection and that there is no hidden cause behind it.
  • Finally, never use Zymox enzymatic ear solution in combination with antibiotics. The antibiotics can make the enzymes ineffective to do the job.

Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution With Hydrocortisone Reviews

All the 3 dogs of Anita were dealing with an ear infection. They got a big relief with Zymox otic solution. Her dogs were suffering from ear infections frequently even after repeated preventive measures. Zymox came as a great reliever. It didn’t cost much and was also highly successful.

Missy got rid of the ear allergy and stinky ear of her Black Lab. The itching was gone sooner and the dog’s ear does not smell anymore. The result was also visible within a week of usage.

Berlin is another customer who would prefer Zymox otic any day over the prescription medication that costs a fortune. The low price and high effectiveness is what gets this product high remark from this user.

Blakely got this Zymox otic for her Lab who had an itchy ear. She used it once and saw the difference. Now, she uses the solution regularly as a preventive measure against ear infections anymore. If she finds her pet scratching the ears, Zymox otic is the remedy.

Kim feels Zymox otic enzymatic solution is a miracle that cured the reddish, feverish and itchy ear infection of their pet. They also wonder why no vet promotes this highly successful solution for the pets.

Most of the reviews show that the low price and faster action is what Zymox otic for dogs is a success among them. Most of them were fed up with costly medications and frequent visits to the vet. All of them have met with success even from the early days of usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zymox otic enzymatic solution require a vet’s prescription for purchase?

No, Zymox otic enzymatic solution does not need a vet’s prescription. It is an over-the-counter remedy for pets’ ear infection. But for best purposes, consult your vet and confirm that the pet is suffering from bacterial or yeast infection before starting with this ear infection remedy.

Can I use Zymox otic solution for dog ear mites?

Zymox otic solution is not for dog ear mites. But the infection that is caused as a result of ear mites’ bite could be cured with this ear solution. The enzyme activity is not established to be successful against the infested organism. Moreover, the hydrocortisone, the main ingredient is an anti-inflammatory agent.

How often should I clean the dog’s ear while on Zymox otic?

While you use Zymox otic, do not clean the dog’s ear as you generally do. First of all, there is no pre-cleaning requisite ahead of using the ear solution. After an hour or 2 of the application, you are asked to flush the ear with a suitable non-water medium. Do NOT use any water on the ears, for the said 7-14 days of the treatment duration.

How long would it take to show the results?

Vet recommends a treatment period of 7 days for chronic infection and 14 days for acute ear infections. The positive results for the former should be seen within 3-5 days of usage. For acute infection, expect the time to be 7 days for best results to be visible.

Can I use Zymox otic enzymatic solution for the dog’s ear wax?

The Zymox otic contains active enzymes that can act against the ear wax also. So yes, this ear solution should be effective against ear wax and there have been a few customers who have had success with this purpose.

What are the storage requirements for Zymox otic ear solution?

Do NOT refrigerate Zymox otic enzymatic solution. It can be stored in a cool and dry place, preferably away from heat and sunlight.

Can I use Zymox otic solution for my young puppy who is just months old?

Yes, Zymox otic is a mild remedy with only natural enzymes as the main ingredient. There are no harmful chemicals. So it is okay to use it for the young puppies.

Where can I buy enzymatic dog shampoo available online?

You can buy enzymatic dog shampoo from Amazon at an affordable rate.

When shall I resume the usual ear cleaning routine?

Once you pass the recommendation date of 7 or 14 days for treatment, resume the older cleaning routine for the dog, and use water to clean.

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