Young At Heart

  • Healthy and normal heart function
  • Heart muscle & heart rhythm
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Good circulation

Young At Heart For Dogs is an amazing medicine that helps in supporting the cardiovascular system of your dog’s body. Approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Young at Heart contains natural herbs that help in supporting the rhythm of the heart and controlling the blood pressure and normal circulation of blood through blood vessels. It not only complies with Good manufacturing practices but is also approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This ensures high quality. It is made in such a way that the rhythm of the heart will be balanced thus ensuring less stress and pressure. Dogs with congestive heart failure will benefit with this natural treatment. Young at Heart complies with all regulations required for your pet’s diet supplement. If your dog is diagnosed with significant heart murmur and enlarged heart, then Young at Heart will definitely prove as an excellent aid.

Pet Wellbeing Young at heart for dogs

Young at Heart for Dogs has been introduced in the market in the year 2001 with the vision of finding remedies for all pooches to get cured of heart-related issues. Young at Heart can be used by dogs of any age. There is no dosage limit to use this medicine. Young at Heart can be used once or twice in a year to protect your pet from heart diseases. Even if your dog is healthy, Young at Heart can be used so that the normal functioning of the heart is ensured, purifying the blood.

Young at Heart when combined with all these medicinal valued herbs provide your dogs with a healthy heart for a long time. It is a complete formula for the cardiovascular system of your dog.

Why Young at Heart dog supplement from Pet Wellbeing?

Young at heart is a natural heart dog supplement which is used for dog heart diseases. Young at heart is a certified organic medicine with the formulas prepared from herbs that have been grown organically. In addition, the preparation of the medicine is done through Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP. The raw materials of the medicines have also been tested for full potency of the extract and the full biological spectrum has been preserved in the medicine. FDA has approved the labs in which the medicine is prepared and every batch of the Young at heart is tested.

  • Young at Heart for dogs are certified organic which are scientifically tested and grown in organic sources.
  • A natural heart supplement for dogs, Young at heart is approved by FDA for complying the provisions as a pet diet supplementary.
  • The product is available with a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Every single batch of the product is tested to ensure the quality of the product.
  • The raw materials used in Young at Heart are scientifically tested to make sure that the herbs do not lose its natural extracts.

The Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart for dogs ingredients are

  • Mayblossom berry, buds and leaf (Cratagus spp): The berries of this plant have powerful flavonoids or antioxidants which are similar to those in grapes. They help fight free radical damage. The buds and leaves are also proved to support the function and vitality of the entire cardiovascular system. It is also a gentle support to the heart muscle, valves, rhythm, arterial system, the coronary arteries, blood pressure and general circulation.
  • Arjuna bark or Terminalia Arjuna: This ingredient has the ability to maintain cardiovascular health, strengthening the heart muscle, the heart rate, and rhythm. It can also support the blood viscosity and the elasticity of the blood vessel thus balancing the blood pressure levels.
  • Motherwort or Leonurus cardiaca: This herb in young at heart dog supplement for dogs normalizes blood pressure, supports the electrical impulses of the heart and also the blood circulation. It does the function of reducing restlessness and agitation as well.
  • Nettle herb or Urtica dioica: This herb is rich in calcium and potassium. It can help the body to excrete fluid with the help of the kidneys.
  • Fo-ti root or Polygonum multiflorum: This root can support blood vessels carrying the blood from and to the heart and maintain the lipid levels in the blood as well.
  • Schisandra fruit or Schisandra chinesis: This fruit in the Young at Heart medicine is known for its high anti oxidant content, immunity support, liver health support, reducing stress, stress reduction and cardio-protective properties. The blood pressure levels are maintained well by it.
  • Gotu kola herb or Centella asiatica: The main ingredient of this healthy heart supplement for dogs, this herb supports the venous system and promotes blood flow to the extremities.
  • Ginger rhizome or Zingiber officinalis: This ingredient promotes blood circulation.
  • The Young at Heart also contains deionized water, bacon flavor and vegetable glycerin as inactive ingredients.

The medicine Young at Heart for dogs is used for dog heart support. This liquid formula is an effective medicine which combines the properties of eight herbs that are unique in the functions of the dog’s body. The medicine acts gently on the dog’s body and maintains the heart muscle health, the heart valves and also the blood vessels. Young at Heart for Dogs can be used at any ages, being completely safe and it can be used every day.

Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart side effects

As such, Young at Heart medicine for dogs is a natural support for your dogs heart problems and hence there are no side effects of Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart seen in dogs. Young at Heart maintains the overall health of your dog for a long time period.

Uses of Young at Heart for Dogs

Even though the functions and anatomy of the heart of the dog is quite similar to that of a human heart, the dog’s heart requires different support than the human heart. The entire cardiovascular system support of the dog is handled by this medicine. The normal muscular integrity, the heart valves and the proper circulation of blood through the valves are regulated by Young at Heart for dogs. It also supports the heart’s rhythm and maintains healthy blood pressure levels.

Precaution – Young At Heart for Dogs

When taking the Young at Heart for dogs, make sure that no blood pressure medication is being taken, no cardiac glycosides or blood thinners either.

Young at Heart for dogs manufacturing processes

Pet Wellbeing uses the national guidelines for ingredients and caution from the CVM’s good guidance practices which is necessary when planning the pet dietary supplements. The facilities used to manufacture the Young at Heart medicine for Dogs are FDA and GMP certified. The raw materials used for the preparation of the medicine are monitored for identification, purity, and potency. When making any herbal medicine, it has to be ensured that the full biological spectrum of the ingredients is preserved. This is done by Pet Wellbeing. All the batches that come from the labs are also tested for quality.

Due to the superior quality of the medicine, there is a 90-day money back guarantee attached tot he medicines.

Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart – Dosage for dogs

The Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart ingredients is eight unique herbs which function efficiently for the benefit of the dog’s heart. These herbs work together to promote the proper heart function, for normal blood pressure, good blood circulation and even the health of the heart muscle and heart rhythm are maintained. The heart valves and the blood vessels also have to be in good health as the dog ages.

  • The Young at Heart drops have to be given twice daily according to the weight of the dog
  • Dog weighing 50 pounds- One drop for every 2 pounds of body weight has to be given
  • Pet weighing more than 50 pounds: One drop per extra 4 pounds has to be added.

Young at Heart for Dogs has been proved to be one of the trusting life saver medicines for dogs that are suffering from heart disease. It is a natural mixture of various shrubs. These thorny shrubs are well harvested inorganic sources and proved scientifically in laboratories to ensure that the herbs have not lost its natural extracts. It comes in the form of the liquid type available in bottles.

As all medicines are not tasty, especially when it comes to dogs, Young at Heart is made up using bacon flavor that sounds to be delicious for all your dogs.

Is Heart Disease-a serious issue?

Heart disease in humans has been a common disease that we have heard already. Similarly, there are heart diseases in dogs also. If your dog is having any kind of heart disease, there is no need for worries. Young at Heart is a perfect solution for your dogs having heart-related problems.
Heart diseases in dogs are found for 2 reasons:

  • These are diseases that are seen in dogs by birth.
  • Misplacement of the heart due to injury or infection.

1 bottle of Young at Heart is 1 month supply for medium sized dogs. 1 bottle consists of 59ml.


Young at Heart is an effective medical support for your dogs to cure them of heart diseases. Young Heart comes in a liquid form combining eight unique herbs scientifically tested. Unlike other medicines, Young Heart is recommended to use daily by dogs so as to support the health of heart muscles, blood vessels, and heart valve.

Heart diseases in dogs are often seen in dogs at an increasing rate as the dog gets older. When the disease is detected at an earlier stage, it can be cured with proper treatment like which Young Heart offers. Majority of the heart diseases result in heart failure. Heart failure occurs when the heart fails to function or due to some other serious infections infected in the heart.

The medicine Young at Heart for dog heart diseases is a natural medicine made with herbal ingredients. The gentle functions of the medicine can support the healthy and normal functioning of the dog’s heart. It also takes care that the heart muscle and the heart rhythm are in good health and proper. For good health of the heart, a healthy blood pressure and good circulation are important. These functions are taken care of by the medicine Young at Heart.

The Dog heart functions

The functioning of the dog’s heart is much the same as a human heart. There are three layers of the heart:

  • Pericardium
  • Myocardium
  • Endocardium

All these layers have to be in good health for the overall health of the heart. To know the basic working of a heart, go through the following points.

  • The four chambers of the heart, two atria, and two ventricles.
  • The pumping of blood is within the myocardium.
  • The pericardium protects the delicate tissue beneath the outer layer and the endocardium is a thin layer that covers the heart valves.
  • The several valves in the heart take the blood from the arterial chamber to different parts of the body.
  • The main valves of the heart are the atrioventricular valves ( bicuspid on the left side and tricuspid on the right side) which lie between the atria and ventricles.

As the dog ages, the heart muscles require external help to function properly. The muscle integrity and valves have to be maintained properly. The Young at Heart is a perfect medicine to help your dog’s heart, although, it is recommended that the medicine not is taken with blood pressure medications, cardiac drugs, glycosides or blood thinners.

Money back guarantee

The 90-day money back guarantee ensures that you can return the product if you are not satisfied with it, in spite of the superior quality of Young at heart.

A heart is a heart; it doesn’t matter whether it is human or any animal. When pets have become an integral part of many people’s lives, more products regarding the pet care have become popular. But one thing many people might forget it any kind of supplementary medicines that can help the loved dogs from falling ill or recovering from any. Young at Heart is such supplementary medicine that can support the smooth functioning of the dog’s heart. This medication is particularly formulated for daily usage without any side effects. You won’t feel any negative effects of prescription medications on senior dogs when you use this natural cardiovascular support.

Young at Heart is specially designated for helping the dog’s heart. It ensures healthy functioning of the heart and monitors the muscle and heart rhythm. It is helpful in maintaining healthy blood pressure and normalizes the blood circulation. Young at Heart is a liquid medication that can be administered orally. The amount is proportionate with the body weight of the dog. Young at Heart is not to be taken along with any blood pressure drugs, cardiac drugs, or blood thinners. This is just a preventive medicine rather than curative. This formulation is made with eight medicinal herbs.

Cautionary Notes

  • Do not use Young at Heart with any blood pressure medicines or blood thinners.
  • After consuming Young at Heart, if your dog’s condition is found to be worse, then stop using and consult the doctor immediately.

This product is not meant to use with blood pressure drugs, conventional heart  medications, cardiac glycosides, or blood thinners. Consult a veterinarian before giving it to pregnant animals. If no improvement is shown or the situation worsens stop the product and consult the doctor immediately.

Young at Heart for Dogs – Pet Wellbeing Young At Heart Reviews

Woof, the proud parent of a Pomeranian rescue is happy that their pet is not healthier and looking forward to an extended life. The dog, she was diagnosed with congestive heart disease was not expected to survive more than a few weeks is now healthier and has survived more than 6 months with the help of Young at Heart supplement for dogs. Her coughing, fainting spells, and lack of interest in food have been cured as well.

Oscar’s mom, a registered nurse by profession is another user who is happy with the progress her pet has done with the help of young at heart. The 14 yr old doxie had been suffering from a heart murmur for 3 yrs. The lack of energy and vigor were soon gone when started with this heart supplement for dogs. The dog is now being active and sleeps less. Most surprisingly, a recent re-evaluation at the vet’s showed no heart murmur at all.

A stressed-out mom who had already lost her dog to congestive heart failure again had to go through the same experience. Only this time she has this dog supplement to help her that made a huge difference. With this, her dog is better able to sleep and her coughing has also reduced tremendously.

Young at heart for dog heart disease reviews – Negative one

An unhappy customer: There is another user who is not well satisfied with the product. According to her, her Pomeranian is still not got any relief from the heart problem or the coughing fits. Even the dosage seems to be inadequate. Instead of the recommended 3 drops for their dog, it takes about an ounce of the Young at Heart that is needed for the relief.

Hearty Heart For Dogs Heart Disease

Another on the list of canine heart supplements is hearty heart liquid drops from pet wellbeing. It is a product that promotes heart health in dogs. It alleviates symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, coughing etc. by enhancing the blood flow to the heart. This will help your pet with excellent energy levels so that they can exercise and stay fit.