Young At Heart For Dog’s Heart Disease: Review 2022

Do you have a dog? Does this dog have heart disease, say congenital heart disease which is the most common one or maybe it is a form of cardiovascular disease? Are you worried about losing your dog too soon and you wish there was a way to get to spend more time, months maybe even years, with it? Then you would need the young at heart for dog’s heart disease.

 If yes, you are not alone, there are several dog moms and dads who at the moment are having trouble coming to terms with the fact that they have such little time with their fur babies. And like you, any effective means that promises more time and a better life for their dog are welcome. 

It is this pain and agony that your dog is going through, your own need for relief, that has propelled a company called Pet Wellbeing to produce a drug, a herbal formula – Young at heart- as a supplement for your dog’s heart disease.

Things To Consider Before Buying Herbal Supplements For Your Dog Heart Disease

If you are thinking of getting medication for your dog that has heart disease, to increase the time you spend together, there are some things you want to consider carefully. 

First on the list is the nature of heart disease. The heart is one of the most important organs and the wrong medication can easily have negative effects on it. The heart, if tampered with, can suffer irreversible complications. This means before administering or even buying any heart medication for your dog, you need to see a vet and get a prescription. The same thing goes for supplements. 

Another thing that determines what supplements you get is the original prescription. Some supplements will cause reactions if mixed with the wrong medication. Therefore, before adding a supplement to your dog’s treatment regimen, check with your veterinarian to ensure that the supplement and the main medication will not react negatively to each other.

Lastly, ensure that you check the ingredients contained in the supplement and that there are no allergens or any other toxic substances that your dog may react to.

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Young At Heart For Dogs

Young at heart is a herbal supplement for dog heart disease. In addition to prescribed medication that takes care of the specific symptoms of the disease itself, Young at Heart will help to strengthen valves and maintain healthy blood pressure in your dog’s heart. It promotes proper blood circulation and ensures that all variables in the heart are as they should be.

Young at heart for dog’s heart disease is made up of herbs and no alcohol, which means it is completely natural and safe. It is free of artificial ingredients, toxic components, and allergens. The number of rigorous tests the products are put through is a testament to their safety. The formula is never released without the raw materials having been tested for purity, in addition, the product is approved by the FDA. The liquid formula also comes in the bacon flavor and a dropper on the bottle, these make its administration easy. 


  • Natural
  • Vegan and free of allergens
  • Irresistible flavor for dogs
  • Easy administration
  • Effective
  • Scientifically tested(FDA-approved)


  • Cannot treat disease, only supports

 What is the best heart medicine for dogs

Young At Heart For Dogs: Features And Benefits

Natural and Safe

Young at Heart for dog’s heart disease is made from a mix of about eight herbs including ginger and hawthorn berry, this means it only contains natural ingredients and that it is completely vegan. It also does not contain any allergens like peanuts, wheat, dairy, and so on. Therefore, the chances of your fur baby reacting to one of its components range from low to zero. 

Young at heart does not contain any toxic or artificial ingredients. Before any batch of the formula is released to the public, it is tested for purity and integrity.

Comes in Liquid Form

Apart from the fact that the Young at Heart herbal supplement comes in the liquid which already makes administering it relatively easy, it also comes with a dropper. All you need to do is put a few drops in your dog’s mouth daily and you are done with serving up that dose. It also helps that it comes in the enticing flavor of bacon that dogs can not refuse.


The Young at Heart supplement for dog heart disease does everything it claims to do. From promoting maximum blood circulation, and controlling blood pressure to strengthening valves, these are all things that the liquid formula is said to do and does.

Other Alternatives To Young At Heart For Dogs

This is another herbal supplement for a dog’s heart disease. Heart ease itself is a herb, it is also used by humans for soothing heart issues. It is also used as a supplement for the nervous system in dogs.

Hearty-heart is another natural herbal supplement that supports the proper functioning of the heart in dogs. It helps to improve blood circulation and slightly relieve respiratory problems that could have been caused by heart disease. For instance, problems like cough and difficult breathing are soothed with the help of Hearty-heart. It is slightly cheaper than Young at Heart.

The Royal Canine Cardiac meal comes in dry or canned form. It is highly tailored for dogs with cardiac conditions. It is indicated for hypertension and heart failure in dogs, as well as other cardiac insufficiencies.

It is highly palatable and digestible. It is a well-balanced meal for adult dogs, even as it caters to a dog’s cardiac needs.


Young at Heart for dog’s heart disease is a liquid herbal supplement that will help to strengthen your dog’s heart and keep it functioning as best as it can. It is made completely out of herbs, has a bacon flavor, and is tested and trusted. It is effective and easily administered, thanks to the fact that it comes in liquid form. Click here to check out the Young at Heart herbal supplement.

What is the best heart medicine for dogs?

The current treatment regime for heart conditions in dogs varies based on the Veterinarian's personal experience.

Most practitioners use enalapril or benazepril with the active ingredient - furosemide: an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor. This can be used for heart conditions such as congestive heart failure.

Other practitioners may recommend Pimobendan. However, the choice of medication totally depends on your dog's condition and your Veterinarian.

Can I reverse my dog's heart disease?

Treatment of heart conditions in dogs does not necessarily reverse the condition. Although treatment may not reverse the condition, your dog's quality of life can be improved.

It is important to take precautionary measures to improve the quality of life. The food fed and exercise done can greatly help the process of recovery.

What is the life expectancy of a dog with heart disease?

With appropriate changes in treatment, diet, and exercise, even dogs with advanced heart conditions can live for several months to years. Dogs with heart conditions require extra care, limited exercise, and proper medications

How do you strengthen a dog's heart?

Although heart conditions may not be preventable in dogs, you can take measures to ensure that your pet's heart health is optimal. These measures include:
1. Annual examinations by the veterinarian
2. Weight management
3. Frequent exercise
4. Appropriate nutrition and
5. Parasite prevention