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Why do girls love puppies so much?

They say it’s difficult to understand girls, I would say buy her a puppy and there is no more to understand. The relationship between a girl and her puppy is the simplest unbreakable bond in the whole universe. There are many reasons why, but I think the strongest reason is that somewhere a puppy brings out the dormant motherly nature in her. Trust me, if you see a girl who owns a puppy, I’m one hundred percent sure you’ll hear her calling herself his mother-“Come to maama”…”Who’s mamma’s good boy!!”. I have friends who are ready to own puppies instead of having kids in future because they’re scared of pregnancy.

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Girls am spilling all the secrets-every single character that we want in our perfect guy is always one that our dogs already have. We want you to listen to everything that we say without being judgmental. If we ever have a fight, we want you to come back to us after the initial fire. We want loyalty and unconditional love. Most importantly, we want you to pose to the hundredth perfect picture, that we can post on Instagram. From being the perfect pillow during sad times to the crazy companion in the race down the hill, dogs have always been the ray of sunshine in our lives. No wonder about buying a puppy together is a big step in a relationship. To the girl, he might be everything but to the guy, the puppy is always “the guy she told you not to worry about”. They start getting insecure about the love their girls have for their puppy, wondering if their share of love has decreased. But let me tell you the solution for that, the moment you start accepting the puppy, the graph of respect for you in her mind just increases exponentially. That’s all you’ve to do-she is yours for life.

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I’ve personally wanted to own a puppy since forever, but I couldn’t because my family was scared of them (I still don’t understand their logic). So, obviously, I never miss my chance to pet any pet available. It is like, I want an expensive dress really bad but I can’t have it. So, I spend as much time as I can wearing it in the trial room. But I’ve had a one night puppy. I know, sounds weird but you must appreciate my willpower of giving him up the next day. It was a really depressing time for me, everything was going downhill in life and that’s when my boyfriend decides to break up. I was walking back to the hostel, eyes puffy and nose runny when I see this really cute black puppy on the roadside. As usual, I went to pet it. I knew its mommy would be around and a stray like that would bite me to pieces if she sees me touching her child. But, I was so depressed, I didn’t care if I died that day. The puppy had a scar on its forehead in the shape of not a clichéd heart but somewhat like the map of Africa. It was very friendly and I decided to take him to hostel since his mom wasn’t around. I felt like I was rescuing him. Gave him a nice bath, played with him and sat by the window looking at the sun setting. He put a paw on my hand and I felt somewhere he was understanding my emotions. The next the warden forced me to return him back to the streets. It is funny that I met him after a couple of months (I identified him by the mark). He looked like a fully grown stray. I didn’t know puppies grow so fast. We must use technology to make evergreen puppies. He looked so nice, I was pretty sure he was a stud among his kind. Felt like a proud mother-Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham played in my head. (Yes I’m too filmy). See, this was the motherly nature I was talking about.

I think dogs are the best friends any man can get but to girls, they are never friend zoned. They are the safest living beings to invest our emotions in because you can always be sure of the returns. It is only when they leave us that we get crushed but we are almost never ready to give another puppy a chance. It is more difficult than moving on from a relationship. It is like losing your whole family, best friend and your lover all at once but time spent with a dog would be enough to cherish for a lifetime. Puppies not only makes you feel happy but makes you feel good about yourself, they remind you that someone is always waiting for you, someone is always there to love you and maybe that is why you should get a puppy for your next birthday.

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