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Why Waste Money On Professional Groomers If You Can Groom Your Dog At Home?

Have you ever felt that people don’t even smile at your dog when you take him for a walk? Or that nobody cares him when he is with you? Probably, it is because your dog isn’t looking smart and clean. When Cesar was a puppy, I used to take him for getting groomed every month. I like the way he looked after the haircut, even though he didn’t like to look that way. After hair cut I used to take him for a walk in the morning and evening. He used to get along with all of them on his way. But each time going to a professional groomer had emptied my pocket so fast that I had to try something that I can do myself at home. This is how I came to know that even you can become an expert at cutting your dog’s hair, though there may be some fun elements along the way but this is how you learn. Today Cesar looks more smart than me. My friends started asking me for the secret tip I do for him. I really feel proud in taking him for social gatherings these days.

I personally know many dog owners who leave haircuts to professional groomers. For them I just have one thing to say that the dog’s hair will grow back 1 cm per month. So each time you take him to the groomer spending 2-3 hours and changing from one location to another, your dog wouldn’t like this, may be you too won’t.

How to groom you dog at home

This is how I groomed my Cesar after a couple of research and video sessions. Before beginning with keep in hand:

  • Andis ACC Professional dog clipper kit
  • Andis 4FC 9.5 mm blade
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Grooming thinning shears

How to groom

Give him a shower: When you want your dog to look smart and nice, give him a bath before cutting his hair. The clippers can become worn out and get caught on his fur if you don’t start with a fresh clean base.

Blow dry to flatten his curls: After giving him a bath, air dry his hair. You can also blow dry so that the process gets simpler. I usually blow dry and brush to flatten his curls. Make sure the blow dryer is NOT set to “Too hot”. Keep it in a cool warm setting.

Shave his body with clippers: After you had brushed his thick fur, use dog clippers (not human ones) to shave his body. If you don’t want him to look totally naked, use a blade that allows his fur to remain just under an inch long.

Use scissors for removing hair: This helps me to avoid any blunt edges from the scissors. Also, it makes your dog look more fluffier. Make sure to cut the fur around his paw pads carefully as well.

I know this might sound a big tedious process for you but trust me, you will enjoy doing this for him. At the end of the day cleanliness matters and by doing this you will really feel good for him. When he looks smart and nice, he shall love the way he is and your dog will be the Superstar among your friends. He will thank you for the immense love and care you show upon him.

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