Aggression in Dogs

Using Gelsemium for Dogs To treat Anxiety

Gelsemium for dogs

Using Gelsemium for Dogs To treat Anxiety has proven to be very effective in homeopathy. Overall, Dogs suffering from anticipatory excitement, anxiety and stress have been seemed to soothe effectively with Gelsemium. Initially, Gelsemium is a yellow flower grown in the wild. Treatment with Gelsemium cures a range of problems, including anxiety . The list of symptoms for which Gelsemium for dogs comes into usage includes

  • No thirst
  • Calm cornered behaviour
  • Trembling
  • Slow Pulse
  • Lethargic
  • Lack of muscular co-ordination

Gelsemium for anxiety

  • Anticipatory Anxiety : Overall, it is great for administering before a race or a show. Besides, helps Soothe your dog before its in front of a crowd and plenty of other dogs . Further, also can be administered before visiting a vet or a groomer. Since, these are times when your dog is in a lot of anxiety and panic.
  • Dogs are great and sensing danger. Likewise, they know when there is a thunderstorm or earthquake coming. Moreover, they tend to tremble and look way too distressed before these moments. In conclusion, administering Gelsemium for dogs could calm your pet.

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