USA Service Dogs – 2022 Review Of A Remarkable Service

In the past few years, service dogs have become an important part of many Americans’ lives. These remarkable animals can assist individuals with a variety of disabilities, ranging from hearing and sight impairment to seizure detection and alerting their handlers of impending danger. This is one reason I am writing on USA Service Dogs today.

And while website directories such as Guide to Service Dogs and The Dog Network help educate potential owners, there are also plenty of scam artists out there looking to take advantage of those in need. 

To that end, I am here to make things significantly easier for you by showcasing one relevant website. Whether you are simply curious or already familiar with the world of service dogs, this article will provide you with everything you need to know about the USA Service Dogs site.

Things To Consider Before Registering A Service Dog

What Kind Of Registration Do You Need?

Different animal functions require different registrations, so know your needs. Some people often make the mistake of categorizing these special support furry companions differently, and this affects registration. Let’s look at the different registration types.

  • Emotional Support Dogs

Emotional support dogs offer just that – emotional support. They do not need to pass through training for a specific task. If you’re looking for companionship, comfort, and affection from your dog, then an emotional support dog is what you need. 

Emotional support dogs are especially beneficial to people who suffer panic attacks, PTSD, chronic depression, social phobia, and anxiety disorder, amongst other conditions.

  • Therapy Dogs

Just like emotional support dogs, therapy dogs do not receive any required training in a specific task; they are used for therapy, and, as such, are usually found in nursing homes, and hospitals. While the Americans with Disabilities Act protects emotional support dogs and service dogs, it excludes therapy dogs. 

So, there are certain public places where you will not be allowed to enter with your therapy dog.

  • Service Dogs

It is a necessity that service dogs are trained to carry out a particular task. This training can be done by an agency or by you, the owner or handler. Certain disabilities require the support of a service dog; they include but are not limited to deafness, blindness, epilepsy attacks, mobility issues, paralysis, PTSD, and speech impediments. 

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How Soon You Can Receive The Necessary Documentation And Accessories

As services are different, so are their offerings. Before registering your service dog, be sure to find out how soon you will be getting proof of registration and where those can be presented.

How Long The Registration Stays Valid

To avoid being stranded or embarrassed by law enforcement agents, confirm the validity of the registration you are seeking to get. You should get one that lasts the lifetime of the service dog you want to register.

 Service Dog Registration legit

USA Service Dogs

USA Service Dogs is a top-rated online registry for service dogs and emotional support animals. The company understands how we all respond to the events of our lives differently and seeks to make it easier for people to take their dogs everywhere if their lives depend on it. 

The registry offers the necessary documents, equipment, and general support you need to enjoy the benefits of your emotional support dog or service dog with zero to no hassles. The process of registering your service dog at USA Service Dogs is seamless and fast. And the registration is recognized in all the 50 states of the USA.

To be honest, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Federal Fair Housing Amendment Act (FHAA) do not require that your service dog be registered; many other people you will encounter on your day-to-day operations will need to see identification materials like ID cards, vests, and tags.

When these identification materials are within sight, you are more likely to have a hassle-free journey or outing with your service dog in tow. Also, USA Service Dogs helps you to stay on the right side of the law and avoid pet rules that are unfair or extra fees and deposits that are unjustifiable.


  • Get the best when it comes to travel, access to housing, and certain public places.
  • Stress-free registration of your dog and prompt delivery of recognizable accessories.
  • Freedom to take your dog anywhere with you.
  • Different ID kit options, depending on your budget.

USA Service Dogs Benefits And Features

98% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Across over 20,000 documented reviews, the online registry boasts a 98% customer satisfaction rating. This means that USA Service Dogs is known for going above and beyond in resolving whatever issues their customers may face.

Round-the-clock Customer Support

To enjoy their rating, USA Service Dogs puts in extra effort to show that you are the top priority. One of such efforts is the reliability of a friendly customer support staff that is available round the clock. 

That is for 24 hours in all the 7 days of a week, and 365 days a year; there is someone always available to help resolve whatever verification issue might arise with your service dog registration or identification.

Long-lasting Identification Materials

You don’t have to worry about replacing the ID card of your service dog, as USA Service Dogs provides your service dog with ID cards that come protected with free plastic holders. This prevents the cards from fading and allows them to last throughout your service dog’s lifetime.

Double-sided Identification Cards

While one side of the ID card contains identification details of your service dog or emotional support animal (ESA), the other side contains information from the Americans with Disabilities Act clearly stating your rights as regards your use and movement of service dogs or emotional support animals. 

This arrangement allows you to easily present the rules to whomever it may concern, including law enforcement agents. However, the availability of this info card depends on the ID kit you select.

Free And Fast Shipping

With USA Service Dogs, standard shipping is not just free but prompt. Every order ships the next mail day, even on Saturdays. Plus, if you are in a huge rush, every order has options for rush shipping.

Conclusion On USA Service Dogs

As expected, you understand how much of your daily living depends on the support of your service dog. But then, not everyone else has that understanding. So, it becomes necessary to take some form of documentation around to minimize as much as possible the incessant questioning or hassles.

Presenting the right service dog documentation is enough to make uptight people and businesses amenable to you bringing your dog. The realization that your furry companion is not a pet, but a service dog will give you a thoroughfare. Getting a US Service Dogs registration will ease the way.

Service Dog Registration legit?

Although several sites and organizations are offering to do registrations for a service dogs, the best thing to do is contact your local authorities on how to go about the registration.

Are US service animals legit?

All over the world, service dogs are used as a form of emotional support and as a part of therapy processes. These dogs support disabled citizens in one way or the other.US service animals are no different. Do ensure to ask your local authorities questions about registrations and clarifications on what to do.

How much does a service dog cost in the US?

Depending on the task of the service dog, service dogs could cost as much as $30,000.The amount also depends on the breed of the dog and the training received.

What disabilities qualify for a service dog?

Sensory disabilities such as blindness and deafness as well as cancer, Parkinson's disease, and spinal cord injuries. Cerebral Palsy and muscular atrophy are also part of the list.