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USA Service dogs Legit Registration – Reviews, Coupon code

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USA Service Dog Registration

Do you know that many people with medical and psychological disabilities have licensed need for service dogs and emotional support animals? USA service dogs is a well-known organization offering service dog registration, which can help people use these dogs for better customer service and friendly behavior from the service personnel. Further, keep on reading to know more about USA service dogs registry and much more…

USA Service Dog Registration
Register with USA Service Dog immediately! Never go with the fake service dog registrations…

USA service dogs – Service dog registration

This USA service dog registration is America’s most trusted service dog registry to register dogs. They help in registering service dogs, emotional support dogs, and therapy dogs. They also provide other related services like providing vests, tags etc. to identify these dogs. They offer three types of registration – namely service dog registration (for individuals with disabilities like impaired vision or mobility, emotional support (for people dealing with different kinds of anxiety) and therapy dog registration (to offer companionship for people in the hospital or palliative care). Equally, almost all kinds of dog breeds are eligible for this registration service. Thus, there’s nothing to worry!

USA service dogs products

They provide service dog tags, service dog vests, service dog id cards, emotional support dog id cards, emotional support dog tags, electronic and physical registration certificates (US service dog certification), service dog leashes etc,

Why choose USA service dogs?

The USA Service Dogs registration services have more than 97% satisfied customers as they offer 100% money-back challenge and always work to resolve their customer issues completely.

  • Fast and free shipping on all the orders available.
  • Friendly customer service with 24 x 7 service.
  • US service animals: Service animal registrService dog registration

These service dogs or animals help individuals who are blind, work at alerting people who are deaf, pulling a wheelchair, alerting and protecting individuals who are having seizures, calming people with anxiety or those struggling from a post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the federal law, Americans disability act, these pets have full access to the premises like hospitals waiting rooms etc. where the general public is allowed to go. Similarly, the air carrier access act mentions that service dogs are allowed to travel with their owner on an airplane.

Emotional support dog registration

These dogs offer emotional and therapeutic support for individuals struggling with emotional issues, psychiatric and anxiety troubles.

Here’s a list of conditions  to qualify an emotional support animal

Firstly, generalized anxiety disorders, stress, depression, mood disorder, panic disorder, fear or phobias, personality disorders and other related worries.

Therapy dog registration

Therapy dogs are very friendly and gentle as they are specially trained to offer affection and comfort to people in schools, hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, people with anxiety, those with learning disabilities and other related issues. Their primary role is to make a physical contact with the customers and enjoy their company. Besides, they have the same access rights as the service dog and are treated as pets in many commercial establishments, apartments, and airlines.

USA service dogs reviews

Most of the customers who have gone through this are quite happy with the service rendered by them. Mentioned below are few honest reviews for your reference. Simply, have a look…

  • Review 1 states “All the items ordered were great. It was quite easy to make an order and everything arrived quickly.”
  • Review 2 states “Very happy as I received the product on time.”
  • Review 3 states “Excellent! All the items are well manufactured.”
  • Review 4 states “Highly recommended! Clear and very easy to understand and use.”
  • Review 5 states “Good quality leash and tags… Equally, offers very timely service.”

Where to get these service dogs tags?

You can check for these registered service dog certificates at The registration offered by them is valid for the complete lifetime of the dogs. You can visit their site for getting more info on the different types of registration available.

USA service dogs at Amazon

Well, the US registered service dog registration services are available at Amazon. Excellent customer reviews are available from the users who have used their products. Visit their site for further basic clarifications.

USA service dogs coupon codes

USA service dogs offer free shipping within the USA, 40% off on service dogs kits, 40% off on service dog registration, 40% off on emotional support dog and 40% off on therapy dog registration.

USA service dogs return or exchange policy

There’s a 14 days return policy available on all the products offered by USA service dogs. So, in case you find an incorrect vest or collar item for your dog, you may return them at the earliest or you need to pay a processing fee after 14 days of exchange.

USA service dogs customer support

In case, of personal doubts or queries regarding their products, you can contact America’s most trusted service dog registry by phone or by email address. Their contact number is 888-656-DOGS and email id is Further, visit their site for more info.

Frequently asked questions

I am new to service dogs, can you explain how to register my service dog?

Well, the registration process is free and easy to use. All you need is to visit the home page and check the free registration form available. Here, you need to enter all the mandatory details. Then on hitting the submit button, the button will say “wait” and it would take about 1 to 2 minutes for approval.

What is the major difference between a service dog and an emotional support dog?

Service dogs are animals purely meant to help people perform the task related to the handler’s disability. The emotional support dogs, on the other hand, aids comfort and emotional support to all their related customers.

What modes of shipping are available here?

USA service dogs use first class, priority mail and priority mail express (USPS’s fastest service) for shipping all their goods.

What are the different modes of payment available at USA service dogs?

Well, you can pay through any mode like Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Visit the official site for more basic info.


USA service dogs offer high-quality kits for your service and emotional support dogs. It’s an ideal organization providing service dog and therapy support animal registration services and products, independent of any government organization. So why wait?

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