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Understanding Dog Boundaries and Setting your own

I have seen Dog trainers and i have seen Cesar Milan. i have gone through every single episode of his tv show, downloaded the videos, ordered DVD’s and ripped them apart to understand dogs. I know that Cesar Milan is not a dog psychiatrists but most of the things he says makes sense. Most people treat dogs as though they were humans. It’s natural to bring a pet home and try to make them a part of your family. What people don’t understand is that, family for dogs is completely different from human families. And that’s one thing which made me click.

I find my dogs making boundaries. He marks his place. And then it made me wonder, if i would mark my place (of course I was not going to pee around), would he understand it. My smell in certain places should let him know that he is in my space and he should keep away. I really don’t like my keyboards or mouse chewed up while I was in the shower. Dogs usually chew up furniture’s. My mother in law’s Labrador chewed on the chair’s hand rest until it was gone completely. I did not want to lose out expensive furniture to my dog’s behavioral problems.

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But then, it wasn’t behavioral problems. It was natural. Dogs needed to chew on something, but they needed to be shown what to chew on and what not to. Certain things had to be off limits. Those were where i was going to set my boundaries. I hate it when i see the dog jump on my bed leaving hair on it. The bed was surely off limits, but the dog was welcome to my bedroom. There were no restrictions to that. As a matter of fact, the dog bed was in my bedroom. He could sleep on his bed, but he is not allowed to jump on to mine.

Teaching your dog the boundaries is very important. I usually put the dog down when he jumps on the bed and block his way. It worked for some time but soon he thought I was playing. Getting rough was not the right way. Giving it a treat to stay out of the bed was not something which was going to be easy. I did not know how the entire trigger works for these guys! Keeping him completely out of the bedroom was not logical. This was surely not going to be an easy task and i had the feeling that it’s going to get worse.

I hate to beat a dog or for that matter, hurt anyone but then there are times when we all get frustrated and do things. It was one of those bad days and Zorro did climb on the bed. I lost it and smacked it right on its hind legs. The dog flipped, ran out of the room. The problem was that he did not know why he was hit. But he knew that he did something bad. it took me a while to get him back to come back to me. But then he soon forgot things and was back again being his normal stuff.

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Something strange started to happen now though. Every time i lift my hand Zorro backs off. Strange but now i just lift my hand when he comes to the bed and he takes a step back. That’s good in a way. But then i realized that when i am at work or in the kitchen, Zorro sometimes, takes the time out to jump on my bed. I guess he hasn’t realized the space thing entirely.

I guess i have to be more dogged (pun intended) on getting him to understand and respect space. We all learn with experience after all.

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