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Unchewable Dog Collar –Doggie ID Tag with Paw

Unchewable Dog Collar Doggie ID Tag

Unchewable Dog Collar – Doggie ID Tag with Paw. attaches to the collar, and is available in different sizes to suit your pet’s size. The tags are just over an inch in height with a width or either half an inch or 3/4th of an inch in width.

We can carry out identification cards or details in our pockets, wallets, purse, or anything that can hold the cards. But what about the dogs who can’t speak and neither can they carry their wallets for their ID cards. This is what the ID tags are for. Dog getting lost is happening too much. The pets might wander off just out of curiosity or they simply like to explore. When this happens in an unknown area for them, they may not return home safely. When they carry their ID tags, it is easy for whoever spotting them and inform the guardian. Doggie ID tag with paw is a metallic tag that engraves the vital information about the dog and the emergency number to call.

Doggie ID Tag With Paw

Dog ID tags usually come in metallic with the information engraved. These tags are then hung or attached to the collar of the dogs, but many such tags can be longer, depending upon the information it carries. These dangling tags are often the fun piece for the dogs.

The Doggie ID tag with paw is unchewable, attaches to the collar, and is available in different sizes to suit your pet’s size. The tags are just over an inch in height with a width or either half an inch or 3/4th of an inch in width. These Doggie ID tags are available in the sizes small and medium. The size matters so that the tag fits well for the dogs of different sizes.

These dog ID tags are safe for the pets even if they manage to get their mouth to it. The tags are lead-free and do not cause any harm. The tag can have 3 lines of information. It carries the name of the dog and 2 phone numbers for emergency purposes. The paw design is on one side of the tag and the information goes to the other side.

Feeding The Information

While purchasing the Doggie ID tag with paw, you will see the relevant box where you need to type the information. There are different boxes for each line. Each line allows 12 characters per line. If you want to leave any line blank, simply mark the relevant column with a space bar. You may only add the phone numbers and keep the name box blank or add the name and only one phone number to leave one space blank. It is all up to you.

The Doggie ID tags are available in 18 different colors. The tag itself would be metallic silver in color and the specific color is for the paw design on the other side. The available colors are aqua blue, white, royal blue, green, orange, red, yellow, pink, black and the sparkle options with silver, blue, gold, pink, Aqua, green, red and purple.

My Opinion

There are many people who feel that the ID tags on the dogs can be a potential danger. Those who want to kidnap the dogs could easily identify the pet and get information about its name, address etc from these ID tags.

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But I would say, you cannot have an ID tag with no basic information on it. The ID tags such as this Doggie ID tag carries very little but much needed information about the name and emergency phone numbers are a safe bet. You are not delivering any info about the dog or its surroundings and yet provide enough to help the dog reach you with someone’s help.

In that regard, I would suggest you to go ahead with this ID tag for your pet. It does not cost much and is available in 2 sizes and different colors.