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Turmeric for dogs!!! Like every other dog owners, I too had a Lab – oh sorry I have (when everyone of us thought that he might not be there for this Christmas), who is the part and parcel of our family. My little Sara has been his best buddy since Sara came to our family. I think Sara loves to be with him than being with us. Oh I didn’t tell his name. He is Ronny. Ronny has been with us since we shifted to Florida. He was only 6 when we brought him here from our old family friend – Uncle Sam. Life was going on so happily when all of a sudden we noticed our Ronny looking tired with sores that didn’t heal. At first, I thought this might be the hot spots or any flea allergies, but when no medications came up with results, I had to take him to the vet to know what exactly he was having. The vet confirmed that he was on stage 1 cancer. I felt like the whole world was turning upside down. I couldn’t accept his words and took a second opinion. He also said the same thing. So what next?

I am not going to lose this game. At any cost, I decided that I will never let him go from us. This was the time when new neighbours came to our colony. Mr. Sharma and wife Kaveri, from India. I heard a lot about Ayurveda from them. They said turmeric would really help in killing the cancer cells in humans. I researched about this for dogs and came to know that many dog owners have tried this and found great relief. Because I didn’t want Rony to go through surgery, chemo and radiation and bear the pain, I thought I will try something like Ayurveda. I thought of taking turmeric treatment for my Lab to see if there is any chance of hope. Her’s what I found after researching on the topic. 

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Turmeric For Dogs

One of the hottest topics in cancer research these days is the dietary flavonoid group. Doctors say that this is just a bunch of substances that are found in foods having beneficial effects against cancer. As we all know that certain food sources have a direct influence on developing cancer and hampering our general health. A report in human medicine with their numbers stated that about one-third of cancers in people could have been prevented with healthy lifestyle choices (this includes avoiding junkies and other processed foods). 

Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines have been long known for the benefits of turmeric for the body inside and out. Curcumin being one of the naturally occurring flavanoids have very lox toxities. It is found in turmeric used in curries. Curcumin is interestingly beneficial for dogs. It is one of the core ingredients used in cancer supplements for dogs

So is turmeric safe for my dog? Well, generally speaking, dogs are not feed with spices, but turmeric is the only spice that comes with this exception. If proper dosage is followed, turmeric is safe for dogs. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties help to support the liver health, stomach issues, ear infections, kills parasites, prevents cataracts, provides allergy relief, treats cancer and depression. 

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How much should I give? 

I searched for this and found that turmeric for dogs is available in both powder and pill form. I just add it to the morning drink. Rony’s morning drink includes apple cider vinegar. I also sprinkle some turmeric powder on his food. If your dog doesn’t love the taste and smell of turmeric, its better to feed him with a pill. 

But if you are just going to start the treatment, I would recommend you to start off gradually. This is because your pooch has to get used to the distinct flavor. The exact dosage depends on the size of your dog. Start with one-eighth to one-quarter teaspoon and increase in the same increment each day until the ideal amount is achieved. For instance; for a 11 pound dog, the ideal dosage would be a one-quarter teaspoon. 

Turmeric for dogs: Conclusion 

Simply feeding him with turmeric to fight cancer won’t give any results. Your dog should eat quality diet which is the key to any holistic health plan. When I started off this turmeric treatment, I made sure that my Lab has only home-made, raw food so that the turmeric becomes more effective. Last but not the least, make sure to buy high quality, organic turmeric to avoid pesticides and herbicides. This will help you and your dog to enjoy maximum benefits. Today, Ronny is as healthy like other dogs. I don’t find him sit lazy and tired for the whole day. He plays around with Sara and makes our home a real HEAVEN.


Ketona Dog Foods

High Protien Dog food . The most balanced diet for your dog. All natural ingredients and Cost effective.