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TripleSure Trigger-All Natural Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs & Cats

TripleSure Trigger

TripleSure Trigger is a natural formula that can repel the flea and tick at the same time, stay safe for the dogs without causing any irritations for them.

Flea and tick could be tiny and minute but it is an established fact that these are the most irritating to our pets. Pets can easily get infested with these insects and cause them endless troubles with itching and secondary infections. It is not easy to completely erase them from existence but you sure can prevent the dogs and cats from infestations.

There is pretty much nothing that you can do to help your dogs when there is a flea and tick attack. The only and the better way is to get your hands on the TripleSure trigger, an all natural flea and tick spray for dogs. It can kill the pests faster, effectively and without causing any side effects or irritations.

About TripleSure Trigger All Natural flea and tick spray

TripleSure Trigger is a natural formula that can repel the flea and tick at the same time, stay safe for the dogs without causing any irritations for them. It works not just for flea and ticks but also for a wide range of insects that can bother the dogs. This spray can repel bed bugs, mosquitoes, lice, mites, stinging insects, and mange for that matter.

It comes is a sprayable bottle for the convenient application on the dogs. It uses only the natural and safe ingredients in the form of essential oils.

TripleSure Trigger ingredients

TripleSure trigger dog spray is made of only the Cedar oil and peppermint oil. Both of these ingredients have been used for repelling various kinds of bugs from ancient time. The contents are safe for both the dogs, as well as for you.

While most of the chemical sprays for flea and tick caution you to stay away from contact. TripleSure trigger is triply sure to be safe for all.

Being natural oils there could be some doubt about some reactions from the dogs, but you need not worry as these essential oils are considered safe for the pets.

  • Cedar oil: Cedarwood has been an insect repelling wood that is popular in the making of furniture. The oil taken from this is sure to possess this ability that is many times more than that of the wood. Fleas that thrive on the pheromones to detect the blood they need will have a hard time finding it with the cedar oil in the way. Cedar oil disrupts their ability to detect with pheromones and affect their neurons. The oil forces the neurons to send an undesirable signal that ticks them off the dog’s body. Cedar oil does not kill the bugs instead, simply repel them.
  • Peppermint oil possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to soothe the irritated skin of the dogs. Flea and ticks can cause itching that can damage the skin in the process. Peppermint oil soothes the inflammations and reduces the pain as well. It is completely safe and cooling to the dog’s skin. It repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes in the process.

How to use TripleSure Trigger

TripleSure trigger comes in an easy to use sprayable bottle. The essential oils used here are already diluted in water and is safe to use directly on the dogs. You can spray the liquid all over the dog, except on the eyes, ears, and nose for safety purpose.

Before applying the spray, clean the dogs well and dry him off. Spray a generous amount on to the dog’s fur. After spraying, pamper or groom the dogs by brushing the fur in the opposite direction so that the spray reaches even under the fur.

The TripleSure trigger does have a strong aroma that might not sit well with the pet or you at times.

TripleSure trigger can be sprayed to get rid of flea, ticks, or other bugs when infested. It can also be used as a preventive measure or to wash off the dog after having a good time outdoors.

For maintenance, use the spray every week, once in 2, 3 or 4 weeks as per required. The spray is washable under running water. So if the pet is out from swimming or from rain, you might have to spray it again with the liquid to keep the fleas away.

TripleSure shampoo?

TripleSure can be mixed with the dog’s shampoo to make a flea shampoo. Just add anywhere between 1 teaspoon to 3 tablespoons of the sprayable liquid with the shampoo. The amount of the TripleSure is dependent on the weight of the dog.

For small dogs use only 1 teaspoon

  • Medium sized dogs- 1 tablespoon
  • Large dogs- 2 tablespoon
  • Giant dogs- 3 tablespoons

For ear mites

Use a q-tip to take some amount of the liquid and use it to rub the affected ear of the dogs. Just apply it on the outer ear, without going deeper.

Bed bugs

Spray the liquid directly on to the pet’s bed to keep the bed bugs away. It is also safe to use on upholstery and carpets to keep the bugs away.

Side effects of TripleSure Trigger

TripleSure Trigger is considered safe for dogs and there have not been any side effects reported thus far. But one may not overrule the chance of getting irritations because some dogs might be allergic to cedar oil. The possible side effects of cedar oil are watery eyes, runny nose, excessive scratching etc.

Otherwise, TripleSure Trigger all natural flea and tick spray for dogs is completely safe. The sprayed liquid even gets absorbed into the dog’s body and does not cause any kind of skin irritation, drying or itching.

TripleSure Trigger reviews

  • Susan-“TripleSure is Godsend. It got rid of the fleas and saved my pets from scratching to death.”
  • Jade-“This is the natural product that actually repelled flea for my little dogs. I spray them with this after their bath and there has been no problem.”
  • Michelle-“I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want the toxic chemicals. The dog smells great and also got rid of the fleas. We even sprayed the whole house with this. It works great!”
  • Vivian-“My vet recommended this. It repelled not just fleas but the mosquitoes also. There is no trace of fleas anymore. I spray it every week and it worked great.”

Buy TripleSure Trigger

TripleSure Trigger flea spray could be bought online from the Naturalwonderpets store. You will get it at a discounted price from there. The product is shipped within 24 hours and will reach you without much delay. You may also apply some discount coupon codes to get further benefits with the final price. It is available in a finger spray bottle or with the usual spray pump.


It is always ideal to go natural these days. This TripleSure trigger all natural spray will keep your dogs safe and get rid of the bugs without any problem. It would also help them calm their agitation and soothe the inflammations of itching. The chemical sprays can only add salt to their wounds. Go natural, go softer on your pets.

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