TripleSure Trigger

TripleSure Trigger

This combo deal of TripleSure Trigger all natural flea and tick spray is available as a 2 products pack containing one spray for dogs and the other one would be TripleSure Trigger Neo for the cats.

Pet owners who have both the dogs and cats at home will have a tougher time when one of them is hit by flea and ticks. It is easily spread and can affect both the animals. You need to choose the right kind of product to eliminate them as early as possible. You don’t have to look out for the ideal product for longer as there is this TripleSure trigger all natural flea and tick spray for dogs and cats. Though the name is the same, the company offers different products for the dogs and cats. You will get this Buy one get one free offer to have it conveniently, without having to spend much.

TripleSure Trigger combo deal

This combo deal of TripleSure Trigger all natural flea and tick spray is available as a 2 products pack containing one spray for dogs and the other one would be TripleSure Trigger Neo for the cats.

The products are different with different set of ingredients to suit the pet type. The products are safe and effective for the respective pets. It works immediately and kills the fleas.

Why separate products for dogs and cats?

Though fleas and ticks are the same in dogs and cats, they do need separate solutions for the problems since the essential oils are not easily used on cats. Cats are allergic to most of the essential oils. Since the TripleSure Trigger for dogs are made of powerful essential oils, they are unsuitable for the kittens. They need the specially made product to suit their skin and are safe for them to get rid of the fleas and ticks.

The product should also be beneficial for the respective pets. While the actions are the same using only the natural ingredients, these 2 TripleSure Trigger is different with their ingredients. Both these products are also able to deal with many insects other than the fleas. These could be the one-time solution for most of the pests that affects the pets.

What is special about this deal?

This deal gets you one product free of cost. You would pay only for one of them. These products are of the same capacity and it is worth to get the other one for free. You will get these products for half the price for what you would have paid to get them individually.

It kills the flea and ticks as well as prevent them from attacking in future with regualr application. TripleSure Trigger for fleas and tick is useful as an instant relief from these pests. You can keep them with you on vacations or to clean them immediately after an outing. This prevents the further spread of these pests, in case they happen to stick to the pets.

The effects of TripleSure Trigger spray can last longer so that you only have to use it once a week as a regular preventive measure.

TripleSure Trigger All Natural Fleas and Tick Spray for dogs

The TripleSure Trigger for dogs is made of cedar oil and peppermint oil. The cedar oil is a powerful insect repellent and the peppermint has anti-inflammatory properties. Their team work easily kills the pests and soothes the dog’s skin on the affected areas. They could also block the proteins in the pests’ body to get rid of them easily.

Later these oils are absorbed into the dog’s skin to make a protective barrier that prevents further infestation. This barrier can last longer for about a week which makes it convenient to be used only weekly or as needed. In case a pest manages to break this barrier they could not survive with their powerful properties.

You can spray the liquid remedy all over the dog’s body. The product comes in a bottle with a sprayable nozzle as the cap. Spray it all over the dog after its bath. It is safe enough to be used as required in the initial days. There is no upper limit on how much can be used. It is completely safe and secure to be used on all dogs except the infant dogs. Just make sure that the liquid does not enter their ears and eyes.

TripleSure Trigger Neo for cats

TripleSure Trigger Neo for cats uses 3 herbal extracts rather than the essential oils. Cats lack the needed enzymes to digest these oils and could cause them allergies. These herbal extracts used here are safe for them.

The rosmarinic acid, vanilla extract and citric acid provides certain enzymes and compounds that repel the flea and ticks. They can kill these pests without harming the cats. The strong smell from the vanilla would be acceptable for the cats but the pests hate this smell that repels them. The rosmarinic acid kills the pests by dehydrating them. Citric acid is also an instant killer of these pests.

You can liberally spray the liquid remedy on the cat’s body, after bathing and drying them. After spraying, use the grooming tool to spread the liquid on to the skin and under their fur, where the flea would be most likely hiding.

TripleSure trigger spray is safe for both the cats and us humans. It would not cause any allergy for us even if we come in contact with it. Though it is safe, it is better to use gloves while applying the remedy.

Benefits of the Buy one get one free offer of TripleSure Trigger flea and tick spray

The tripleSure Trigger all natural flea and tick spray for dogs and cats have a 90-day money back guarantee. Within this period you may return the product of it doesn’t work on fleas or that it causing any allergy on the pets.


Flea and ticks have a vivid life cycle where their eggs can stay in dormant state for a long time. You will need something that is safe enough to be used for such long time. You have it in the TripleSure trigger spray. Its availability of separate products for dogs and cats makes it all the more easier. It is useful for killing, managing and preventing flea attacks in these pets.