TripleSure Trigger for Dogs & TripleSure Neo

TrippleSure Trigger is a natural formula that can repel the flea and tick at the same time, stay safe for the dogs without causing any irritations for them. TripleSure Neo is an herbal formula to repel the parasites like flea and ticks. Cats are the species that lacks certain enzymes that can digest the terpenoids and other compound that are abundant in the essential oils.

Flea and ticks are one of the common parasites that attack the domestic pets. Both dogs and cats are affected by these insects and are too stubborn to get rid of. Here is a product from Nature Wonder that is formulated for dogs and cats. TripleSure Trigger is made to suit dogs and TripleSure Neo is made for cats.

Both these products are herbal with no harmful ingredients added to cause any kind of irritations for the pets. It is quite safe and beneficial. They are made of herbal extracts and essential oils to repel the flea and ticks.
Nature Wonder offers this 2 package for those pet owners who have dogs and cats at home. It carries one bottle each of the TripleSure Trigger and TripleSure Neo an easy sprayable bottle.

Symptoms of flea and ticks in dogs and cats

Flea can attack cats and dogs. The symptoms are also similar to each other. Fleas bite to the skin of the pets and cause inflammations and irritations. The most common symptoms of flea bites are,

  • Small bumps on the pet’s skin
  • Skin irritations with constant scratching in the affected areas
  • In the case of cats, you may find them grooming themselves excessively
  • You can see patches on their fur where they shed the hair
  • Cats might have hairballs
  • The fur coat would look dry and dull

TripleSure Trigger for Dogs and TripleSure Neo for Cats- One of Each

The One of each pack has one bottle each of the bio-pesticide for the dogs and cats. The bottles are of 16 oz capacity with a spray nozzle for convenient use. It can be used anytime and most often as required.

TripleSure Trigger Herbal parasite formula for dogs

While the usual anti-flea treatments are not safe for all, TripleSure trigger is safe for the pets as well as for the owners. It is natural, made of essential oils that are capable of making the fleas flee at the first exposure. It contains specific oils that can repel the parasites and eventually kill them.


TripleSure trigger contains Cedar oil and peppermint oil. These oils are natural insect repellent. The peppermint oil has anti-inflammatory property that soothes the skin irritation and reduces the inflammations.

Cedar oil has long term insect repelling ability that can protect the dogs for a long time from fleas and ticks.

Peppermint oil is another of the insect repellent that can block the specific proteins to do its job. It soothes the irritated skin and can also reduce the pain in the affected areas.


Spray the TripleSure Trigger liberally all over the dog’s body. This will instantly kill the insects on contact. Later, it will be absorbed into the pet’s body to make a layer of protective barrier from future attacks. If at all any flea manage to enter the skin, it will be blocked and repelled.

It is an ideal option to protect the pets before going outdoors. It is safe to use for repeated usage and does not cause any irritations or allergies in the dogs. There are no limitations on the amount of you needing any measuring of the liquid. Just spray it all over the pet’s body, except the eyes and ears, you are done.

TripleSure Neo- NO Essential Oil for Cats

Cats are entirely different from dogs and this TripleSure is something that cannot be used on both. That is why you will see TripleSure Neo with no essential oils for cats. Cats cannot stand most of the essential oil and can be harmful to them. The TripleSure Neo uses no essential oil, instead uses herbal extracts to keep the fleas, and ticks away.

What is TripleSure Neo?

TripleSure Neo is an herbal formula to repel the parasites like flea and ticks. Cats are the species that lacks certain enzymes that can digest the terpenoids and other compound that are abundant in the essential oils. Due to the lack of these enzymes, they cannot digest these oils and that creates havoc in their systems.

TripleSure Neo uses the herbal extracts that are natural bio-pesticide that are instantly active and kill the flea and ticks on the spot. It is safe for the cats and does not cause allergies or irritations.


There are only 3 ingredients added here.

  • Rosmarinic acid is one of the common bio-pesticides. This compound can make a barrier over the skin. when the pest comes in contact, they will be unable to break the barrier. Moreover, it causes the dehydration of the pests and eventually they die.
  • Vanilla extract has a strong smell that is unbearable for the pests and insects. It is safe for the cat skin and is non-allergenic.
  • Citric acid is a contact killer that can instantly kill the insects and pests.


TripleSure Neo comes in a convenient sprayable bottle. For usage, you clean your pet well and dry it completely. Then spray a liberal amount of the herbal formula to ward off the pests. Once you have sprayed, groom the cat well to spread the liquid all over. The liquid would instantly work on the pest at the first contact.

You can use it to kill the pests and is completely safe for the cat’s skin. It comes with a 90-day money back guarantee that guarantees you money returned in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Tips to keep flea and ticks away

Flea and ticks are persistent pests that are not easy to get rid of. Relieving the pets from these pests are not enough. You need to clean their bedding as well your own home completely from top to bottom.

Having carpets in the house can be a problem in this case as the flea eggs could be dropped on to them or the flea itself can be hiding in it. When using TripeSure products on your pets you need to get the special TripleSure product for your home as well to have complete protection against the pests. This can be used on the carpets and upholstery to remove flea hiding in them.


Flea may not be harmful right away but they can be an irritating problem in the long go. You will need long term treatment for them and it is best to go natural in that regard. TripleSure products are herbal products. This one of each package contains the treatment for dogs and cats are also a solution for the owners having both these pets at home. The products are completely safe with only the herbal ingredients and water added. They are ready to use and there is no need for measurement or dilution. You will get it online from the Nature Wonder or from other sister online stores easily. The money-back guarantee is applicable in all cases.