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Treatment For Chiggers In Dogs

Chigger bites in Dogs, Treatment For Chiggers In Dogs

Chiggers are parasites which are commonly known as a harvest mite. Chiggers can cause a lot of irritation as they bite on the skin. Chiggers are found in some areas of the US and mainly active during Spring. Chiggers infect both humans and dogs and can cause some serious irritation. It is highly noticed in areas with grassy patches particularly in chalky soils. The chigger mite can be recognized with its color and shape. The chigger mite will be reddish in color with its size similar to the head of a pin.

Symptoms of Chiggers in Dogs – Can dogs get chigger bites?

When a dog is affected with chiggers it will be seen mainly in parts near the legs, head and the abdomen. We can see chigger bites on dogs belly. The dogs will itch hardly at the affected place as it creates a serious irritation. Chiggers on dogs can lead to other infections as the dogs scratch it hard and cause a skin infection along with chiggers. It is also important to diagnose the problem correctly to give the right solution as many skin irritations in the dogs can seem similar. Fleas or ticks can also induce a similar kind of irritation in dogs. Chiggers in dogs will cause an orange rash which normally looks like spots.

Chiggers Dogs: Treatment for Chiggers on Dogs Skin

Some wrong notions people have about chiggers is that it burrow into skin and applying of nail polish is not effective. Chiggers’ mites fall off themselves after a certain period of time however the most important part is to take care of the itch as scratching can lead to infections on the surface of the skin. Medicines like hydrocortisone will work effectively to take care of the itch, but before this, the users should take care of the affected area by washing it thoroughly with soap and water to remove any other bacteria and germs. Other common remedies which are used for treating chiggers in dogs would through the use of oatmeal baths and calamine lotion. Another chigger treatment for dogs include putting ice on the affected area can reduce the irritation which is felt by the dog. If in case the above-said treatments don’t work you should take your pet to the vet as it is necessary in case of skin diseases to be treated early. If the itching is extreme inject-able steroids are available to reduce the tendency as it can cause bruises on the skin which can then later change into infections. For treatment of chiggers in dogs at the neck part, it will be necessary to use a dog cone for preventing the dog from biting and injuring itself because of the strong urge to scratch.

How to prevent dog Chiggers or treatment for chiggers in dogs?

Chiggers on dogs are pretty common and can cause some serious itching but are not fatal in its infection. The main threat which accompanies chiggers in dogs is the excessive scratching which can cause the problem rather than the chigger mite itself. This can be avoided by keeping the place dry as chiggers are more of a regional infection as it is found mainly in some parts of the US.

How to get Chiggers of your Dog – Home remedies

When it comes to chiggers on dogs treatment, here are some of the home remedies that will work on your pet.

  • Epsom Salt and Dish Soap: Chiggers on dogs are sometimes hard to get. If you have Epsom salt, fill a tub with warm water and add two cups of Epsom salt. You can add mild dish soap to bath while he is soaking to the salt. While the dish soap will kill the chiggers, the salt can stop the itchiness.
  • Oatmeal and Green tea baths: When it comes to chigger bites on dogs consider giving a good bath to your Spot after a long walk. If you notice itching, an oatmeal or green tea bath will work wonders for your pet. Either uses oatmeal based shampoo or take 1/3 cup of finely ground oatmeal and mix with the warm bath water. This will soothe down the itch and wash away the chiggers. You can even use green tea to soothe the itchy skin. Just brew a few bags of green tea, dilute in cold water and pour it over your dog.

Chiggers in Dogs Pictures: Chigger Bites on Dogs Pictures

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Dogs with Chigger Bites: How can chiggers get on dogs?

Chiggers are skin parasites mainly found during spring and fall in grassy areas, wooded and shady areas as well as in chalky soils. Dogs get chiggers when they walk on them in infested areas. The larvae hatched from the eggs laid by chigger mites crawl onto the host animal and attach themselves onto the host to develop to the next stage of the life cycle.  This is how dogs get chiggers

Dogs and Chiggers: Do chiggers bite dogs?

The parasitic larval stage of chiggers requires a host animal to feed on. These larvae move fast on the fur body of the dog and onto the skin. Then they inject enzymes into the dog and this action is referred to as chigger bite on dogs. They feed on the fluids in the tissue for several days which in turn cause severe itching and thus chigger bites dog.

Dog Chigger Bites: How to treat Chiggers bites on dogs?

Chiggers on a dog can be treated using many natural methods. The first and the immediate step to be taken when you find that your dog has chigger is to give it a soapy bath before going for any other form of chiggers on dog treats. There are various methods available online on how to get rid of chiggers on dogs. Adopt a best treatment method of dog chiggers that will give your dog a soothing effect from the excessive itching. Colloidal oatmeal bath soothes chigger bites in dogs and will also eliminate chiggers in dogs.

Treatment For Chiggers In Dogs: Can my dog get chiggers from another dog?

No, chiggers are not contagious. Your dog gets chiggers only if it walks through an infested area.

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