How to train the Human – An article every dog should read

I wish dogs could read. I wish they could tell you what you are doing wrong. Sad, the only conversation they can have with you is woof, in varied frequencies and amplitude! Sometimes I wonder what they are telling us. I have encountered people who think , if they can train a pup to poop outside the house, they can train it to be Sherlock Holmes! While most dogs can be trained to do what a 3 year old can, not all humans have the aptitude to train or even understand a dog.

Its often that we encounter parents teaching a toddler to speak or arrange their toys with patience lasting hours. Unfortunately we don’t see the same kind of patience with our dogs. If our dogs could tell us to go beat it, they would. The attention which we put to our dogs and the kind of patience we show to our children are completely different and its supposed to be so. But then the lack of knowledge on how to communicate to your dog is ever so growing.

Most people get a puppy from the store or adopt one as a gift for themselves or a loved one. We don’t think if we are gifting a life to the one coming home to you. We don’t ever think if we are capable of caring for a life that we take home. When gonna be Parents are expecting a baby, they prepare long and hard. They think of the clothes the kid is supposed to wear, the food they have to eat, the food they would buy when the child arrives, the education, the insurance and to some extent even their college education. But when you bring home a pet, its usually a bag of food and a cage, sometimes not even that.

May be your dog’s first few barks usually mean “Where the hell am I gonna sleep you human?” cos you don’t have a bed for him. And then, he jumps on your damn couch. And that makes you wonder why the hell your dog is jumping on your brand new furniture? The drama is just beginning. The shoes are chewed, the rug is soiled and sometimes your dog is eating off your dining table when you are not looking. And in most likelihood, it’s the dog which is to blame and not you, the owner who should have been a better parent.

Before you get yourself a dog, do yourself a favor. Not just for yourself , but for the dog. Trust me, the dog would want it as much as you do. Its surely not looking at the next big treat (well it surely looks forward to it more than anything else when its hungry) but also your time and care. And most of all, like most humans, the dog expects you to help it understand you. Your rambling in your native language is not going to be any good unless you are rambling in Bows and WOWS , which may be very unlikely and gibberish even if you did so.

Understand your dog and help it understand what you say. It takes a lot of time, immense patience and the right aptitude. It also requires that you take the effort to learn “DOGUAGE”. Communicate to your dog the way it expects you to. Be the Boss, the pack leader and Guide it through its life. Take care of it not just as a pet owner, but as a pack leader. Tell your dog to stay off your turf and help it understand the first time. You own the show. Your dog is a team player only once you are the team leader.

Talking about leading the pack is easy but the training is immense. If there was a dog psychologist who could tell us how to do it right the first time with the dog training that would be a great thing. Something like a real time Dog whisperer. Unfortunately there is none who can be perfect with dogs, not a human. But then you can be close to perfect and you could be trained to understand dogs and teach it to understand you.

The Training by Cesar Milan is one of the most popular (and very expensive). But if you are going to be a serious pet owner who would treat a dog the way its meant to be treated, then this course is not expensive. Its priceless!


Rajeev Sahadevan
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