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Young at Heart for Dogs
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Top Five Heart Supplements For Dogs

When you hear “man’s best friend” it surely means a lovely image of a canine has popped into your mind. They are simply great and unique creations of god who have inhabited this world since centuries. Living with humans has taken their natural skills away from them and they are no more the beasts of the wild. They are tamed and a part of the family who sit alongside us throughout our sorrows and happy moments. Dogs suffer most of the ailments that we humans suffer from and it is our responsibility to take care of these beautiful creatures. Scroll down to know the best canine Heart Supplements that will keep them happy and healthy.

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Being an enthusiastic dog lover I have a hobby of collecting details about holistic and natural methods to treat dog problems. I love to share my knowledge with other dog lovers and I would to love to hear valuable information from others. Let us create a world that strives to bring the best for our pets. Read below to know more about best heart supplements for dogs.

Commonly Found Heart Problems In Dogs – Causes Of Heart Diseases

Heart diseases in dogs are caused due to various reasons and it affects them in different ways. Sometimes the dog stays perfectly fine in such problematic conditions but in certain cases the consequences can be fatal. In both the cases it is necessary to have routine checkups and expert guidance from a vet.

When the dog is fed an improper diet which is not meant for them then there are chances to acquire coronary artery disease. But this is uncommon and only a fraction of canines suffer from this problem which occurs mainly due to fat deposits in the arteries. Congestive heart failure is another progressive heart problem that might attack a canine’s quality of life anytime. In this situation the heart becomes incapable of pumping the liquid of life and across the body. When the blood circulation is affected then oxygen supply will be cut off which will directly put pressure on the organs. Heart diseases in dogs are mostly acquired and occur due to aging and normal wear and tear. Most of the problems are seen in middle-aged dogs and elderly ones. Another major cause of heart disease in dogs is congenital defects which are rare.

What is Heart Murmur?

Heart murmur is a congenital defect in the heart that hinders the blood flow creating a murmur sound. It is seen mostly in puppies which can be heard with a stethoscope. This is rare and nothing to worry about in most of the cases. In young dogs this condition clears off within few months on its own. There are other congenital defects like holes in the chambers, defects in the structure or improper development of the parts. In certain cases, if the defect is severe then it may affect the lifespan but not in all the cases.

On the other hand acquired diseases are pretty common like chronic valvular disease that occurs due to aging. In this condition leak occurs through the values due to wear and tear. Other diseases that are commonly found are myocardial disease (muscle weakening), arrhythmias and pericardial disease. In general whatever be the condition it is possible that the dog may live without showing any visible symptoms or major problems. In rare cases you might be aware of such issues when the problem worsens.

Prevention Of Diseases With Top Five Canine Heart Supplements

In this article, we will be discussing about top five heart supplements for dogs that you can give to your canine friend.

Heart problems are common in dogs and it is better to prevent such problems before they knock the doors. Most of the treatments that are given for sick dogs are only meant to treat the symptoms and extend its lifespan. These treatment methods are not free from side effects and only weaken the immune system of the dog eventually. So what is the way out?

The only way is to go ahead with holistic and natural methods to treat dog heart problems. Natural treatment methods are safe and help to improve the quality of life. These methods help to boost the immune system and prevent various problems from occurring. Below is a list of natural canine heart supplements that you can give to your friend (whether he has a heart problem or not) for preventing heart related ailments.


This herb is safe and it helps to protect both cardiovascular health and the central nervous system. It helps in improving blood circulation and prevents blot clots inside the body. It helps to maintain the chemistry of blood and elasticity of the blood vessels intact. Ginkgo is mostly used to treat heart problems like congestive heart failure in dogs. This ancient herb is safe and helps to improve the immune system.

Coenzyme Q10 

This is a naturally found heart friendly enzyme inside the body and is available from dietary sources. This enzyme is good for heart health as it helps the heart muscles to function properly. It makes them stronger and its antioxidant properties improve oxygen levels inside the body.


Hawthorn is the best herb which has been used since ages to treat pets and humans alike. It helps to strengthen the heart by dilating the blood vessels. It helps to stabilize irregular heartbeats and normal functioning of the heart muscles. Rich in antioxidants, hawthorn helps to remove the free radicals from the blood. It is actually termed as a heart tonic and one of the best Canine Heart Supplements which can be given for dogs.


This mild diuretic herb is safe and the best natural supplement to build a strong immune system. It helps to strengthen the internal organs especially the lungs, liver and kidneys. It also reduces the fluid build-ups inside the pleura and other areas which directly helps the better functioning of the heart. Dandelion is the safest remedy which does not have any side effects unlike other conventional diuretic drugs. This herb is rich in potassium and helps the heart to function promptly.


This is my all time favorite canine heart supplements. One pod of garlic a day can actually reduce fat deposits along the arteries in humans and pets alike. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels especially bad cholesterol inside the body. This herb can be used safely by both humans and pets alike as a natural heart tonic on a daily basis.

Conclusion: Heart is one of the main organs that control major functions of our body. Canine heart problems are mostly acquired and so there are chances that we can prevent the same. Using natural herbs and canine heart supplements are the best way to tackle such problems in a safe manner. Natural supplements not only boost immune power but also provide energy without any potential side effects unlike drugs.

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