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Young at Heart for Dogs
  • Healthy and normal heart function
  • Heart muscle & heart rhythm
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Good circulation

Top 3 Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs You Need To Stock Now

We were in an ultimate stage of shock when my dear Pluto suddenly collapsed one day. We rushed him to a vet clinic, just to find him having a serious heart problem i.e. congestive heart failure (CHF). Heart problems in dogs (or CHF in dogs) can be very serious and even fatal. Often they might be present without displaying any warning signs. They vary from congenital or hereditary problems. Some have to deal right after they are born with or as they age such as congestive heart failure. We were fortunate to offer Pluto correct treatment at the correct time. So he is still with us and lives happily. This article is all about to Top 3 Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs.

All pet parents should be watchful of early symptoms of heart problems. Symptoms include increased depression, weakness, weight loss, breathing difficulties, panting excessively and a progressive cough. The symptoms of congestive heart failure (CHF) are easy to overlook, and this condition is often mistaken for other conditions, such a respiratory infection or the normal aging process.

In short, the condition is an inability of the heart to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs, because of a failure to adequately empty the venous reservoirs. Do not ignore any of the above symptoms of heart problems. Pluto was lucky to survive, but all dogs are not Pluto. So I am here to share with you the Top 3 Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs You Need To Stock Now. Natural Heart Supplements For Dogs are used before or after any heart conditions. The content details are as below

Natural Heart Supplements For Dogs

Conventional treatment of heart problems in dogs’ means using medicines to counteract the symptoms in an attempt to extend the life of the sick dog. However, some conventional medications for dog heart problems can cause side effects which may put an additional burden on the dog’s body. And to avoid using them, natural Heart Supplements i.e. natural treatments to treat dog congestive failure are used. They can significantly improve the life quality of a dog with heart problems – without the side effects.

If your dog has been diagnosed with heart disease, consult a holistic veterinarian to design a natural holistic treatment program for the dog. In addition, prevention is better than cure. Even if your adult or old dog does not have any heart problems today, it is still advisable to try to strengthen his heart as he ages. This can easily and safely be done using Natural Heart Supplements For Dogs. Read on to know about the Top 3 Natural Heart Supplements you should stock now for dogs.

Natural heart care for dogs. Easy to administer supplements for heart disease in dogs. No side effects

Top 3 Natural Heart Supplements For Dogs

Primalix Heart Hardy By

Primalix Heart Hardy is a natural formula containing herbal extract for congestive heart failure in dogs. It comes in easy to administer food drops.

What Are The Features Of Primalix Heart Hardy For Dogs?

Primalix Heart Hardy has many features such as-

  • It acts directly yet gently on the heart and circulatory system to help promote muscle strength, regularity, and normal blood pressure
  • Primalix Heart Hardy is the only drug-free, no side-effects USDA Certified Organic whole plant ingredients used
  • It works as a mild diuretic to reduce excess fluid retention
  • This formula helps reverse symptoms and effects of heart disease and CHF in dogs
  • It comes in functional food drops form.

 What Are The Benefits Of Using Primalix Heart Hardy?

Primalix Heart Hardy is among the top 3 natural heart supplements for dogs because of the below benefits it offers-

  • It is helpful for congestive heart failure in dogs, hypertension (high blood pressure) and edema (fluid retention).
  • There are no drugs, alcohol or artificial flavoring agents
  • It is naturally safe and effective to use
  • It causes no side effects and has no dietary restrictions

What Are Ingredients Of Primalix Heart Hardy?

Primalix Heart Hardy ingredients are:

  • Hawthorne Berries: They are both legendary and specific for heart wellness. This potent herb in apex position can restore healthy heart function.
  • Motherwort: This herb prevents the formation of blood clots while reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other diseases. It is also effective for hypertension because it relaxes blood vessels and calms nerves.
  • Coleus Forskohlii: It supports improving heart health, blood pressure, and increases oxygen transport. It works on heart muscles and in blood vessel walls to produce a more powerful heartbeat and helps to widen of blood vessels.
  • Ginger Root: From olden times, it is famous for lowering cholesterol and prevent blood clotting. It helps to treat heart disease where blood vessels undergo blockage, leading to heart attack or stroke.
  • Ginkgo biloba: This herb addresses problems such as poor blood flow by thinning the blood, reducing high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), blood clots, and heart disease.

Natural heart care for dogs. Easy to administer supplements for heart disease in dogs. No side effects

What Are The Directions To Administer Primalix Heart Hardy?

Primalix Heart Hardy should be given by mouth or mix with dog food. Below are the exact administrating details.

  • Small Dogs (5 lbs and under) – 1/2 dropper twice daily and (6 to 20 lbs) – 1 dropper twice daily
  • Medium Dogs (21 to 60 lbs) – 2 droppers twice daily
  • Large Dogs (61 to 100 lbs) – 3 droppers twice daily
  • Giant Dogs (101 lbs and up) – 4 droppers twice daily

One dropper is equal to 1 squeeze of the black bulb (1.0mL) which fills the pipette about half full. Refrigerate the bottle after opening. Primalix Heart Hardy Organic Herbal Medicine for Healthy Heart Support in Dogs can be bought from to save up to $10. Its Regular price is under $50.

HeartClean Gold for Support During and After Heartworm Treatment in Dogs by

What Is HeartClean Gold?

HeartClean Gold is an herbal and enzyme formula to support the heart and lungs of canines with heartworms. This formula is not a basic treatment for heartworms, but it is ideal for supporting and maintaining both cardiac and respiratory health of dogs when heartworms are present, or in prevention. We suggest administering HeartClean Gold in combination with a heartworm therapy from your veterinarian. HeartClean Gold is also beneficial following heartworm drug therapy and to continue supporting healthy heart function.

What Are The Features Of HeartClean Gold Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs?

HeartClean Gold by features the following.

  • HeartClean Gold – Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs is a product made from organically grown wild herbs.
  • It contains the full biochemical spectrum of the herbs that ensures standards to protect its potency. All raw materials undergo proper testing for identification and purity. This includes every single batch of HeartClean Gold.
  • In addition to the superior quality of the product, you will also find 90-day money-back guarantee as a backup support.
  • It comes in easy to use drops form.
  • It is manufactured in the United States.

Natural heart care for dogs. Easy to administer supplements for heart disease in dogs. No side effects

What Are The Benefits Of Using HeartClean Gold Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs?

The HeartClean Gold includes number of ingredients that are beneficial for several functions such as

Supports circulation of the coronary arteries (the blood vessels that supply the heart) and circulation all through the body

  • Helps to maintain a regular heart rhythm
  • Helps preserve the integrity of the blood vessel walls
  • Supports breathing and open airways
  • Soothes the throat (from coughing)
  • Assists the body’s innate resistance to parasites
  • Helps to maintain a strong immune system

What Are Ingredients Of HeartClean Gold?

Here are few of the following ingredients of HeartClean Gold.

  • Quassia wood (Picrasma excelsa): Quassia bark chips are the common herbal anthelmintic i.e. natural remedy to combat parasites. It also helps with the secretion of saliva and digestive juices, slightly increasing the appetite and aiding digestion.
  • Mayblossom leaf, flower & berry (Crataegus laevigata): Mayblossom is a primary and gentle healer of the heart. It effectively supports the circulation of the blood vessels of the heart. It also helps maintain strong heart muscles without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.
  • Dan Shen root (Salvia miltiorrhiza): The taproots of this perennial plant have been used as a cardiotonic to support the overall function of the heart muscle, heart rhythm and the relaxation of the coronary arteries. Its antioxidant properties also help in preventing free radical damage.
  • Elecampagne root (Inula helenium): This herb is a respiratory tonic. It is also an anti-parasitic that is useful for supporting immunity in the lungs as well as cardiovascular system.
  • Hyssop herb (Hyssopus officinalis): Hyssop is normally used as a respiratory herb for reducing mucous and soothing the throat with a mild anti-parasitic act.
  • Pomegranate fruit (Punica granatam): This fruit is highly nutritive and is antioxidant. The nitric oxide in pomegranate aids blood flow to the heart.

Other herbal ingredients include-

  • Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare): They are a gentle and pleasant carminative, anti-fungal and antispasmodic which discourages parasites and helps the body to eliminate them.
  • Garlic bulb (Allium sativum): Garlic is a potent antimicrobial agent which is extensively known for different types of parasitic infections including heartworms. Garlic is also used as a hypertensive, anticoagulant and helps lower total cholesterol levels.
  • Thyme leaf (Thymus vulgaris): Thyme is similar to oregano that contains carvacrol. This ingredient is effective against bacteria, fungal infections & many types of parasites.
  • Cinnamon bark (Cinnamomum cassia): Cinnamon has an antimicrobial and anti-parasitic action which is used for digestive support and may possibly help normalizing blood sugar levels.
  • Other Ingredients: All the above active ingredients combine to provide 493mg per ml (20 drops/ml). It also contains Bromelain 2400 GDU/ml and Rutin 5mg/ml.
  • Inactive Ingredients: Deionized water, natural bacon flavor, vegetable glycerin is also included.

What Are The Directions To Administer HeartClean Gold?

Administer HeartClean Gold orally two times a day. Give 1 drop for every 2lbs (1kg) of body weight up to 50lbs. Over 50lbs, add 1 drop per additional 4lbs (2kg). Administer it strictly for a minimum period of 2 months for a maximum of 3 months. Shake the bottle well before use.

HeartClean Gold Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs also provides you pricing benefit. Buy it today from and save $3.00.

Cardio Strength By Vetriscience.Com

What Is Cardio Strength?

Cardio Strength supports cardiovascular health and function in dogs. The product is famous to support heart muscles, reduce oxidative stress, thus supporting cardiovascular functions. Vetri science cardio strength also contains ingredients to support circulation and better utilization of oxygen.

What Are The Features Of Cardio Strength?

Cardio Strength Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs features 11 synergistic ingredients that are vital for maintaining normal cardiovascular function in aging dogs.

  • L-taurine supports a normal heartbeat, minimizes the loss of potassium and allows for proper electrolyte utilization.
  • Potassium is essential for maintaining electrolyte balance for normal heartbeat and blood pressure levels.
  • DMG (N, N-Dimethylglycine) works as an antioxidant and supports circulation and immune system health.
  • CoQ10 supports heart tissue oxygenation and heart muscle strength.
  • L-carnitine supports the use of fat for energy and oxygen utilization while also supporting fat metabolism and helping the body balance triglyceride and cholesterol levels.
  • Fatty acids like EPA and GLA supports circulation and blood flow
  • Vitamin E support normal clotting and healthy capillary strength while making Cardio Strength an incredibly inclusive formula for cardiovascular health.
  • It comes in 90 easy to give capsules form.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cardio Strength?

Cardio Strength is a natural formula supports cardiovascular health and function. It is beneficial for

  • Dogs with pre-existing, sub-optimal cardiovascular functions
  • Dog Breeds that are susceptible to cardiovascular stress
  • And as a support for geriatric dogs that are showing signs of cardiovascular weakness.
  • Each ingredient has been chosen for its ability to support cardiovascular health.

What Are The Ingredients Of Cardio Strength?

Cardio Strength combines the synergistic effects of 11 ingredients that are vital for elderly dogs. All of them work together to support cardiovascular and circulatory health of dogs. The ingredients include

  • L–Taurine: It supports regular heartbeat, minimizes the loss of potassium, supports the proper use of electrolytes, and it provides antioxidant support as well as help proper functioning of the immune system.
  • L–Carnitine: It assists body fat for energy and oxygen utilization. It supports fat metabolism that helps to balance cholesterol and triglycerides levels, as well as supporting the heart’s energy levels.
  • N, N-Dimethylglycine (DMG): This ingredient acts as an antioxidant and supports circulation.
  • Vitamin E: It supports circulation, immune system health, and heart muscle strength. It is a powerful antioxidant that also supports tissue repair, normal blood clotting, and blood pressure and strengthens capillary walls.
  • Coenzyme Q10: Coenzyme Q10 helps oxygenation of the heart tissue and helps protect against oxidation. It also helps strengthen the heart muscle as a lipid-soluble antioxidant.

Other Natural Ingredients include

  • Fatty acids: Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA an omega 3 fatty acid) and gamma linolenic acid (GLA an omega 6 fatty acid) both are known to support circulation and blood flow.
  • Folate: This is necessary for the formation of red blood cells. It also supports capillary blood flow.
  • Magnesium: It supports proper functioning of the cardiac muscle and also regulates electrical activity for the heart. In addition, it maintains the integrity of blood vessel walls and normal blood viscosity (thickness). As a result, you will notice a strong normal heartbeat.
  • Potassium: It is vital for electrolyte balance, which is important for proper heart rhythm and blood pressure.
  • Selenium: This ingredient provides antioxidant support within the heart muscle. It is a component of glutathione peroxidase and works with vitamin E to maintain a healthy heart.
  • Inactive Ingredients: Rice flour, vegetable cellulose, vegetable stearate are also contained in Cardio Strength.

What Are The Directions To Administer Cardio Strength?

Administer 1 capsule per 30 lbs of body weight, daily. If giving more than 1 capsule, divide between morning and evening. Store Cardio Strength in a cool, dry place.

Cardio Strength Heart Support Formula by Vetri-Science can be bought for under $65.

Vetri Science Cardio Strength Reviews Of Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs

The customer reviews for Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs are amazing. Most of the pet parents found them to be effective as well as gentle. They are very much happy to offer the above top 3 natural heart health supplement as a preventive measure. You can use them in combination with other medications as well. Many customers found the drop form of supplement very conveniently giving to dogs. Most of the pet parents are now lifelong users of these natural heart supplements.

Some customers report few downsides of the VetriScience’s Cardio Strength Heart Support Formula. Overall, they feel satisfied with the effectiveness of the product. However, they just found the capsule too large for small pets as it was tough for them to swallow. Below are some of the customer reviews about Cardio Strength and Primalix Heart Hardy natural heart supplements for dogs.

Customer Testimonies of Cardio Strength Heart Support Formula by Vetri-Science

  • KC – I purchased this product when I came to know that my Pet dog KC was suffering from Sub Aortic Stenodis (“SAS). He has a severe heart murmur, class III/IV and after his ultrasound, I was told that he would not live past 3 years old. He is now 4. I give him cardio strength every day with his meal. I’ve been using this product for three years now. I believe that this product helps him with his energy and perseverance. One time I forgot to give the medicine a whole week. He felt very sluggish, I immediately ordered cardio strength. He was again happy, active and not sluggish.
  • Eva – My 11 years old mix ShihTzu has many health issues. After using Vetri-cardio heart support formula, my dog has more energy. He is blind, his breathing became more normal (he has the heart murmur). I simply sprinkle it with his wet food and he likes it. I will continue to use this product for the rest of his life.

Primalix Reviews – Customer Testimonials of Primalix Heart Hardy For Dogs By Natural Wonder Pets

Stan and Patti Mcmullin – My wife and I saw our 9-year-old collie change from a tired old bag of bones to a healthy, happy, active dog. He is very much alive thanks to Primalix Heart Hardy. The difference is unbelievable!

Mrs. R.D. Riggins – Our vet gave Primalix to start Wilbur on Enalapril and Lasix. We bought Heart Hardy instead and in 3 weeks his symptoms are gone and he seems to be growing younger by the day. It really works like you said!

Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs

Can my dog take HeartClean Gold with medications?

No, Do not use it with blood thinners. Absorption of drugs taken at the same time may delay the effect. Use caution with ACE inhibitors, NSAIDS and ASA.

Does HeartClean Gold come with a guarantee?

Yes! It is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

What cautions to follow on using Primalix Heart Hardy?

It should not be given to animals with any other heart medication. This product should NOT BE fed to pregnant or nursing animals.

Where to buy Primalix Heart Hardy?

Primalix can be ordered via the official website. You can also order Heart Hardy at

What Risk-Free Guarantee does Primalix Heart Hardy come with?

Each bottle of Primalix Heart Hardy comes with herbal extract formula that promises to meet your satisfaction. If not, you will get your money back. Just return the unused portion to Natural Wonder Products within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price (less S&H).

Is Vetri Science Cardio Strength chews available in UK?

Yes. Vetri Science Cardio Strength is available in Amazon.UK website.

What Warnings should I follow while using Vetri Science Cardio strength 90 capsules?

Safety measures of Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs in pregnant animals and breeding animals have not been proven. But be watchful, if your pet’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop Cardio strength administration. Make sure to consult your veterinarian right away. Also, in case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Are there any side effects of Vetri Science Cardio Strength for dogs?

No. So far, there have been no reports of any side effects of Vetri Science Cardio Strength. The product is safe and gentle on your pet’s health.

Is Vetri Science Cardio Strength for dogs available in India?

Yes, you can buy Cardio Strength from Amazon India website.


The Top 3 Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs are both effective and functional. These products are must for you to stock now. Check them out carefully and select the one that best suits your dog.

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