Stress Gold for High Stress & Anxiety in Dogs

Pets are individuals; they have their personalities, views, and opinions. The only thing they cannot do is to express how or what they feel properly. Thus, when they are in distress, they cannot just tell you that “Oh, am so stressed out, let me take some rest.” They express it in some other way. Besides, reasons for their stress can be many things like traveling, fireworks or thunderstorms, a new home or addition of a new pet, change in routine, insomnia, etc. So, are you looking for a natural remedy to cure stress in dogs? Then, you are on the right page of Stress Gold for Dogs.

Stress Gold – natural support for stress in dogs

  • 100% Natural
  • Product of
  • Guaranteed Results or Money Back

PetWellBeing Stress Gold is a golden opportunity for you to help your beloved ones to become free from fear and help maintain a stable and peaceful mind. It is a herbal mix that supports the nervous system to reduce nervous tension and restlessness. It’s a natural sedative without any side effects and is 100% safe. It acts quickly on dogs and does not cause stomach upset. This product does not contain alkaloids and is not narcotic. Stress Gold will help your pet relax and might make him sleepy.

It acts as the effective support for high-stress situations in dogs. Stress Gold works effectively when your pet is afraid of noises like thunderstorms or fireworks. Does your dog become nervous when

  • He is traveling
  • He is taken to the veterinarian
  • A new person/ pet comes to the home
  • There is a change in his daily routine
  • There is insomnia

We, if you find any of these symptoms on your dog, you can give him Stress Gold. Stress Gold is for stressed dogs.

Stress Gold Ingredients – herbs of Stress Gold

The primary ingredients in Stress Gold act directly on your dog’s brain to produce a natural and safe sedative effect. The result is a calm reaction and decreased the tendency to hyperactivity. The class of herbal sedatives used in this formula is 100% safe and natural. The method won’t cause an upset stomach.

  • Skullcap herb (Scutellaria lateriflora):  A nerve tonic with antioxidant value, sedative and used for pain and soothing muscles.
  • Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis):  Sedative; works in case of mental stress, Besides, also acts as a tranquilizer.
  • Lemon Balm herb (Melissa officinalis):  Mild sedative, used for shock and stress, commonly used for anxiety and reactions to vaccinations.
  • Passion Flower herb (Passiflora incarnata):  A relaxant, mild sedative, pain reliever and normalizes heartbeat.
  • Hops strobiles (Humulus lupulus):  Acts on nervous system for longer time, sedative and relaxes the muscles; supports urinary system.
  • Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra):  Adapts the body to stress through adrenal glands.
  • Fresh Wild Oat seed (Avena fatua):  A nerve restorative.
  • Chamomile flower (Matricaria chamomilla):  A mild sedative, useful for hyperactivity and indigestion.
  • Ginger root (Zingiber officinale):  For nausea or digestive symptoms due to stress.

Stress Gold Directions and Dosage

Advisable to use it not more than four doses a day. Stress Gold Dosage will be like one drop for every 2 lbs of weight up to 30 pounds. An additional one drop is added for every extra 4lbs. Can be given orally or mix with food or water of the Dog. The bottle must be shaken well before every use.

Cautionary Notes

Do not use with nervous system depressants and, when the dog is under treatment for kidney diseases. Moreover, It is better not to use on pregnant animals. In case of complications, immediate medical attention is required. Similarly, do not use before anesthesia.

Stress Gold customer reviews – what the customers say

Overall, Stress Gold customer reviews show a positive impact. Initially, the product has helped their pet from getting over-reacted. Following are some of the customer reviews on Stress Gold.

  • Stress Gold review 1: A user from Ohio states that the product has worked well in treating anxiety and stress. They always keep stock of one bottle.
  • PetWellbeing Stress Gold review 2: “Calm for the pre-attack dog,” says Butch from WA. Their 3-year-old Chihuahua had some brain damage. As a result, he acts very ferocious and tries to attack anything, that he finds new. Finally, he was given Stress Gold. The overall results were terrific. Butch recommends the product to all his friends.
  • Stress Gold review 3: “Helped with our puppy’s stressful shaking on the car rides” by Jimmy from Cedar Key, Fl. H said that the product had calmed their puppy when traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stress Gold for dogs work?

Petwellbeing Stress Gold is a formulation by a team of holistic vets and pharmacists. It is manufactured in an FDA registered facility. All ingredients of Stress Gold are known to reduce mental stress.

From where to buy Stress Gold?

You can buy Stress Gold from Petwellbeing website or Amazon.

Does Stress Gold come with any side effects?

All the ingredients of Stress Gold are 100% natural. The class of herbal sedatives used in this formulation is safe. Thus, it will not cause the upset tummy.

Is Stress Gold shipped to UK?

The product is shipped to UK. You can either buy from or from Petwellbeing’s website.

Lung Gold For Dogs Lung Infections – Reviews

Is your pet struggling a lot with respiratory problems? Supply them with Lung gold for Dogs and Cats. You can feel the change.


Lung Gold For Dogs and Cats – natural respiratory support for pets

Lung gold natural pet respiratory support is a combination of vitamin C and natural herbal ingredients that are designed to build up a stronger and better immunity in the lower respiratory system. This formula will maintain healthy immunity in the lungs for both cats and dogs by boosting your pets natural resistance to fight against those harmful microorganisms that include – viruses, bacteria, and fungus that will lead to a situation that compromises the oxygenation of tissues and their breathing.

Lung Gold for dog lung infections and easy breathing. It helps in making an optimal respiratory function. Lung Gold enhances proper oxygenation and opens airways.

Pet Wellbeing Lung Gold for dogs respiratory problems

In which conditions should my pet use Lung Gold?

People use Lung gold mainly for maintaining the health of lower respiratory systems. If your pet is suffering from productive, shortness of breath, difficulty in exercise, difficulty in activities, wheezes. Few of the symptoms in the upper respiratory tract can be caused by:

  • Allergies
  • Parasites
  • Infections from viruses, bacterial and fungal

One of the primary conditions is bronchitis for which you can use Lung gold.

It is good to seek medical advice before using this for lung-related diseases.

Other Precautions to avoid Lung Infection in Dogs

As a pet owner, you have a lot to contribute to creating a better environment for your dog.

You should take care that they are free from indoor and outdoor toxins. Keep your surrounding and air quality as clean as possible. Provide proper ventilation for your dogs.

Take extra care and avoid situations where your dogs are riding back of a pickup truck where inhalation of fumes is heavy.

Lung Gold for dog lung infections and easy breathing. It helps in making an optimal respiratory function. Lung Gold enhances proper oxygenation and opens airways.

Does Lung Gold For Dogs really work? How is Lung Gold natural breathing support for dogs going to help my dog?

Lung gold is one of the products of pet wellbeing that helps dogs that are suffering from lung diseases and helps them to breathe easy. It will help them to boost the immune response to the lung function. It has the power to enhance proper oxygenation. It also aids to open the airways thereby creating an easy, unobstructed path for inhaling and exhaling. It also helps in productive coughs when all the above mechanisms work right for your dog, ultimately it will be free of lung infections and can breathe easy.

Lung Gold dosage for dog lung infections and easy breathing – Lung Gold directions/ instructions

Help your dog to administer the product orally two times daily. Supply your dog with one drop if the weights fall between 1-25 kg.

You don’t need to refrigerate this product.

Shake well before using lung gold.

Lung Gold For Dogs ingredients

All ingredients of Lung Gold are 100% natural and organically certified. The biochemical spectrum of the herbs is preserved to ensure the full potency of the extract.

  • Marshmallow root (Althaea Officinalis): help to soothe mucous membranes, mainly of the lungs, digestive tract and urinary tract. You can see this ingredient in many herbal formulas. It helps to treat lung infections with both dry and productive coughs.
  • Olive leaf (Olea europaea): its natural disease-resistant quality fights against parasitic infections. It is used to boost the immune response to lung infections and promotes easy breathing.
  • Usnea thallus (Usnea barbata): supports immunity and works well for maintaining strong immunity in the throat and lungs.
  • Pleurisy root (Asclepias tuberosa): used for lung infections like bronchitis, influenza, and pleurisy. Pleurisy root in Lung Gold stimulates the function of mucous surfaces.
  • Chinese Skullcap root (Scutellaria baicalensis): supports the nervous system and have a calming effect. The ingredient can maintain immunity and promote healthy lungs.
  • Coptis root (Coptis chinensis): contains berberine that possesses both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
  • Jujube fruit (Ziziphus jujube): Acts as a lung tonic and adds a nourishing component to Lung Gold. It increases stamina and strength. Jujube fruit in Lung Gold assists in maintaining a healthy immune system.
  • Osha root (Ligusticum porteri): used for respiratory infections. You can also use this ingredient for treating excess mucous production and increasing oxygenation.
  • Fresh Grindelia flower (Grindelia spp.): used primarily for lung infections. This ingredient of Lung Gold helps to conclude irritation and cough.

Lung Gold for dog lung infections and easy breathing. It helps in making an optimal respiratory function. Lung Gold enhances proper oxygenation and opens airways.

Lung Gold For Dogs and Cats precautions/ warnings

This product should not be used during pregnancy or nursing period.
If the animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, kindly consult your vet and rule out what’s going wrong.

  • Avoid using hypertensive drugs
  • Do not use this product, if your dog is going to be anesthetized- either local or general.
  • Keep this product out of reach of children.
  • This product is only for animal use. In case of accidental intake, do not wait for the symptoms to rise, meet a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Absorption of drugs taken along with lung gold will be delayed.
  • Avoid keeping the product along with other food products either in the kitchen nor your toilets.
  • Do not keep this product open for a longer period. After use, close the lid tightly.
  • Do not use expiry dated lung gold.
  • In case of an accidental overdose in dogs, consult a vet as soon as possible.

Lung Gold For Dogs and Cats customer reviews

The Lung Gold customer reviews were excellent to read. 100% of users had recommended the product to their friends. Lung Gold has received an average of 5-star rating from their customers. Here are some of the Lung gold reviews taken from Petwellbeing website.

Lung Gold for dogs and cats review 1: “Great product” says Lisa from San Jose, Ca.
Lisa had a pug who was suffering from congestive heart failure. It helped soothe his cough. Lisa recommends Lung Gold to her friends.

Lung Gold for dogs and cats review 2: “Great results” says Penny from Brookfield Ct
Penny’s dog has bronchi collapse. She was put on oral bronchodilator pills, with an inhaler. But they couldn’t find any results. After using Lung Gold, Penny found her pet didn’t show any symptoms of coughing and wheezing. She reduced the use of bronchodilator pills.

Lung Gold for dogs and cats review 3: “Really worked” says a user from Deland, Fl.
They had a Pommie girl who was under a cough and trachea and lung issues. They gave her Lung Gold. Lung Gold has worked well for her.

Lung Gold for dog lung infections and easy breathing. It helps in making an optimal respiratory function. Lung Gold enhances proper oxygenation and opens airways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Pet Wellbeing Lung Gold complaints?

There are complaints about Lung Gold as few pet owners felt that the product didn’t meet their expectations. Few pet owners even noticed side effects such as panting, alteration in heartbeat, etc.

What is the money-back guarantee of Lung Gold?

Lung gold comes with 90 days money back guarantee. In this case, if you are not happy, return and claim a refund.

How long will it take to act and improve my dog’s condition?

The result varies. However, the improvement will depend on the dog’s present condition and the inbuilt immunity power.

Can I use Lung Gold with other medications?

If your dog is already on a medication for lung disorder, kindly seek a vet and get their concern. Avoid using this product along with hypotensive drugs or before anesthesia.

How long will a bottle of Lung Gold last?

For a normal weighing dog, it will last for 23 days.

Where to buy Lung Gold for Dogs?

Lung Gold for cat and dog lung infection can be purchased directly from the official website. You can also visit the Amazon website for the same.

Is Lung gold for dogs shipped to the UK?

Yes, you can buy Lung Gold for dogs from or Petwellbeing website.

Is it safe to use Petwellbeing Lung Gold for dogs with lung infections?

Petwellbeing’s Lung Gold manufacturing facility is FDA registered. The company undertakes strict quality control procedures to continuously monitor each batch of products.

Is Lung Gold for dog lung infections vet approved?

Yes, Lung gold for a lung infection in dogs is designed by a team of holistic vets and professional medical therapists. Lung Gold is a Vet approved a natural solution for easy breathing in dogs.

Lung Gold for dog lung infections and easy breathing. It helps in making an optimal respiratory function. Lung Gold enhances proper oxygenation and opens airways.

Itchy Owie Quick Dry Gel

Itchy Owie Ointment is for dog paws and skin. It can be used for cuts and abrasions, bites and stings and Dryness, flaking and redness.


Natural Remedy to cure every skin problem for Your dog now in an all natural formula safe from licking!

Skin problems are common in pets. A lesion, A bruise or a boil may appear on a pet’s skin from time to time. Younger dogs are prone to injuries while at play in the park. Small rashes tend to appear for no reason at all and all these tend to worry us, pet owners from time to time. Medication today, Especially external is always a concern too as pets tend to lick the affected area often consuming the medication which is meant for external use only. This often worsens the already existing skin problem with stomach ailments and sometimes even worse.

Itchy Owie cream for dog skin and paws

Itchy Owie ointment keeps all these factors in mind and is the perfect product for pet owners who are looking at bruised skin or lesions. As a matter of fact, Itchy Owie is so natural that consuming it does not create any adverse effect (though pets tend to leave the affected area alone after application). Itchy owie is an all natural ointment, Safe for external use and not harmful if consumed.

Itchy owie was first in the market with a different name in 2012. Currently improved and more effective than ever before, you can buy Itchy Owie From Also read more reviews and what people have to say about Itchy Owie from the manufacturer’s website.

Itchy Owie Ointment is for dog paws and skin. It can be used for cuts and abrasions, bites and stings and Dryness, flaking and redness.

Itchy Owie ointment ingredients – herbs of Itchy Owie ointment

The ingredients of Itchy Owie are 100% herbal. The herbs used in the formulation of Itchy Owie are certified organic and wild-harvested. Below listed are the herbs of Itchy Owie.

  • Calendula flower extracts: supports the skin’s natural resistance and ability to rejuvenate. Calendula flower extracts in Itchy Owie are helpful to apply on wounds on the skin and for many types of skin discomfort.
  • Plantain leaf: helps your dog get relief from swelling and discomfort. It helps your dog get relief from irritation experienced from bites and stings.
  • Marshmallow root: marshmallow’s soothing effects has shown to help get relief on the skin caused by a sensitivity, such as hot spots.
  • White oak bark: helps with inflammation
  • Yarrow leaf and flower: helps from swelling, bruising and burns.
  • Licorice root: it relieves the discomfort associated with swelling.
  • Propolis resin: keeps your pet’s wound clean and free from infection.
  • Aloe vera juice: supports your pet’s body to regenerate healthy and new skin cells. Aloe vera juice is commonly used for wounds, cuts, and scrapes.
  • Vitamin E oil: provides the skin with nourishment. Supports the skin’s ability to stay healthy and elastic.
  • Evening primrose oil: helps with redness and swelling.

The base of Itchy Owie ointment is made using;

  • Coconut oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Certified beeswax

Recommended products for Dog Skin

Itchy Owie ointment directions – dosage of Itchy Owie ointment

Apply Petwellbeing Itchy Owie ointment to affected areas. For insect bites and stings and for general use, apply 2-3 times daily.

Itchy Owie customer reviews

The reviews on Itchy Owie are impressive. Almost every user had given a 5-star rating to the product. Here are the Itchy Owie customer reviews, taken from Petwellbeing website.

“Great stuff” says a user from Atlantic, Va.
He has a Jack Russell Terrier named Rascal. He has allergies. His paws have been raw and have been licking and chewing on them for over a year now. He tried everything to have this issue. Spend lots of money at the vet, buy bothing helped until he found Itchy Owie cream. Within a week of using the cream, he could find the difference in his pet.

“Miracle ointment” says Brodies from Vanouver, BC.
Her dog had an extremely dry and crusty nose. She applied this ointment to his nose. Within 2 days, dry skin was taking off to reveal his soft smooth wet nose again. She considers Itchy Owie to be an awesome product for dog skin allergies.

“Gentle and effective treatment,” says Jocelyne and Pierrette from Montreal, Qc.
Their words “Application of this cream saw results in as little as 3-4 days. The mushrooms shrank and disappeared, immediately alleviating the constant pain and irritation she suffered on a daily basis. She is now happier and experiencing much less discomfort, and actually welcomes us when we go to put on the cream, when before she used to cover and cringe when it came to treatment time. Clearly, this product has had an immediate and positive effect on our dog, her health and her mental state. Highly recommended.

Itchy Owie Ointment is for dog paws and skin. It can be used for cuts and abrasions, bites and stings and Dryness, flaking and redness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to ingest Itchy Owie ointment for dogs?

The ingredients in Itchy Owie are saf to use in moderate quantities. To avoid contamination of the product, avoid putting your finger into the jar after touching the affected area on your pet’s skin. She considers Itchy Owie to be an awesome product.

Does Itchy Owie cream provide money back guarantee?

Yes, Itchy Owie cream comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

From where to buy Itchy Owie ointment for dogs?

You can buy Itchy Owie cream for dogs from petwellbeing website or Amazon.

Is Itchy Owie FDA approved?

The manufacturing facility of Itchy Owie is FDA registered. All formulas adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Itchy Owie Ointment is for dog paws and skin. It can be used for cuts and abrasions, bites and stings and Dryness, flaking and redness.

Hearty Heart Drops For Dog Heart Disease by Pet Wellbeing

  • Healthy and normal heart function
  • Heart muscle & heart rhythm
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Good circulation

Hearty Heart Liquid Drops from Pet Wellbeing

Hearty Heart for Dog Heart Disease. Natural treatment for dog heart diseases. Check with Veterinarian before treatment or administering any medications for your dog if its suffering from heart-related diseases. No side effects.

Dogs like humans can suffer from heart disease at any particular age. It is not necessary that your dog should be old to get a heart disease. Symptoms of heart disease include panting, exhaustion, loss of appetite, bloated belly, blueish gums. If you think your dog is suffering from a heart disease, consult a veterinarian immediately. Do not administer medication for your dog without proper consultation and diagnosis. If your dog is suffering from Heart disease, make sure you maintain a good diet preferably low-fat diet and also your dog gets the right amount of exercises. Proper exercise should get your dog on the path to recovery with the right diet.

HeartClean Gold for Dogs
Hearty Heart is one of the few medicines available in the market which is natural and has no side effects. Even though the medication is free from any kind of side effects.

Hearty heart is one of the few medicines available in the market which is natural and has no side effects. Even though the medication is free from any kind of side effects. It’s not good for dogs which are pregnant or lactating. Also it’s not recommended to mix hearty heart with other drugs your veterinarian has administered.

Heart disease in Dogs is not very common because its easily detected. You will notice that the dog is gets tired very easily with little play and fun. The panting starts almost in 2-3 minutes. Besides, even exhaustion can happen. You can see there is lack of appetite, lesser water consumption, and Swelling in Gums. It’s obvious that we can get worried with such large symptoms, and the Vets detect it easily.

Recommended Products for Healthy heart in dogs

Hearty Heart for Dogs Heart Disease

The hearty heart medication is natural. Besides, it is also well known for its effectiveness. The natural content includes most of the ingredients which are used in Humans too. The effectiveness of Hearty heart is not questioned at all. You can see the difference in the dog’s health over a weeks time. Hearty heart is one of the few medications which can show you results so easy and best of all your dogs will love it. Regular exercise and Proper diet with a Hearty heart could put your dog on happiness way in no time at all. For more information on Hearty Heart for Dogs we recommend you check out the website at from the link below.

A heart, whether human or animal, is a network of interconnected veins, arteries, and capillaries. It carries blood to all parts of the body. As blood is the chief carrier any obstacles in its passage or in the pumping system – the heart can be dangerous. The heart is one of the important organs that should be in good working condition all the time. It is important to maintain blood circulation to have nutrients, oxygen etc all over the body. It also keeps up the energy in the body. In the pets, the lack of it can be first seen in their vitality. The pets with a poor heart will be less active and show fatigue.

Hearty Heart Combo Pack for Dogs – Hearty Heart (Liquid Drops) from Pet Wellbeing

Hearty Heart Combo pack contains a bottle of Heart and Circulation Tonic and a bag of 1 lb Cookie crunch of either Berry or CranApple. This combo pack is deadly for bad cholesterol and good for the dog’s heart. Hearty Heart – Heart and Circulation tonic keeps the heart fit and fine by increasing the blood circulation there by reducing any risk of heart diseases. It also strengthens the veins and arteries. The cookies help reduce the cholesterol in the blood. These cookies and the tonic are also available separately.

One of the major Supplement by Hearty Heart

  • Hearty Heart – Heart and Circulation Tonic: Heart and Circulation Tonic is a non addictive natural remedy to assist the heart to function normal and healthy. The ingredients in this tonic encourage better circulation. This is made with homeopathic and biochemical tissue salts that are of pharmaceutical grade. These ingredients help improve the heart functioning for a better living for the pets. The Heart and Circulation Tonic comes as granules and not liquid. These granules are easy to administer as it is absorbed fast into the body system. You can be directly put them into the mouth of your dogs or crush and dissolve them in the food or drink.

Other Supplements include

  • Hearty Heart – Berry K9 Cookie Crunch: Berry K9 Cookie Crunch is a nonallergic cookie. Specially made for the dogs. It helps to reduce cholesterol and also provides better cardiovascular health. It is made from human grade ingredients which are rich in nutritional values. The cookies are baled in low temperature to retain the nutrition. It contains vitamins and other essential minerals for the pets. The cookies are made from rye flour, cranberries, blueberries, vanilla, eggs, and canola oil. The number of cookies per day differs with the size of the dog, from 1-4 or even up to 6 treats daily.
  • Hearty Heart – CranApple K9 Cookie Crunch: CranApple K9 Cookie Crunch is also a help for the better cardiovascular health of the dogs. The making procedure is the same as that of the Berry cookies. The only difference being is that CranApple cookies are good for those dogs that are restricted from having high protein diet. The cookies are available in packs of one pound bags. This is excellent for dogs that are allergic to protein diet. It contains no preservative, additives that can be harmful to the pets or animal products, or other grain by products that can be allergic. These cookies contain a good amount of fiber in it because of the presence of apple. It can control the cholesterol and cranberries help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. It is made from oats, water, oat bran, cranberries, and apple. Oats is a great addition in the diet to control cholesterol and apple is fibrous that also helps in waste removal from the blood.

The Advantage of the Hearty Heart Combo packs

The benefit of the Hearty Heart combo pack is to have the two better options to have a healthy heart for pets. Both the inclusions in the pack work on the two way approach on the pet’s heart. The cookies keep the cholesterol under control while the tonic improves the body circulation, even to the brain. The blood circulation is not just for oxygen and nutrient supply but also for the removal of toxins and waste from the body as well. It also strengthens the blood vessels and arteries and will lessen the risk of heart disease. The cookie crunches provide the vitamins and nutrients for the dogs that are allergic.

Hearty Heart for Heart Disease in Dogs – Heart and Circulation tonic – Ingredients

  • Arnica internally is beneficial for your heart and is also works as a preventive for stroke. This is especially beneficial for elderly dogs to keep their heart in good condition.
  • Calc fluor is a biochemical tissue salt that has toning properties and supports the tissues. It strengthens the tissues and helps with their flexibility and elasticity as well. This property of this salt makes it a great addition for blood circulation and heart health.
  • Kali phos is another tissue salt that is regularly used for maintaining and supporting the blood pressure and heart. It supports the blood flow to the brain and heartbeat. It also works as an effective nerve tonic.
  • Lachesis has anti-inflammatory properties even that of acute conditions. Hearty Heart is an effective blood thinner that prevents blood clotting and stroke. It increases the blood flow and flushes out more toxins from the blood. It can also help with stress and anxiety and controls the heart rate and blood pressure.

Hearty Heart – Heart and Circulation tonic dosage

The Hearty Heart for Dogs – Heart and Circulation tonic is available in granule form. Administer it directly into the pet’s mouth or in its food or water. Only a pinch of the granules is required for pets under the weight of 20 pounds and 2 pinches for 20-50. Dogs over 50 pounds of weight should have ¼ cap. It can also be given to cats, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, mice, and gerbils. Since the pets respond differently to the product the period to show the results cannot be pinpointed. It is done in a holistic way so there is no fear for any side effects. The only thing matters are the recommended dosage given regularly. It can be used for a maintenance course.

Pet Wellbeing Thyroid Support Silver For dogs – Reviews

Thyroid Support Silver

  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Helps maintain dog’s energy levels
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Helps improve dog’s coat quality
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Veterinarian-formulated

We all know the concerns of thyroid deficiency. There could be fatal effects of autoimmune thyroiditis which sometimes could be doubled with other problems including heart ailments and more. If your pet is suffering from hypothyroidism and the tests have confirmed so, consider going for Natural therapy for your pet. Natural remedies like Thyroid Support Silver for Dog Hypothyroidism has been found effective in curing and controlling Hypothyroidism in dogs.

Hypothyroidism in dogs

Hypothyroidism is a common disease in dogs, rarely seen in cats. It’s a disorder in which the thyroid glands are under active and don’t secrete enough thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism causes a wide range of symptoms. Weight gain and hair loss are the most commonly seen signs of hypothyroidism.

Thyroid Support Silver is a natural support for dog Hypothyroidism. It supports healthy thyroid function. It helps maintain dog’s energy levels.

It is easy to diagnose hypothyroidism with a blood test. Most hypothyroid dogs respond instantly to the treatment. There are no specific symptoms associated with hypothyroidism. However, there are several symptoms that can actually help a vet make findings on the disease. These include

  • Mental dullness
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Dry hair coat
  • Hyperpigmentationn of the skin
  • Slow heart rate
  • Cold intolerance
  • Slow heart rate
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Anemia

If you see any of these symptoms in your dog, take him to the vet. A vet with the help of blood tests can help to figure out, whether your dog is suffering from hypothyroidism or not.

  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Helps maintain dog’s energy levels
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Helps improve dog’s coat quality
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Veterinarian-formulated

Hypothyroidism In Dogs- Whom It Could Affect

Though there is no strict rule to which particular dog the Hypothyroid condition may occur, A wide range of dogs fall under the below category

Age: Middle aged and older dogs
Breeds: Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, Irish Setter, Miniature Schnauzer, Dachshund, Shetland Sheepdog, Cocker Spaniel, Airedale Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Greyhound, Scottish Deerhound,

Hypothyroidism is not strictly prevalent in these breeds alone. It could occur on mixed breeds too and also on other breeds not mentioned above. The above breeds are seen to be more common with these conditions.

Thyroid Support Silver for dog hypothyroidism – treating hypothyroidism naturally in dogs

Thyroid Support Silver from Petwellbeing is a natural supplement that provides therapeutic support for thyroid function. With Thyroid Support Silver, your dog’s normal levels of thyroid hormones are maintained. The ingredients of Thyroid Support Gold provides your dog with natural herbs. These herbs assist the maintenance of thyroid hormone levels. Those who are looking for a natural support for dog hypothyroidism, Thyroid Support Silver is recommended.

Thyroid Suport Silver uses – does Thyroid Support Silver really work?

Petwellbveing Thyroid Support Silver is a 100% natural product. Its a natural support for dog hypothyroidism. Following are the uses of Thyroid Support Silver
Thyroid support silver supports healthy thyroid function
the herbs used in thyroid support silver helps maintain dog’s energy levels
All ingredients of Thyroid Support Silver are herbal, and cetified organic.
It helps to improve the dog’s coat and skin.

Products for Dog Thyroid Support

Thyroid Support Silver ingredients – herbs of Thyroid Support Silver

  • Guggul gum : supports thyroid gland and levels of T3 and T4.
  • Coleus root : supports normal metabolism and normalizes the hormone production.
  • Bacopa herb : used for promoting healthy lungs, heart and nervous system.
  • Ashwagandha root : used in almost all natural formulas to act as an adaptogen. Ashwagandha root maintains healthy levels of T4.
  • Eleuthero root : supports adrenal glands and promotes a healthy immune system.
  • Blue Flag root : supports thyroid function. It also supports the blymphatic circulation. Blue flag root in Thyroid Support Silver balances the thyroid in the presence of toxic materials from the environment.
  • Irish moss : supports thyroid health, normal metabolism and healthy skin and hair.
  • Schisandra berry : relieves your dog from stress and maintains a healthy metabolism.
  • Gotu kala : supports overall vialit, mental acuity and venous circulation.
  • Bladderwrack thallus : used in small doses in Thyroid Support Silver. Small doses have shown to maintain the thyroid hormones.

Thyroid Support Silver directions/ dosage – how to administer thyroid support silver?

Shake well before use. Administer the product orally twice daily,
For every 2 lb-50 lb : give one drop of Thyroid Support Silver

  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Helps maintain dog’s energy levels
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Helps improve dog’s coat quality
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Veterinarian-formulated

Thyroid Support Silver customer reviews

The customer reviews on Thyroid Support Silver shows that the product has satisfied the dog owners. Here are some of the Thyroid Support Silver customer reviews taken from Petwellbeing website.

Nicy from Laguna Woods says that the product has helped to cure hypothyroidism in her dog. She recommends the product to all her friends.

Another user from Alto, Mi commented “Wonderful product-it really works. After using Thyroid Support Silver, his dog had healthy skin and coat. He had lost his weight and now gained back the energy. After giving Thyroid Support Silver for 3 months, they were able to reduce the dosage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use thyroid support silver for dogs?

Thyroid Support Gold is an all-natural formula developed by a team of holistic veterinarians. The herbs of Thyroid Support Silver are certified organic. The manufacturing facility of the product is FDA-registered.
Thus it is safe to use Thyroid Support Silver.

  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Helps maintain dog’s energy levels
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Helps improve dog’s coat quality
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Veterinarian-formulated

Is thyroid support silver for dogs shipped to UK?

Yes, you can buy Thyroid Support Silver from petwellbeing website or

Are there any side effects for thyroid support silver for dog hypothyroidism ?

Thyroid Support Silver has not shown any reports of side effects from its users. But the makers of the product recommends to avoid using Thyroid Support Silver if your dog is pregnant.

Does thyroid support silver for dog hypothyroidism come with a guarantee?

Yes, the product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Is petwellbeing thyroid support silver FDA approved?

The manufacturing facility of Petwellbeing Thyroid Support Silver is FDA-registered.

Products for Dog Thyroid Support

Pet Wellbeing Agile Joints for Dogs

Agile Joints is a natural treatment for Dog ArthritisArthritis in Dogs is now much more easier to handle and treat with Agile Joints. The natural way of handling the entire process gives your dog a steady recovery and better yet, a side effect free treatment.



Lets check out some of the Contents of Agile Joints to understand Why Agile Joints is called a supplement.

  1.  Turmeric : Yes the yellow underground stem which looks like ginger but is not. Turmeric has been know to provide benefits which were really hard to beleive in most case. Turmeric is used as a Relaxant, its used to remedy congestion in breathing, its an antisceptic and well there are 100’s more properties turmeric is seen to portray. southern Indians are known to use turmeric extensively in diet and also in application on their body directly.
  2. Devil’s Claw : contains something called the  iridoid glycosides, beleived to have significant effect on all joints in body part. I have personally no experience with this Tuber, but this seems to be used by both animals and human and is shown to be effective in treatment of joints.
  3. Sarsaparilla Root : popular among sport stars and atheletes, this herb is common in some of the sports food. Sarsaparilla Roots help movement of joint in perfect condition

There are plenty more, but you can clearly see now why Agile Joints is Just not arthritis treatment and why it can be called as a Supplement.

Reviews On Agile Joints For Dog Arthritis

Agile Joint (once called the Old Timer Drops) helps your dog get through the touch period of Arthritis. Arthritis is no more a disease which is rare. If you look carefully most dogs, specially the larger breeds have a risk of being diagnosed with Arthritis. Arthritis is also seen to be more prevalant in Pure Breed dogs and Specially male. Not sure why but Mixed Breed dogs seem to have lesser Problems with Arthritis and this may have something to do with the Mixed Genes.

Agile Joint helps your dog heal its joints from bruises and helps acquire the required minerals to keep its mobility intact.  Together with Nupro Joint SupplementAgile Joint has seen to make better progress in Dogs. Treatment for Arthritis , Traditionally was a bit different, ranging from Pain killers to surgeries. While some of the treatment was just not helpful and would simply remove the symptoms, Surgery was painful and very expensive to handle for Most dog owners. Agile Joint has been tried by dog lovers and many have found the results they could never dream of with other treatments which were already underway. For More reviews and details on Agile Joint, We recommend that you check out the website of Petwellbeing.

Dog Arthritis Remedies, Specially natural remedies are limited. No one can stop old age from coming and arthritis is seen to be one of the few things old age brings to our pets. Though as pet owners we cannot eliminate the risk of arthritis in dogs entirely, We can try to minimize the risk the best we can. Before looking at dog arthritis remedies its also essential that you understand how to prevent it in most cases. Good Exercise in the right way for the right time , with the right kind of diet is key to preventing arthritis in dogs. Excessive exercise , could strain your dogs health and is not recommended. Exercises have to be regular. Food is Key too and watching your dog’s diet is very highly recommended

With a proper watch, Chances are that your dog will be healthy for a longer period of time. But when the time comes, be sure that you are helping your dog with Supplements like Agile Joints which adds up life to your dog without pain.

Symptoms Of Arthritis In Dogs

Agile Joints is a natural treatment for Dog ArthritisArthritis in Dogs is now much more easier to handle and treat with Agile Joints. The natural way of handling the entire process gives your dog a steady recovery and better yet, a side effect free treatment. Agile Joints makes it easy on your dog and it will not put in Side effects, that the Normal pain killers would. You could see significant change in your dog’s behavior from the beginning. For more on Agile Joints and Dog Arthritis, Check out on the PetWellbeing website on the link below.

Arthritis conditions may vary from dog to dog. Its usually seen in older dogs and if taken care of, the symptoms can be cured and extend for years. Its key to find out the symptoms before hand, so you can be sure that your dog is going to have a healthy life ahead. Look For key symptoms of Arthritis in your dog by checking for the below.

  1. Is your dog Favoring one side? Look and keep note of the side its more comfortable. Doesn’t matter what kind of activity, even if its waking up from the sleeping position, if its Turns away to a different side JUST to wake up and it its a continuous process, Keep note and see if there are further symptoms.
  2. Check out For limping. Yes limping can be caused by other injuries , so you should consult your vet to check if your dog is in pain due to some other condition. If limping continuous  you have reason to check. If the limping is only for a few minutes after it gets up, then you have a good chance of saying that its starting stage arthritis
  3. Other symptoms like swelling in Joints and lack of activity may soon start coming in during later stages specially when the dog cannot take the pain. If you have an adopted big dog, then you have to check for these symptoms

Arthritis and Joint Support For dogs

Arthritis in Dogs hit at a later Stage when they are old. Like all other Diseases in Dogs, its painful too but this one makes your dog not able to move , and wither in pain. There are treatments from Pain Relief to other more compound treatments going up to surgery but of all of them, Agile Joints by Pet wellbeing has taken an edge.

Home Remedies for Dog Arthritis are limited. The best you can do for your dog is to give it comfort and help it relax. Old age will take its own toll. The best you can do is to help it recover with natural treatment like the Agile Joint and provide it with Shelter, Warm bed, and a good meal. Proper exercise should always be considered. Your dog being old should not be cornered and avoided hoping that its the best thing . Your dog requires the affection most during these tough times. Provide it with company, Do not stress it out, and provide sufficient rest.

Adding Agile Joint to its diet plan will enhance its strength and recovery process. You can see results in as little as a month. Remember , Agile Joint is not a wonder drug for your dog and there is no wonder drug for arthritis. The truth is that there is no Full remedy for arthritis and most treatment would take a different direction as compared to Agile Joints. Side effects are numerous in almost all treatments including Surgery for arthritis.  Agile Joint is one step ahead and your dog will love it.

Agile Joints is appropriate for all Joint pains in Dogs. This could be arthritis or any other Joint disorder in Dogs. May it be hip, Knees, Ankles, Shoulders, elbows or the Back bone, Agile Joints could work just right for your dog, no matter what sized or what breed

The dogs Body joints are made of Bones and Ligaments. The Joint section is usually lubricated with The Synovial Fluid which helps smooth movement of the joints without pain or stress. The Synovial Fluid is also the key factor to contain shock in the joints. So when the dog is Jumping or even running, The Shock is actually contained by the Synovial Fluid in the Body. The proper functioning of all these parts in a dog’s body is essential . In the natural process, Agile joints adds supplements which help the dog to maintain itself by providing the required components. This also means that proper circulation be maintained so the components are renewed for better functioning of the Joints.

Agile Joints , is a supplement which helps in Nourishing the Overall body of the Dog.

Is Agile Joints Safe For Dog Arthritis?

Agile Joints is a Supplement in many ways. Why would you call a medication for arthritis as a supplement? Well its because all the products are natural. The medication will not have side effects and the contents works in more ways than one. In other terms , Agilie Joints is just not for your dog’s arthritis, but also for his over all health which may be related to arthritis, Old age and more.

Does Blood Sugar Gold For Dogs Work? – Reviews Side effects

Blood sugar gold from Petwellbeing is a supplement which helps in regulating diabetes in Dogs. It is a natural supplement for diabetes in the dogs. Moreover, this Natural product Blood sugar gold also supports the production of healthy triglycerides along with maintaining the health of the eye and liver.


Blood sugar gold from Petwellbeing is a supplement which helps in regulating diabetes in Dogs. It is a natural supplement for diabetes in the dogs. Firstly, the working of the supplement is done by normalizing the serum insulin levels along with controlling the levels of healthy cholesterol levels. Moreover, this Natural product Blood sugar gold also supports the production of healthy triglycerides along with maintaining the health of the eye and liver. If you want to know how to lower the dog’s sugar level naturally, then Blood Sugar Gold is the best recommended.

Diabetes in Dogs- what is canine diabetes?

Diabetes in Dogs is well known as canine diabetes Mellitus. Usually, this Diabetes is diagnosed when a dog’s pancreas fails to produce the needed amount of insulin. Insulin is the controller of the sugar in the body and since there is a shortage of that the sugar builds up in the bloodstream rather than entering the tissues for energy creation. There are many negative consequences with the increase in blood sugar which includes even fatal symptoms like kidney, heart or liver failure.

All Natural Supplement for Diabetes and blood sugar imbalance in Dogs and cats. No side effects. Highly effective.

Some of the common risk factors that come along with diabetes are

  • Obesity
  • Low levels of energy
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Lag in the healing time of wounds

Diabetes mainly occurs in female dogs. Besides, it can also arise from a dry kibble diet. Being overweight and diabetes share a close relation as sugar is converted to fat.

Symptoms of dog diabetes

  • Increased thirst and also frequent urination.
  • A basic lethargy in all the activities and also a weakness.
  • Showing signals of pain in the stomach
  • Eyes will be seen with cataracts
  • A drastic decrease occurs in the weight of the dogs. If no reason can found for the weight loss, there is a high probability that the dog has diabetes.

Blood Sugar Gold diabetes support for dogs

Blood Sugar Gold is a unique formula made by a team of holistic veterinarians. The effective herbs of Blood Sugar Gold help to maintain healthy blood sugar. The formula contains herbs that support eye and liver health. When used consistently over time, Petwellbeing Blood Sugar Gold may assist your dog’s body to maintain healthier blood sugar levels. With Blood Sugar Gold, you can naturally treat diabetes in your pet.

All Natural Supplement for Diabetes and blood sugar imbalance in Dogs and cats. No side effects. Highly effective.

Blood sugar gold – Does Blood Sugar Gold really work?

This product is carefully formulated by holistic veterinarians for maintaining the stable level for sugar in the body. The medicine mainly uses some of the most natural and effective herbs for its manufacturing. The mixture also contains herbs that are known for supporting the functioning of the liver and eye. The users should choose Blood sugar Gold as:

  • It is a certified organic and ethically wild-harvested as the formula ingredients are grown organically without the presence of any pesticides.
  • The ingredients of Pet wellbeing Blood Sugar Gold are grown using Good Manufacturing practices as all the facilities are working on the principle mentioned above.
  • Full spectrum extract: The manufacturing process takes an effort to preserve the biochemical spectrum of the ingredients to maintain the potency for curing of the condition.
  • Testing: Testing is one of the most amazing features of the facilities that are involved in the manufacturing of medicine. All the batches are tested for their quality and potency thus making it efficient.
  • FDA registered facility: All the manufacturing is done in a FDA-registered facility. It ensures the quality of the batches.

Blood sugar gold is one of the best medicines which can be got from the market for the treatment of diabetes in dogs. Pet Wellbeing has struck another success formula through the launching of Blood sugar Gold.

Blood Sugar Gold ingredients for canine diabetes

Blood Sugar Gold uses 100% herbal ingredients in their formulation. The product uses herbs that are certified organic. Following are some of the herbs that are included in the product.

  • Devil’s Club root bark: helps to normalize the blood sugar levels. Besides, it is also famous for healing respiratory, joints and digestive system disorders.
  • Gymnema leaf: maintains healthy blood sugar levels immediately after food consumption.
  • Fenugreek seed: helps to maintain healthy liver and insulin levels.
  • Burdock root: provides optimum support to both liver and glycemic levels. Burdock root’s dual-purpose formula helps in aiding healthy digestive and lymphatic system.
  • Goat’s rue herb: medicinally known as Galega Officinalis. It’s a herb that allows the body to better tolerate carbohydrates. This herb is known for supporting the liver.
  • Dandelion root: Dandelion root in Blood Sugar Gold for stimulating both the pancreatic duct as well as the bile duct. It supports the portal circulation and aids digestion.
  • Bilberry fruit: Being rich in anti-oxidant properties, bilberry fruit is known to affect the tiny blood vessels that supply the eyes. It shows specific action in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.


Shake well before use. Administer the formula orally twice daily.

Give one drop of Blood Sugar Gold for every 2 lb (1kg) body weight – 50 lb. For every additional 4 lb, add one drop extra.

Warnings/ precautions

  • Do not use the product if your dog is pregnant or intended for breeding.
  • Stop using Blood Sugar Gold of the condition worsens, or symptoms persist.
  • Get an examination from a veterinarian before using the product.
  • If you use the product with other prescription drugs, monitor the blood sugar levels closely. A vet can help to ensure healthy blood sugar levels are maintained.

Pet Wellbeing Blood Sugar Gold – Diabetes Support reviews

The customer reviews on Blood Sugar Gold shows a positive sign. Users report normal blood sugar levels with the average of 4.5-star rating for the formula. Here are some of the Blood Sugar Gold reviews.

  • “Blood Sugar Gold saved my Yorkie Bear!!!” – Says a user from Grand Junction, CO. She said that after using Blood Sugar Gold, there were no signs of diabetic attacks on her Yorkie bear. She highly recommends this product for all diabetic dogs.
  • “Love this product,” says another user from Allentown, NJ. His rescue Chi was diabetic. They took Blood Sugar Gold for canine diabetes as a treatment and found significant improvement in his blood sugar levels. The product has helped to stabilize his blood sugar levels. He is pleased and satisfied with pet wellbeing and its products.
  • “I would recommend this product” – says Yolanda from Katy, TX. Yolanda’s beagle had diabetes. He bought canine Blood sugar gold. The product was formidable and reasonable in price. She recommends the product to everyone.
  • “Will be keeping our diabetic dog on this product,” says Brenda from Alberta, Canada. Her diabetic dog Miss Idget was given 12 drops twice a say with her food. After a few days of use, she noticed that her blood sugar levels were more regulated. She was so impressed with the product as her dog loves the taste of the product. “So far, so good. Her vet says she has no cataracts.” – Said Brenda. She also had given a 5-star rating for the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use blood sugar gold for dogs?

Yes, Pet well-being Blood Sugar Gold is a 100% herbal formula for treating diabetic dogs without insulin injections such as Vetsulin. The ingredients are known for supporting healthy cholesterol levels. The herbs are certified organic making it a safe product on animals.

Can I buy blood sugar gold from Amazon?

Yes, Blood Sugar Gold is available in Amazon. You can either buy Blood Sugar Gold from their official website or

Does it really work for diabetic dogs?

Yes, the active ingredients of Blood Sugar Gold are well-known for normalizing blood sugar levels. They did not just focus on treating diabetes, but also help to maintain eye and liver health.

Does Blood Sugar Gold come with a guarantee?

Blood Sugar Gold comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Is the product available in the UK?

Yes, Petwelbeing’s Blood Sugar Gold for diabetic dogs is available in the UK.

Does pet wellbeing offer international shipping?

Yes, Petwellbeing offers international shipping to all their products, including Blood Sugar Gold.

Comfort Gold for dogs

Comfort Gold is a natural supplement that relieves cat pain. Comfort Gold gently relaxes without sedation, and supports the blood flow all over the body.  The nutrients are circulated extensively and waste is excreted.


Comfort Gold – Cat Pain Support

It is hard to watch your cat in apparent pain.  She might look dirty, growl or moan more often, seems agitated, depressed, sometimes be limping and resist to touch. There may be many reasons for the pain. But it is comforting to know that there is a natural supplement that relieves her of the pain- Comfort Gold.  Comfort Gold gently relaxes without sedation, and supports the blood flow all over the body.  The nutrients are circulated extensively and waste is excreted.  It is a blend of five herbs that work as a team in relieving the cat from the pain and agony. It is only a periodic pain reliever and not a regular diet supplement. No side effects, non addictive and gentle on the stomach.

Ingredients Of Comfort Gold

All the ingredients are 100% natural herbs and contain no added flavors or chemicals. It is formulated under hygienic conditions and meets every GMP guidelines.

  • Corydalis tuber (Corydalis yanhusuo): Induce sleep; works directly on central nervous system.
  • Fresh Turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa):  Supports joints, the digestive system and skin.   Blue Vervain herb (Verbena hastata):  A gentle, restores nervous system; supports calmness and positive moods.
  • Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinalis):  Maintain muscle health and comfort.
  • Rosemary herb (Rosmarinus officinalis):  A stimulant nervous system, calms muscle pain and supports the natural immunity.

Comfort Gold – Directions

What about the zinc content added in this formula? It is stated that zinc helps at supporting the normal collagen production. Other than this, Healthy Gums is a mixture of natural bacon flavor and medium chain triglyceride.

Is it possible to note the immediate effects of Throat Gold on the pets? Will it take time, what if the results are not pleasing. Keep on checking for everything!

It is enhanced with delicious bacon flavor. Add one drop for every 2 pounds of cat weight and if it weighs more than 50 pounds include additional one drop for every 4 pounds. It may be given up to 4 times a day for first 3 days. Then stick to twice daily. Administer orally up to four times daily for the first 72 hours.  Mix it with the cat’s food or water.

Cautionary Notes On Comfort Gold

Never use on pregnant cats. Immediate medical attention must be given if the situation worsens. Do not use with blood thinners, pain relievers or antibiotics. Use only intermittently, as needed. The product has no side effects and in case unsatisfied, it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Comfort Gold is a natural supplement that relieves cat pain. Comfort Gold gently relaxes without sedation, and supports the blood flow all over the body.  The nutrients are circulated extensively and waste is excreted.

Adrenal Harmony Gold for Dog Cushings – Reviews Dosage ingredients Side effects

  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Wild harvested Herbs
  • Holistic & Vet-formulated
  • Promotes hair growth, Better skin and coat
  • Supports normal thirst and urination.
  • Supports healthy weight & appetite.

Adrenal Harmony Gold is a herbal product from Pet Wellbeing which is mainly designed to remove Cushing’s disease from dogs.

Adrenal Harmony Gold from Pet wellbeing for Dog Cushing’s Disease

Save your dog’s life with Adrenal Harmony Gold…!!! Cushing’s disease in dogs can be dangerous and if not treated at the right time can even prove fatal. When the adrenal glands overproduce hormones called Cortisol, it throws your dog’s bodily functions haywire. Some medications such as Prednisone also causes tumor which tends to spread through the body. Though this can be treated through medications, the only way to remove a tumor is surgery.

Give your dog a healthy life with Adrenal Harmony Gold from Pet Wellbeing. It contains herbal ingredients that help you in curing your dog of Cushing’s disease.

Ingredients such as Ashwagandha root, Holy Basil leaf (or Tulsi), Astragalus root, Milk Thistle seed, Prickly Ash bark help your dog’s immunity power, balance their hormones, calms their stress and removes unwanted toxins from their body.

REcommended Products For Cushings Disease in Dogs

Pet wellbeing comes under FDA registered facility and manufactures all their products adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices. The product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied with it, you are eligible to get your money back within the date of purchase.

Dog Cushing’s disease – what is hyperadrenocorticism?

Cushing’s disease in dogs is a condition that results from excessive production of certain hormones(cortisol) in the body. It is a very complicated disease with many symptoms and causes. Cushing’s disease strikes middle-aged and older dogs. Although this condition is seen in cats, it is common in dogs. Dogs with Cushing’s syndrome may show signs of increased appetite, increased thirst, and water consumption and increased urination.

Does your dog experience

  • lethargy or lack of activity
  • poor coat quality
  • hair loss

If yes, you need to take him to the vet as soon as possible. These are some of the possible signs of Cushing’s disease in dogs. Canine Cushing’s syndrome can be challenging to diagnose and confirm. Although there are tests to detect hyperadrenocorticism, it is always good to go for natural remedies. It is one such natural formula for treating canine Cushing’s disease.

Find Adrenal Harmony gold and other PRoducts which are 100% natural and safe for your pets. Cure cushings disease now.

Adrenal Harmony Gold for canine Cushings disease

Adrenal Harmony Gold is a natural supplement for dog adrenal gland dysfunction. The Adrenal Harmony Gold is a 100% natural formula developed by a team of holistic veterinarians. The ingredients of Adrenal Harmony Gold support adrenal gland function. Adrenal Harmony Gold from Petwellbeing is a safe herbal formula that promotes healthy skin and coat.

How does Adrenal Harmony Gold work?

Petwellbeing comes with a super-natural formula for treating hyperadrenocorticism in dogs.

The powerful ingredients of Adrenal Harmony Gold help healthy hair growth.

Minimize Dog’s Cushing disease symptoms with the regular use of it. The product results in normal thirst and urination. It also supports healthy weight and controls appetite. You will even notice proper muscle tone and strength.

Adrenal Harmony Gold ingredients

Adrenal harmony gold for dog Cushings disease comes with natural ingredients. The herbs of the supplement are certified organic. Below listed are the components of Adrenal Harmony Gold.

  • Fresh ashwagandha root: Ashwagandha is used in Indian medicines for its numerous health benefits. Ashwagandha root assists the adrenal glands directly to respond usually. It helps to produce healthy levels of cortisol. This ingredient is used to relieve the stress levels and support normal restful sleep.
  • Holy basil leaf: its adaptogen properties are suitable for supporting adrenal glands.  For the proper functioning of adrenal glands use Adaptogens.
  • Fresh turmeric rhizome: this herb possess strong anti-oxidant properties. Turmeric is also used in this formulation to support liver health.
  • Bacopa herb helps to relieve stress and is said to contribute to healthy moods and cognitive function generally.
  • Sarsaparilla root: helps the body to excrete excess toxic materials through the lymphatic system normally. This ingredient is known for supporting liver health and healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Astralagus root: helps the body’s normal ability to adapt to stress. It contains polysaccharides. Polysaccharides assist the body’s normal immune response in fighting bacteria and viruses.
  • Milk thistle seed: supports liver’s metabolization of drugs and toxins for excretion.
  • Blessed thistle flower: known for supporting the liver. Blessed thistle flower in Adrenal Harmony Gold promotes a healthy immune system and digestion.
  • Chaste tree berry: normalizes hormone levels, rather than causing them to go high or low.
  • Prickly ash bark: helps support normal flow of lymphatic circulation. It also helps maintain normal arterial and capillary circulation.

Recommended Dosage & Directions of Adrenal Harmony Gold from Pet wellbeing

Adrenal Harmony Gold comes in a liquid formula which can be ingested in your pooch’s body easily. It comes in a refreshing bacon flavor which is pleasing for dogs. The recommended dosage is one drop for a dog weighing 2lb up to 5 lb and for dogs over 50 pounds, two drops are suggested.

As Adrenal Harmony Gold is a completely herbal product, it does not have any side effects. However, it is necessary to consult the Vet before ingesting any medication to your pet especially if she is pregnant or nursing.

Shake well before use. Administer the formula orally twice daily.

Adrenal Harmony Gold warnings/precautions

The product is not safe to use if your dog is pregnant or intended for breeding.

If your dog’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop using the product. Consult your vet as soon as possible.

Not recommended if your dog is taking blood thinners.

Effects of Adrenal Harmony Gold from Pet wellbeing

The result is not scientifically proven but it is safe to use without any side effects, but it has some interactions with a few drugs. Don’t take it with blood thinning medications. It is not good for pregnant or lactating canines. Do note that it might cause some gastro-intestinal troubles in some rare cases. One must provide immediate medical attention, in case of any mishaps. With a few drops of this, twice a day can relive the loved ones from any unwanted or unexpected troubles that have arrived due to some drug side effects. It could be the best gift one can give to their loved pets so that they have a harmonious life every day.

Why should you buy Adrenal Harmony Gold?

Adrenal Harmony Gold for dogs is used to treat the Cushing’s disease in them. This disease is categorized with the symptoms like loss of hair, panting, more susceptible to infections, increase in thirst, appetite, and urination, etc. These symptoms are effectively handled by this supplement that promotes better skin and coat growth, normalize the thirst and urination. The appetite of your pet is balanced, and it also supports muscle strength. Adrenal Harmony Gold is a natural herbal preparation an can be used on old or young dogs similarly.

The dosage is like one drop for every 2 pounds of body weight of the pet that weighs up to 50 lbs. If the pet weighs more than 50 kg, one additional drop is added for every 4 pound extra. The liquid is administered directly into the mouth with the help of a dropper or mixed with the water or food of the canine whichever is convenient and preferable.

The various ingredients help in excreting the toxins from the body and thereby improving the liver function, balancing the hormone level since the Cushing’s disease is mostly caused due to the presence of excess adrenal hormones in the body, lower the blood pressure, etc. Tulsi and turmeric are antiseptic and can reduce any inflammations or skin infections. The ingredients also promote better immunity and support the body to fight against the imbalance of any kind in the body.

Adrenal Harmony Gold is available online now and can be purchased online at You can also order from other sites including Amazon, but for the best prices and customer support, we suggest you Buy adrenal Harmony from Petwellbeing directly.

However, before you buy adrenal Harmony for dogs, we suggest you check out on the reviews at and read what people have to say about Adrenal harmony gold. It was previously called Supraglan and was one of the best sellers in the natural medicines for Cushing’s disease for dogs. It is an entirely natural product with ingredients harvested from natural organic sources.

Warning: Please be advised that the product is a natural supplement which may alleviate the effect of drugs which are already being used. Consult your veterinarian before administering Adrenal Harmony gold to your dog.

Adrenal Harmony Gold customer reviews

What the customers say about the product matters for a buying decision. Adrenal Harmony Gold has received a lot of positive reviews. You can see the product has received a 5-star rating. Here are some of the customer reviews available online.

  • “It works !” – Says Sly from New Hampshire. Their American Water Spaniel had Cushing’s disease. He was losing his hair, and the skin looked terrible. But after using Adrenal Harmony Gold for six weeks, they found his hair has grown back.
  • “Miracle medicine” by another user from North Aurora, IL. He says “ Our dog has been diagnosed with Cushing’s about five years ago. Being an old dog, we didn’t want to put her through surgery. She was pretty good for the next three years then two years ago, we thought we were going to have to put her down. Then I searched the internet and found Adrenal Harmony Gold from Pet Wellbeing. We had our beloved Fancy for another two years. Unfortunately, we lost her just last weekend. Thanks to this product. We had two more wonderful years with our pet.”
  • “More than impressed,” says Shari from New Castle, PA. Shari and her family were so impressed at their dog’s improvement. They could see a drastic change in her hair and coat after using Adrenal Harmony Gold. Shari recommends the product to all her friends.
  • “It works” by Jack from Pinconning, Mi. Jack said that his vet was surprised to see improvements in the dog. He recommends the product to all dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Adrenal Harmony Gold for dogs with Cushing’s disease?

Yes, Adrenal Harmony Gold is a 100% herbal formula. The ingredients are certified organic. The product is manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Adrenal Harmony Gold from Pet wellbeing is a safe product to use for dogs with Cushing’s disease.

Is Adrenal Harmony Gold FDA approved?

The manufacturing facility of Adrenal Harmony Gold is FDA-registered. Strict quality control procedures are continuously monitored. All the Petwellbeing’s formulas are entirely prepared in a facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Does Adrenal Harmony Gold offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, Petwellbeing’s Adrenal Harmony Gold comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Are there any side effects for Adrenal Harmony Gold?

Being formulated with natural herbs and ingredients, Adrenal Harmony Gold from Pet wellbeing does not produce any side effects. Users haven’t reported with any adverse side effects.

Is Adrenal harmony gold available in UK?

Yes, you can buy Adrenal Harmony Gold from or from the Petwellbeing website. The product is shipped to UK.

From where to buy Adrenal Harmony Gold for dogs?

You can buy Adrenal harmony gold from Pet wellbeing website or Amazon.

Does Adrenal harmony gold offer international shipping?

Yes, Adrenal Harmony Gold is shipped to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and some selected countries.

When can I expect to see the Adrenal Harmony Gold results?

It generally takes one month to see the results of Adrenal Harmony Gold. For some dogs, the results can be seen within a few weeks.


Adrenal Harmony Gold is a holistic approach to support healthy adrenal gland function in pets. For those who are looking for a supplement to improve overall health in pets, Adrenal Harmony Gold from Pet wellbeing is best recommended.

Pet wellbeing BM tone up gold for dog Diarrhea support – Reviews Ingredients

BM Tone up Gold for dogs are effective for dogs with Diarrhea and other stomach problems related to loose stool. Natural remedies like BM Tone up gold for dogs help clear their bowel functions efficiently in a natural way, giving them a better treatment and is easy on their body.


BM Tone-Up Gold For Dogs Ingredients

BM Tone-Up Gold for dogs contains Oregon Grape root, Red Raspberry leaf, bayberry root, mullein leaf, agrimony herb, marshmallow root, myrrh resin, thyme leaf and ginger rhizome which will help against diarrhea. In the BM Tone-Up Gold, the full properties of the herbs used are preserved to give full effect and the ingredients are individually tested for purity. In addition to this, each batch of BM Tone-Up Gold is individually tested to ensure highest quality and potency.

BM Tone up is a Natural And a herbal concoction of 9 herbs and roots.

  1. Oregon Grape Root (Berberis AquiFolium): The oregeon Grape root is beneficial for the Digestive system of a dog and its also beneficial for the liver. IT helps the intestine move in a normal rhythm and not in a spastic movement.
  2. Red Raspberyy Leaf : used as a uterine relaxant and cure for diarrhea for centuries. the Rubus Idaeus Leaf has gone through a lot of research in the field of medicine. It has specific benefits in gastrointestinal problems
  3. Bayberry Root : The root extract has the ptotential to address microbes that may have entered the body through food or water. Due to its high tannin content , it acts as an astringent. If there is excess mucus production, the bayberry roots help control it.
  4. Mullein Leaf : The extracts from the mullein leaf has been used as a traditional medicine since 2000 years. It was used to treat lung diesease, foot infection and skin problems. Though there are no scientifical evidence or research conducted on the extract, it has been proven to control bacterial and fungal infections in many cases
  5. Agrimony Herb – the herb is clearly used for stomach problems including IBS, upset stomach and diarrhea apart from skin conditions called cutaneous porphyria and sore throat.
    Side effects : Side effects of the herb includes low blood sugar. If your pet is expecting to have a surgery, Avoid the ingredient in any medication. if your pet is diabetic, avoid the BM Tone up gold medicine or use it in moderation.
  6. Marshmallow Root : The herb is found to be effetive in dogs having digestive problems. Ulcer, constipation and intestinal colic or heartburn can be effectively treated with marshmallow root.
  7. Thyme leaf : A common kitchen herb known to treat digesive problems and promote healthy bowel movement, the thyme leaf is safe and effective
  8. Ginger : Ginger is one of the oldest herb / root used to treat digestive conditions in humans. Its effective in gastric problems in humans and helps control digestive problems

bm tone-up gold – Dog diarrhea support reviews

BM Tone Up Gold was reviewed by 96 Customers on amazon and has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5. on the website, the rating is 4.5. The reviews by customers show a lot of value for the product. Lets look at some of the cases of satisfied customers

8 Year old poodle with Digestive problems, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting was administered with BM Tone up gold and the results were almost immediate with Full recovery in 3 days.

A one and a half year old Labrador with Chronic Diarrhea was treated with BM Tone up gold and the results were seen in 5-7 days. The down owner had changed food multiple times and the vet wasnt helpful in treating until BM Tone up gold worked for her

A 10 year old Albe with Only half a bowel after surgery saw significant result in 2 days after being treated with BM Tone up gold and with no side effects at all.

A 12 year old Yorkie with Pancreatitis was cured almost immediately with BM Tone up gold.

A 9 month old Golden Retriever with Clostridium Bacteria was cured from diarrhea in a single day.

BM Tone up gold may look like a wonder drug but there are a few customers who havent been so happy with the product too.

BM Smooth Gold for Diarrhea in dogs is a supplement which is natural and Safe. It contains herbs and extracts from roots and leaves. The Drops is bacon flavored. It is easy to administer alone or with food or water.

Before you read any further its important to know why dogs actually have diarrhea. the Digestive system for dogs can be disturbed due to various reasons. it could be a side effect to a drug which you are administering. It is because you fed the dog something which it shouldn’t have eaten (packed Dog food which is contaminated) , water from a source which was not pure and drinkable. The reasons could be many and if you could point out the source of the problem, the treatment would be much faster.

If It is the dog food which is creating the problem, stop the food immediately. try a different brand or cook a meal for your dog the next 2 days till it recovers. Abandon the dog food completely and report to the vendor about the problem. You may or may not get a replacement but you surely don’t want to feed your dog that particular dog food brand or at least that batch. A lot of dog foods usually come contaminated and every year there are 100’s of recalls on pet food. IT is not uncommon but its important that you know there is a problem.

Sometimes the dog may be undergoing a drug interaction. If you are medicating your dog with something due to some condition and if the drug is interacting, chances of diarrhea may appear. You may want to stop the drug immediately and report it to your veterinarian. Chances are that they will suggest another drug combination for your dogs condition which will be safer and without side effects.

No matter what the reason for your dogs Diarrhea condition, the source if found would be important to know so you don’t come into the same problem again. Treating the condition is important and obvious and that’s where BM Tone Up gold comes into play.

BM Tone Up Gold For Dogs Dosage

1 bottle of BM Tone-Up Gold contains 2 ounces or 59 ml of the liquid and one of these will suffice a mid-sized dog. The drops are to be given twice daily. For best results to cure diarrhea, use one drop for every 2 lb or 1 kg of body weight up to 50 lb and over 50 lb, one drop per additional 4 lb or 2 kg. Shake the bottle well before use. The BM Tone-Up Gold drops come in delicious bacon flavor so that it will be easy for your dog to consume it.

If you are not so keen on medicating your dog with herbal remedies, the next best option is to find foods that actually help with Diarrhea. Adding probiotics to the dogs diet will usually go a long way. Try adding Yogurt to the dogs food. Cut down on milk and food that are acidic. Remove all food which has gluten in it. Cut down on wheat and other pulses on your dog food. High protein does cause stomach upset in some cases (not meat but pulses).

If you are feeding your dog raw diet, consider cooking it lightly. Add vegetables to your dogs diet. Rich fiber food will be helpful for your dog when it has stomach problems. Add string beans, pumpkin or other vegetables your dog may love. Pumpkins are sweet and its very good for stomach problems. The taste of a pumpkin too is sweet for the dog and they usually love it as a treat. Avoid food which has added sugar altogether for a while.

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