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Its Summer Time, Open Up The Back Side Pool. Wait! You Have A Pet Dog? Some Pet Safety Tips For You

Summer time might be the best time the backyard gets all the attention. The backyard pool or any other pool is the best time to have some quality time spend with the family. How can you let out the dear dogs at home at this time? Get them in as well, but make sure you have all the safety measures done and standby.

  • Check before taking the dive: Dogs are natural swimmers alright, but never expect them to be swimming out of the blue. If you are getting the dog into the pool for the first time, do not leave him alone. Help him get into the water and see if he can swim or not. Some safety measures are called for, like having a professional training for him. Professionals know better how to get him rid of the fear of water.
  • Trainers: The first time goers are better at a pool where trainers are also available. Invest in those life saving vests and jackets that come for the dogs. It serves as protection and the snug fit would also make them feel safer. The trainers can do the rest.
  • Floating devices: Gather all the floating devices for the dogs to enjoy the sun. Floating devices are always welcome so that you can enjoy the pool as well as him and not have to worry about him getting drowned.
  • Pool fencing: The backyard pool is cool to look, fun to play in, but what about the other times when you are not using the pool. You cannot cover the poll so the best option is to have some sort of fencing done. No matter what the pool size is how deep it goes, a proper fence could keep the dogs safe. This is a must for the dogs that hate to spend time inside and are almost always outside. The fencing should be transparent so that you can see if it cheats on you.
  • Inside the pool: Dogs that spend too much of time in the pool could get affected by heat stroke. Breeds that are short nosed are more vulnerable to this situation.
  • Older dogs need extra care: Especially of it has any joint pain. Swimming helps them by alleviating the pain but exerting them might cause more trouble.
  • Chemicals: The pool chemicals can also cause harm. Do not let the dog to spend more than an hour at a time in this water. Take him out for a while, give him an immediate bath, and let him dry. This water if entered their stomach could also be a problem. Just make sure that the dogs get to drink plenty of fresh water.
  • Timing: Enter the pool only in the early morning or late in the evening. The hotter time could cause heat stroke to the pets.
  • Train yourself: Accidents may happen anytime and one must know what to do when in emergency. Get yourself some training on how to do the dog CPR. There are animal organizations that offer classes on the proper way to administer the CPR on dogs. This is something that cannot be learned solely from online info.
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