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There’s Something Stuck In His Throat – Home Remedies For Kennel Cough Smack down!

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Late in the spring my canine that I call as Rock star started to cough just like the way I do after an episode of high fever. But then little did I take notice and thought it would subside sooner with the passage of time like mine went off. I was totally wrong with that one as the coughing not only got worse but my vet identified it to be a serious upper respiratory tract infection.

He was the one who stood nearby me when I moved out from my partner’s life and went through the entire thick and thin being my shadow. I was really devastated with my complete ignorance towards him as I was myself preoccupied with my past. But then I wasn’t going to give up I wanted to make him well by all means possible.

He was constantly coughing to clear his throat. According to the vet a combination of Bordetella bronchiseptica and parainfluenza virus were the thugs behind this infection. I hadn’t paid good attention to him since I was thoroughly displeased with my life. But he never complained or I shall put it like this “I was self-centered enough to think about myself”.

But then I realized it’s never late. Still things can be brought to track if I set his immune system to work perfectly. If you own a dog I would say no matter what happens in your life never show your back these lovely creatures as they are the only ones who love us truly without any expectations.

He showed certain symptoms while had this severe kennel cough and am listing it below for people to read about it and understand so that you can identify if such things happen at your place.

At night he used to cough severely and water trickled down from his eyes and nose. He couldn’t walk or play without heavy breathing or coughing. Sometimes he would also show signs of fever and stay in a place feeling so lethargic. I even found mucous and yellowish nasal discharges after he finishes coughing. According to my pet these are signals of upper respiratory tract infection and it is very important to treat them with medications. If you find you dog in such situation take him to a vet as soon as possible for a cure.

Home Remedies For Kennel Cough

Along with medications I even followed a few natural/home remedies for kennel cough so that I can build his health and cure his ailment faster. Here am sharing a few natural cures that can be helpful to treat canine cough and which really worked for my rock star.

  • Coconut oil: This oil in its virgin form can heal anything from a small cut to a fully fledged cough. Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil in its food or give him directly.
  • Holy basil: This herb contains many properties that can help to cure common cold, flu and coughs. It is a special herb that is easily available and does not have any side effects.
  • Lemon water mixed with honey: This is an excellent solution for building a healthy immune system for both humans and pets. This simple drink is loaded with vitamin C which is an immune booster and also helps to detoxify the liver. Honey contains natural ingredients that can cure cough and common cold. Take a cup of water and mix in 1 table spoon of lemon juice and honey respectively.
  • Chicken potage: Again not to mention it is effective on both humans and animals alike. Chicken potage or broth helps to boost the immune system and get rid of coughs by soothing the respiratory system.
  • Cinnamon powder: This spice not only adds flavor to the dishes which we cook. Besides, it works well for canine colds and cough. Mix a teas spoon of cinnamon powder along with its food or stuff in inside a treat so that your canine can eat it.
  • Steam: Use a steam vaporizer inside a small bathroom and make your dog breath it for around 15 minutes. Do this two times a day and for sure you are going to see good results. Steam will help to remove congestion and open up all windpipes.

Certain things to note

I guess you would keep a note of these home remedies for kennel cough as they are safe and does not cause any harm to the canine. Moreover you should also remember a few things because once the cough is gone it can recur if we don’t pay proper attention.

Maintain proper hygiene and give plenty of fluids to keep him hydrated. Also keep your kennel warm and give healthy food that can do the job of boosting the immune system. Make sure to follow the guidelines listed by your vet and allow him to play with safe companions who are vaccinated timely. Like humans dogs also are prone to allergies and air pollution so install an air purifier and limit the use of chemicals indoors. My rock star is happy and keeping in perfect health after all he is the only one I never want to part with.

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