Stress Gold For Dog Anxiety – 2022 Review Of An Amazing Product

You love your dog, but if you’re being honest, you’ll agree that they can drive you crazy sometimes. Just like humans, dogs can exhibit stress and anxiety. 

This can lead to a number of behavioral issues, including destructive behavior, separation anxiety, barking, chewing, whining, and other annoying habits. Shirley, my labradoodle, definitely checked all those boxes.

I heard about anti-anxiety supplements and how they reduce stress in dogs and increase relaxation. And so, I decided to try out Stress Gold by Pet Wellbeing for reasons I will share with you shortly. There was an all-around improvement in her. Now, stress gold for dog anxiety is the go-to solution when we’re nearing a stressful situation. 

Things To Consider Before Buying An Anti-anxiety Supplement For Your Dog

  • Dog’s age

Many medications are age-specific. So, it is important to do a due consultation with the vet and also check the product’s label for the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Dog’s size

When it comes to administering anti-anxiety medications, dosage usually depends on the body weight. It’s advisable to check this information against the recommended dosage to avoid having a case of an overdose.

  • Frequency of dosage

Some medications, like those in the form of chews or treats, allow for an increase in their dosage. On the other hand, some other medications, like drops and tablets, require that you follow a strict dosage based on the pet’s body weight.

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Stress Gold For Dog Anxiety

Stress Gold for dog anxiety is an anti-anxiety medication designed for dogs by Pet Wellbeing. The herbal formula works to naturally reduce restlessness, nerve tension, and hyperactivity.

The active ingredients contained in the Stress Gold formula include Skullcap herb, a mild sedative that also relieves pain and relaxes smooth muscles; Valerian root, a non-addictive herbal tranquilizer. 

Lemon balm herb, a popular ingredient for treating anxiety and reactions to vaccinations; Passion flower herb, famous for normalizing an extremely rapid heartbeat. 

Other active ingredients include Hops strobile, Licorice root, Fresh Wild Oat seed, Chamomile flower, and Ginger root. This class of herbs does not contain high alkaloid levels and is safe for your dog’s tummy.

Directions For Use

  • Shake the product well before use.
  • Administer orally as instructed up to four times daily.
  • Administer one drop per 2 lbs of body weight.
  • Simply add the drops to some of your pet’s food or treat and get them to eat up the entire food.


  • Get your pet checked by a vet before administering this treatment.
  • Discontinue use if no improvement is noticed in your pet’s condition and consult a veterinarian.
  • Do not use Stress Gold before administering anesthesia.
  • Use caution when using nervous system depressants or administering treatment to dogs with kidney and cardiac conditions.
  • No proven safe use in pregnant animals.


  • Fast action to help your furry companion during long trips, events that involve loud noise, and other irritants.
  • Made with natural ingredients that are canine-friendly.
  • Easy to administer.
  • Easy to store and doesn’t require refrigeration.


  • Prolonged use of stress gold for dog anxiety may have negative side effects.

Stress Gold For Dog Anxiety Benefits And Features

It Supports The Nervous System And Relaxes

Stress Gold is a natural herbal formula that supports your canine’s central nervous system during heightened times of nervous tensions, thereby, feeling relaxed instead of agitated.

It Is Fast Acting

Pacing, incessant barking, biting, urinating, display of fear or panic, and other expressions of aggression can be relieved quickly with this anti-anxiety medication.

It Is Recommended By The Veterinarian

This relaxant has been certified by veterinarians as safe for dogs. Vets understand that pets respond to events differently, and so, the effect on one dog may not be as obvious as the one on another.

It Is Canine-friendly

This anxiety treatment for dogs is made with ingredients that are safe and don’t cause any discomfort to your dog’s stomach. Even if your dog is picky, the bacon flavor that Stress Gold is enhanced with will make your dog enthusiastic. 

It Is Effective And Offers Value For Money

Stress Gold by Pet Wellbeing is made with veterinary-grade ingredients and offers amazing value for money. One 2 oz bottle can last a dog of 50 lbs for at least one month.

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Alternatives To Stress Gold For Dog Anxiety

Pet Naturals Calming Chews for Dogs

Calming for Dogs by Pet Naturals promises calm during the storm. So, whether you’re planning a trip, an event with a lot of fireworks, or the weather report hints at thunderstorms, your fragile canine can go through it without stress.

These bite-sized chews are free of artificial ingredients, wheat, and corn, so you can be sure that your pet will not experience any digestive upset. You can treat your dog with these chews daily or when needed. And in cases of increased stress, it is perfectly safe to increase the dose.

Unlike Stress Gold for dog anxiety, these Pet Naturals Chews are enhanced with chicken liver flavor. And yes, they are chews, not drops.

Rescue Remedy Pet

These Rescue Remedy sedative-free drops by Bach help to relieve your pet’s stress with its blend of five natural flower essences. The formula is non-addictive, non-alcoholic, and free of artificial flavors and glutens.

Unlike many other medications that need caution to be applied when administering the treatment to your dog, Rescue Remedy can be used when your dog is already receiving other wellness and health products.

While Stress Gold drops that work for just dogs and cats, the Rescue Remedy drops are perfect for bringing relief to even your birds, rabbits, lizards, and horses, in addition to your canines and felines.

VetriSCIENCE Composure

Composure by VetriSCIENCE is a behavioral aid that helps your dog manage stress. As you’re getting ready to play host to your friends and family coming over next weekend, get your pet prepared with this calming supplement.

These chews are clinically proven to work within 30 minutes, and their effect lasts up to 4 hours. That’s a good deal of time without unnecessary barking, excessive urination, or hyperactivity in the presence of strangers.

Composure is not a sedative, so you can increase the dosage as needed by your dog. With VetriSCIENCE Composure, you get to make a choice between three exciting flavors: chicken, bacon, and peanut butter. And unlike Stress Gold, it comes in chew and liquid formulas. So more options for your furry pet.

Conclusion On Stress Gold For Dog Anxiety

To help manage your dog’s anxiety, there are several supplements that can provide relief. These natural supplements contain herbs that help reduce stress while also improving the overall well-being of your pet. Stress gold for dog anxiety is one of those products, and we hope that this review will guide your choice of anxiety medication for your furry companion.

What can I give my dog for stress and anxiety?

There is various anti-anxiety medication on the market that could help reduce anxiety in your furry companion. Stress gold is one of them. We recommend talking to your veterinarian about this disorder in your pet, they are in the right place to diagnose and advise.

What is a natural remedy for dog anxiety?

To bring about significant changes in your furry companion with anxiety disorder, you might want to change several routines. These includes a change in exposing them to loud noises, exercises and using vet recommended essential oils.

What is in stress gold?

Stress Gold is formulated with Scutellaria lateriflora - A Native American traditional herbal medicine.

What are the first signs of stress in a dog?

Like humans, dogs also experience emotional and mental stress. Stress could mean that the dog is under pressure. Early signs of stress in dogs includes pacing, shaking, whining, barking, changes in body posture, drooling as well as licking.

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