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Is Reverse Sneezing In Dogs As harmful As It Seems?

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Sneezing is a natural process of the respiratory system to expel the uninvited pollutants or minute materials. Reverse sneezing, as the name suggests, is the opposite. Normal sneezing, the air is expelled while in reverse sneezing the air is taken in. it sounds real dangerous, since it takes too much pressure that is enough to break the blood vessels.

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Reverse sneezing is something that is seen in dogs. If you find your dog is snorting, gasping or making some kind of odd sound and shows it is troubling to catch the breath, it is most probably reverse sneezing. This might happen sometimes, but when it happens too frequent for your comfort, it could be a problem.

Reverse Sneezing Not That Harmful, But…

Reverse sneezing is not the real problem; there are other hidden reasons for it to happen. The common allergens, respiratory infections, or something is there to block the breathing pathway. The pets usually recover themselves from the situation and it is no real threat to their lives. As said, it is not a life threatening situation. The only concern s when these episodes more frequently as that could be some serious problems underneath.

What To Do When You Find Your Dog Reverse Sneezing?

The scientific term for reverse sneezing is pharyngeal gag reflex or paroxysmal respiration. It is just the narrowing of the air passage when there is an irritant around, which will be relieved within a few more seconds. If the dog is finding it difficult to breathe properly, just hold down its tongue with force; be careful with your fingers. This will force more air to go through the nose and the spasm will go.

Another way to relieve them is to cover their nose; this will make them swallow which most probably will send the irritant down. You could also offer them food or water or even massage the throat to ease them.

No Specific Cause To Point Out

It is rather difficult to find what causes them to reverse sneezing. A vet can of course find it out but visiting him for an episode or two is not necessary. A vet is called for only when this happens too often. The cause can be anything from the pollen’s, dust, cleaning agents at home, spray, and perfume to the more serious cases like nasal cancer. Breeds also come to play for these cases. Breeds such as flat faced ones, Shih Tzus dogs, or boxers might often have this problem than other dogs.

Usually it lasts for seconds or up to a minute or two. Your pet may seem in dire need of air and even at the wedge of something serious, but it all happens natural and they can revert back to normalcy before you know. It is no time to panic but to extend your help for them. Time to panic is when there is any nasal discharge, blood coming from the nose, any deformity of nose, lethargy, or loss of appetite is noted.

Lung gold for wheezing, cough and breathing problems in dog. All natural. safe and no side effects

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