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Renal Diet For Dogs With Kidney Failure – Home Cooked Pet Diets And Dog Nutrition

Kidney Support Gold – Dog Kidney Disease Support – Diet For Dogs With Renal Failure

Kidney failure in dogs is fairly common and devastating. If you see your dog drinking and urinating more, it is because of kidney failure. Dogs with kidney disease are unable to concentrate on their urine. They have strong urge for thirst and urination. For dogs with kidney disease, there are many commercial pet foods available. Being a dog owner, you can never be certain of the quality of these commercial dog foods. Preparing a healthy and nutritious diet is more expensive. But no commercial pet foods can be as tasty as you prepare. A little time and care from your side can help your furry friend come out of this problem. Read on to know all about Diet For Dogs With Renal Failure.Diet For Dogs With Renal Failure

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In most dogs, a high-fat diet is a fast track to become a fluffy pet. A fleshy dog is at a risk of many health problems. So what is the best Diet For Dogs With Renal Failure? You can make a diet for your dog that comprises about 20-45% protein, 5-10% fat and 20-35% carbohydrates.

Traditionally, vets recommend restricting protein consumption in dog foods. They say protein is poorly metabolized by dogs with kidney failure. Protein creates a high nitrogen load, that can further stress the kidneys and liver. The problem is, most commercial pet foods you get today, are of poor quality protein. Thus making it difficult for your pet to digest. To get quality proteins that are easily digestible, a fresh-food diet should be fed.

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Protein And Kidney Disease

There is a common belief that protein levels should be reduced for dogs with kidney disease. This is not correct for all animals. Protein reduction has no impact upon the progression of kidney disease. In fact, reducing the protein level in the diet may reduce the functioning of the kidneys.

The protein ingredients should be 2-3 parts of your dog’s diet. Following are the sources of protein, you can serve for your pet

  • Ground beef – is sold in three grades in supermarkets – ground extra-lean (96/4), ground chuck and regular cheap ground beef. While ground extra-lean contains 7% fat, ground chuck comes with 34% fat. Regular cheap ground beef comes with 46% fat. Use two-thirds to three-quarters of extra lean beef and the rest ground chuck. This helps you to supply a diet that contains meat with adequate fat only. No added fat will be needed. If you are preparing an extra-low fat diet, use only the 96/4 lean beef or leaner.
  • Ground turkey – is also sold in three grades with 1, 7 and 15% fat. If you are not adding additional fat, use the 93/7 or 85/15 turkey for dogs. If you are preparing an extra low-fat diet for your dog, use the 99/1.
  • Ground chicken – Ground chicken is about 15% fat. A skinless chicken breast or ground chicken breast comes with 99% muscle meat and 1% fat. Use the same proportion as you did for ground turkey.

Fish and Dairy products

  • Fish – wild fish, especially those caught from cold water, are an excellent source of protein. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, halibut and orange roughy are also good. Among the three, salmon has the highest omega-3 fatty acid with lowest mercury level.
  • Eggs – You can give a whole cooked egg for your dog. Its an excellent source of protein and fat. The protein content in eggs is very high in quality. Higher than meat, fish and poultry. Eggs are also considered to be a digestive protein source. It helps in easy digestion. Your pet can enjoy the benefits of protein when eggs are cooked, rather than fed raw. Boil the eggs for 12 minutes.
  • Dairy – dairy products provide an excellent balance between proteins and calcium. But they contain a substantial amount of fat. Keep track of your pet’s weight. Dry cottage cheese (used for baking) and farmer’s cheese are very low in fat.

Fat portion

Serving your dog with 50-60% meat and 10-15% fat is like getting adequate fat in his diet. When you are on diet for dogs with renal failure, too much fat in your pet’s diet contributes to obesity. The fat content should be 1 part of your dog’s diet.

Carbohydrates Portion

As mentioned above, carbohydrates should cover only 2 part of your dog’s diet.

  • Cooked rice – rice is an excellent source of carbs for your pet. Rice contains protein, phosphorus, some calcium and iron. Unpolished, brown rice preserves more of these nutrients. A highly processed white rice grain won’t give nutritional benefits for your pet.
  • Wheat products – you can try adding wheat products like bread and pasta in his diet. Pick a size of pasta your pet likes best.
  • Potato – boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates. They are a good source of vitamin B-6, potassium, manganese, copper and dietary fiber. Avoid sprouted potatoes.

Avoid feeding your dog with oatmeal, carrots, sweet peas and pumpkin. These high-fiber carbohydrate ingredients may cause diarrhea in dogs. As a result, your pet will produce more bulky stool.

Phosphorus And Kidney Disease

No matter what you feed your dog, make sure to limit the consumption of phosphorus especially on diet for dogs with renal failure. Foods rich in phosphorus include meat, poultry, fairy products, peas and beans. Beef and chicken contains about 8 mg phosphorus/ gram of protein. Whereas low-fat milk has 28 mg phosphorus/ gram of protein. Cooked egg whites have the least content of phosphorus and more protein. In short, a diet with cooked egg is the best diet for your pet.


Eggs are highly digestible proteins. They form a major part of your dog’s diet. Dairy sources of protein are also digestible. Make sure it should be from unpasteurized sources. Poultry is more digestible than red meat. It seems that fresh foods win out over commercial foods, especially in the case of kidney failure.

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