Amazing Raw Paws Pet Food Review 2022

Feeding my dogs overly processed and almost completely unnatural food was very easy to do, but I knew it was unhealthy, and I was looking to change. However, I was not sure that I was in the right position to make them any raw meals myself until a friend introduced Raw Paws pet food. It could have turned out worse than all those tinned and canned products.

I also did not have the time nor the patience to learn recipes and make meals. My next best, and probably my only option, was to search for commercial raw pet food. There were simply too many options to pick from. I eventually settled for Raw Paws pet food.

Why? They had everything I needed, which was basically raw dog food that I did not have to make myself. But they also had more, treats, chews, freeze-dried tripe, basically everything a dog could ever want. Then, they did not stop there. They also made doorstep deliveries; imagine how much I cherished that as someone who barely had any spare time.

Things To Consider Before Buying Commercial Raw Pet Food

When you want to start the journey of raw food for your pet, and you decide to buy instead of making them, you will be faced with a lot of decisions. Let me walk you through some of them and give you hints on how to make some right ones.

To make the choice of which brand to buy from, you should first of all look for quality or meat quality because it’s all meat. This is the part where you want to make sure that the fat content is not too high. The highest it should be is thirteen percent, and that is very high, in fact. Lean muscle meat should make up most of the meal. The nutritional analysis on the package should be able to tell you these and sometimes, one look at the meat shows whether it’s greasy or not. 

Another thing is the bone content of the meal. Everything should be balanced when it comes to pet food, both the bones and the meat. The bones are their main source of calcium, so don’t just feed your boneless dog meat every day of every week. This does not mean that the percentage of bone should be higher than that of any other component; it may cause problems like constipation.

Lastly, I know it is mostly meat and all about ninety percent of the time but where do you think your dogs will get the minerals and vitamins from? Vegetables, of course, albeit in small quantities. The only thing you really need to make sure of here is that your dog is not allergic to any of the veggies listed in the ingredients.

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Raw Paws Pet Food

This is raw pet food produced by the company – Raw Paws- which is based in Indianapolis. They produce completely raw, additive- and preservative-free pet food that is affordable, and even deliver it to your doorstep. They are known for a lot of things, the first thing being the quality of their pet food. The meal is completely natural with an adequate quantity of bone, fat, and protein content. They are also safe as they have been approved and tested by the FDA. 

Another thing that Raw Paws pet food offers is variety. They produce meals for both dogs and cats. For dogs, there are treats, chews, freeze-dried meat, and chews. And these are just like the main menus under which there are several categories, imagine having so many options at your disposal!

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  • Convenient
  • Raw and Natural
  • Preservative- and additive-free
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Variety
  • Quality and safe


  • Possibly too many options
 What is the highest rated raw dog food

Raw Paws Pet Food Features and Benefits

Completely Natural

I know I have said it before but saying it again won’t hurt, Raw Paws pet foods are a hundred percent natural. The fact that it contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives means that the chances of your pet reacting to one of its components are low to zero. It also translates to higher quality and higher nutrients. This leads me to the second point.

High quality

Raw paw pet food is as good as raw pet food gets. They are ethically processed and hand-inspected before any sort of sale or shipping occurs. If we forget that they have been around for almost twenty years and are still thriving, we should consider at they are also approved by the FDA,, which attests to the fact that they only release products of the best quality.

Lots of options

The available food for dogs has menus; then, there are submenus. By the time you do your maths right, you find that there are almost a hundred and fifty choices for you to pick from. It may sound overwhelming but would you rather not find what you want or have the extra choice of trying something new?


Here, I am talking about their delivery feature. Doorstep delivery is a dream come true for a lot of fur parents; I believe I am not only speaking for myself. In addition, if you order products for over two hundred dollars, you get free shipping. Amazing? I know.

Alternatives To Raw Paws Pet Food

This is commercial raw pet food that also contains good bone content, veggies, and low fat. One of its defining features is that it is grain-free, so, that dog of yours that is allergic to gluten or grains will have a good time. It is, however, a bit crumbly compared to Raw Paws.

This is another favored option, especially among pet parents who have some cash to spare. It is way more expensive than Raw Paws pets probably because of the guarantee that the meat used is responsibly and humanely caught. It also requires mixing with water. What really makes it different from Raw Paws pet food is the price, so, if you are on a tight budget, it may not be your ideal choice.

This is a fairly good choice when it comes to raw pet food. However, it has a considerably high-fat content and is relatively dry. This is not to say that it is not completely natural and with good protein content.

Conclusion On Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw Paws pet food will give your dog everything it wants and needs with a little extra on the side. With a lot of high-quality, raw food options, you can never go wrong with their meals. In addition, everything is well-balanced, but then, what do you expect from a meal that is 100% natural. Click here to check out Raw Paws’ pet food.

What is the highest rated raw dog food?

A lot of products are on the market as raw foods for dogs. It is important to buy dog foods that will keep your dog healthy. Stewart Raw Natural food, Open farm freeze raw food, Stella, and chewy's grain-free dog food are among the best raw foods you could acquire for your dog.

Why raw food is not good for dogs?

Raw food is more likely to carry bacteria infections than other types of meal. Therefore, it is necessary to buy raw meals from certified sellers.

What is the healthiest raw meat for dogs?

Chickens, turkeys, and beef are among the ideal choice of raw meals to feed your dog. It is important to buy from certified butchers and sellers who take precautions to avoid infections.

How much raw food should I be feeding my dog?

If you are wondering how much food to feed your dog, It is advisable to feed 2-3% of your dog's weight daily. This can be split into two meals. You can feed pups 2-4 meals a day and adult dogs 1-2 meals a day.