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Protect Dogs From Overheating Themselves – Beat Summer Naturally With These Quick Tips

Your dog doesn’t like getting tanned. He probably doesn’t even know what tanning is in the first place. With summer at its peak, you don’t need any sunscreen lotion for your dog. All you need is to keep him away from this humid climate and protect his health.

We know its not at all okay to leave a dog in a parked car with heat soaring above. No…not even for a few minutes!!! There are healthy ways to keep the precious pets comfortable and cool. For instance, many pet owners use special cooling mats for dogs. They also keep their dogs in an air-conditioned room to prevent any heat instances.

BEWARE that heat stroke in dogs is a serious health issue and is absolutely unpredictable. Certain breeds such as English bulldogs are currently at a high risk of overheating themselves. This means that you need to take extra steps to maintain the cool when the temperature rises. Dogs that have short to average snouts need special attention. Even weak or older dogs need to be at your attention at all time. Note that overweight dogs also tend to suffer from heat related problems.

DOGS DO NOT COOL THEMSELVES BY SWEATING. So make sure to take vital steps to safeguard their health.

Quick Tips For Natural Protection Of Dogs From Heat

Heat stroke can be potentially harmful. So watch out for any signs of trouble. Seek medical attention if you suspect anything weird behavior in your pet. Now understand that I am not a professional vet, so what I am sharing are just suggestions.

Your Vet can provide you with more info on how to keep your pet safe during summer. He or she may have more tips to offer than what I am providing here. So I encourage you to work in sync with your pet’s healthcare practitioner.

  • Air conditioning for dogs – if you are a working mom and are leaving your dog alone, switch on your air conditioner while you are gone. This is something inevitable as your dog does not have the patience or the body to tolerate scorching heat. This is must if you are growing a high risk breed such as English bulldog.
  • Early morning walks – Dogs need exercise as well. But taking them out when the sun is tempered can be risky. Best time is morning session when he can easily take a stroll or run around the neighborhood. Even early evening is okay.
  • Keep him hydrated – if you are keeping your pet outside (i.e. a doghouse), make sure he is staying in the shade. If you are going to be away from home, make sure you are using water dispenser to keep him hydrated.
  • Dog pool – consider building a small dog pool in your yard so that your dog can cool himself when need arises.
  • Dog grooming session – if your dog is sporting long hairs, then consider giving his fur a good cut. Keep it short enough to provide relief from heat. However make sure it is long enough to prevent any sunburn.
  • Cooling pad for dogs – a short term cooling solution, these pads have internal cooling mechanism that ease down the humid temperature in your dogs. Many come with non-toxic cooling gel that will keep the body for many hours. They do not work on electricity so your pet and can be kept indoors as well.
  • Check your dog’s temperature – some vets ask you to regularly check your pet’s temperature. There are special thermometers designed for animals.
  • Bath your dog – Give your dog a good sponge bath regularly with cool water to ward off heat.
  • Beware of grooming cage – recently there was a news that a dog died from heatstroke after being left unattended in the groomer drying cage. After this incident, more attention are made by many groomers and pet owners. However there was an article that mentioned that groomers nowadays do not use heat dryers. A heat dryer in a enclosed cage can be dangerous. If you are taking your dog for grooming in hot climate make sure to first enquire about the drying process.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion in dogs

Heat stroke can be quite dangerous. If you notice any of the symptoms, take steps to cool your dog and take him to vet ASAP. Since this is a medical emergency make sure to take immediate steps.

  • increased or rapid panting
  • body temperature exceeding 103 degree F
  • bright red tongue
  • discoloration of gums (bright red or pale)
  • fumbled walking
  • general weakness
  • drooling
  • difficulty in waking up

If you see any of the above signs and suspect that heat is the cause, seek immediate medical attention for your dog.

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