Proin Drops for Dog Urinary Infections

Proin Drops is a supplemental product used for dog urinary inconvenience. It is an oral adrenergic agent that is safe for the dogs. It comes in vanilla flavor and is easy to administer. This needs a veterinarian prescription to be able to purchase. Relieving many urinary tract infections and other urinary discomforts is well-known. It is a well-known “puddle” control in dogs. Proin is considered as a restricted material in Oregon and Arkansas, and hence it is impossible to ship to those areas. Keep in mind Proin dosage for Dogs is as per your pet’s weight and age and you are on your way to get a healthy pet.

 Proin Drops Ingredients

The active ingredient is Phenylpropanolamine HCL. It is useful in dogs for long-term management of urinary incontinence conditions. This drug improves the tone of the urethra and the bladder neck.

PROIN Chewable Tablets
It is liver flavored for easy administration & can be given as a treat.

Directions for use – Proin liquid drops for dogs dosage

Administering Proin dose for dogs is easy. Just mix them with your pet’s food or water. The quantity of the doses will be as per the veterinarian instructions considering the pet’s requirement. Proin Drops for dogs dosage is reduced regularly as the dog’s health is stabilized. In case of missing a dosage do not hesitate to give it immediately; otherwise, the problem may reappear soon. You can skip that does only if it is already time for the next regular dose. Never give two doses at the same time.


Store it in a tight, childproof container. Keep it away from light and heat in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Exposure to direct sunlight or heat can decrease the potency and do not refrigerate. Keep it safe from children.

Precautions & Proin Drug Interactions

Proin for dogs dosage should NOT be used on pets suffering from glaucoma, diabetes, overactive thyroid, prostate disease, heart disease or high blood pressure.  If your pet has experienced side-effects like digestive upset, liver or kidney disease, or other medical problems and allergies, then we should consult the veterinarian immediately. Do not administer to pregnant or nursing pets. The pet might show restlessness and irritability, urine retention or high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and also the loss of appetite on higher doses.

Interactions may occur with beta-blockers, halogenated painkilling agents, non-steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, a few antidepressants. Do not use this for two weeks of using MAO inhibitors. Do not take it with multiple medications. If the pet shows any strange reactions, or the condition does not improve or in case worsens the situation, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Proin for dogs dosage should be given only for the particular condition for which it was prescribed and never to be given without the veterinarian’s advice.

Proin Drops side effects

Proin side effects in dogs are one of the most sensitive subjects because of its active component called phenylpropanolamine. Though this medication alleviates the condition regarding urinary incontinence, we cannot shrug off the possibility of side effects. This is one of the reasons it is best for the pet owners to consult the Vet before ingesting Proin drops to prevent Proin side effects in dogs.

Some of the Proin side effects in dogs seen are

  • Restlessness or irritability – During treatment, your pet may seem to be unusually irritable or restless. This is one of the Proin side effects in dogs where you have to take him for an extra walk more than necessary to eliminate excess energy. This side effect can make your dog unable to sleep or get tired. This is temporary and will alleviate by the end of treatment.
  • High blood pressure or raised heart rate – Another in the section of Proin side effects in dogs is the high heart rate and hypertension which is a condition due to the underlying reason called high blood pressure levels. If your dog is suffering from these symptoms, make sure to meet a Vet as soon as possible.
  • Lack of appetite – Appetite loss is one of the default side effects seen when your pet is consuming Proin. If your dog is undergoing treatment, then he won’t touch the bowl even if it’s his favorite food.
  • Allergic reactions – Last on the list of Proin side effects in dogs is allergic reactions to the contents of Proin. It is better not to use this treatment if your pet has a history of allergy. Not understanding the product completely and using can cause fatal internal injuries to your pet. Some of the symptoms known are seizures, facial swelling, difficulty in breathing, fatigue and many more. Take your pet to the Vet without a second thought.

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