Pro Pectalin Anti-Diarrhea Gel Tablets For Dogs And Cats

Pets are so trusting that they are willing to eat whatever you give them or they consider edible in your home. Sometimes, the things they pick up can mess with their bellies and put them in discomfort.

My dog Shell was constantly in pain as a result of the bouts of diarrheal she always had. I could not stand seeing her uncomfortable, and in pain; I just knew I had to find a solution to that, hence my search for anti-diarrhea tablets.

Looking back now, I wish I had come across Pro Pectalin Anti-Diarrhea Gel Tablets for Dogs and Cats to help Shell out.

Things To Consider Before Buying Anti-Diarrheal Tablets For Your Pet

Diarrhea can be a serious problem for pets, and it’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure your pet stays healthy. The last thing you want to do is run to the store for any over-the-counter medication.

Before you do that, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Different animals require different types of medication, so ensure you buy the correct product.
  • You need to make sure that the tablet is safe for your pet. Some pets may have an adverse reaction to a particular type of tablet, so it is important to do your research before you buy.
  • The age of your pet must be put into consideration. For example, a senior dog might not react to medication the same way a puppy would. Hence, assumptions should be avoided.
  • It is important you check out the active ingredients contained in the tablets. Some ingredients are more effective than others at stopping diarrheal.
  • Not all diarrhea is created equal. There are different causes of diarrhea, and each type may require a different medication.

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Pro Pectalin Anti-Diarrhea Gel Tablets For Dogs And Cats

If you have embarked on your search for diarrheal relief for your dog or cat like I did, you might want to consider Pro Pectalin anti-diarrheal gel tablets.

Pro Pectalin anti-diarrheal gel tablets are an over-the-counter anti-diarrheal medication for dogs and cats. It is most commonly used to treat acute diarrhea but can also be helpful in prophylactic situations (i.e., prior to a known event that might cause diarrhea, such as a trip to the beach or park). The medication comes in a chewable tablet form and is available without a prescription.

The amazing part is that the tablets are beef-flavored, and can be used for all ages, including puppies and kittens. Pro Pectalin gel for dogs dosage include: 

  • For dogs 10 lbs and under: 1 cc
  • For dogs 11 – 30 lbs: 3 cc
  • For dogs 31 – 60 lbs: 5 cc
  • For dogs 61 lbs and over: 8 cc

Pro Pectalin anti-diarrheal gel tablets contain 3 key ingredients:

  • Kaolin absorbs water and excess bacteria to help soothe irritated intestines.
  • Pectin absorbs water, helps firm stool, and provides relief from the loose stool.
  • Enterococcus faecium, is a beneficial bacteria that restores normal bacteria


  • Due to its gel-like nature, It is a good choice for those who have difficulty giving their pet medicine in pill form.
  • The gel tablets are made with kaolin and pectin. This helps to reduce the amount of diarrhea your pet experiences.
  • Pro Pectalin anti-diarrhea gel tablets are an over-the-counter medication, so it’s easy to find.
  • The tablets are also coated with a flavor that most pets seem to like, making them easier to administer.


  • It is not for pregnant or nursing pets
  • Constipation can be one of Pro Pectalin gel for dogs side effects
  • There is the potential for side effects like constipation
  • The tablets could interact with other medications or supplements the animal is taking.
 How long can a dog stay on Pro-Pectalin

Pro Pectalin Anti-Diarrhea Gel Tablets For Dogs And Cats Features And Benefits

Pro Pectalin Anti-Diarrhea Gel Tablets for Dogs and Cats have features that make them unique. Some of which include:

The Tablets Are Chewable and flavored

The tablets come in a chewable form that is easy for pets to swallow. This makes it easier to administer it to your dog or cat. You can even decide to give it to yourself and mix it along with the food you give to your pet. The tablets are also beef-flavored, which makes it difficult for your pet to refuse.

One of its active ingredients is pectin.

The active ingredient in Pro Pectalin is pectin, which helps to bind the water in the intestine and form a gel. This gel absorbs the excess water in the intestine, which helps to stop the diarrheal. Pectin also helps to soothe the intestine and reduce inflammation.

Pro Pectalin Tablets Are Effective

Pro Pectalin anti-diarrhea gel tablets are a fast, effective way to stop diarrhea in dogs and cats. The tablets work by forming a protective barrier around the intestines, which helps to stop the flow of intestinal contents. This also allows the body to absorb more water and nutrients, which can help to speed up the healing process.

You don’t even have to worry about giving your dog or cat pro-Pectalin on an empty stomach; you just have to make sure the tablet is given every 8 hours, or as directed by your vet.


Homeopet Digestive Upsets

Homeopet Digestive Upsets is a liquid formula that may reduce discomfort and provide temporary relief from minor digestive problems such as vomiting, bad breath, nausea, diarrheal, constipation, flatulence, and retained gas.

Unlike Pro pectin, Homeopet is:

  • Not specific to dogs and cats, it can be used for other pets
  • In liquid form, and not in any tablet or gel form
  • The relief it provides to the pet is temporary
  • It is good for mild issues, and not acute diarrhoeal

Click here to check out its features

Endosorb tablets

Endosorb tablets work by helping to absorb toxins and toxic material in your pet’s gut, easing the discomfort, cramps, and other unpleasant signs associated with diarrheal and other minor intestinal discomforts.

Unlike Pro pectin, Endosorb is:

  • In tablet form and not gel-like
  • In an easy oral tablet
  • The tablet is not flavored

Click here to check out its features

Wellnergy Pets Anti-diarrhea

Wellnergy Pet anti-diarrhea for dogs and cats is a liquid that provides quick relief to an upset digestive system. It contains two active ingredients, which include Kaolin to help soothe irritated intestines, and pectin, which provides relief from the loose stool.

Unlike Pro pectin, Wellnergy pets anti-diarrhea is:

  • In liquid form
  • Not flavored

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Dealing with diarrhea in your pet can be quite unpleasant, both for you and your pet. Hence the need to see to it that it is taken care of.

Pro Pectalin Anti-Diarrhea Gel Tablets for Dogs and Cats contain key active ingredients needed to tackle diarrhea, which makes them suitable for your dog or cat. Don’t forget it has a gel-like form which makes it easier for you to administer to your dog.

In a bid to ensure that your pet is alright, make sure you don’t administer a pro-Pectalin tablet overdose. Although your pet may not experience any ill effects, it is still advisable you don’t.

If you are on the path to finding a solution for your pet’s diarrhea issue, then click on this link to check out the product.

Is pro pectalin safe for puppies?

Absolutely! Pro Pectalin is safe for puppies. Pro Pectalin can be used for dogs up to 10lbs. Please consult your Veterinarian if there is no improvement after the application of the product.

How long does it take for pro Pectalin gel to work?

Pro-Pectalin works with your pet's body to provide quick relief, promote bowel function, and soothe upset in the digestive system. Improvements should be seen within a day or two of use, but it is necessary to continue administration of the product until clinical signs of the ailment stop.

Do I need a prescription for Pro-Pectalin?

Pro- Pectalin can be purchased from any Veterinary Pharmaceutical outlet, online, and at the local pet store. No prescription is needed for Pro-Pectalin. It is however important to adhere to the instructions on the label as well as seek the counsel of your Veterinarian as you purchase the product.

How long can a dog stay on Pro-Pectalin?

The administration of Pro-Pectalin should be done as per the instructions by the manufacturer. Pro-Pectalin can b given to pets for a prolonged time in cases of serious digestive issues such as colitis. However, consult your veterinarian for further advice on the administration of medications.

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