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Popantel tapeworm tablets For Dogs

The worms or the intestinal parasites in dogs has been an age-old problem for the pets as well as for the owners. These parasites are discreet that they can really hide inside the pets for long before showing any kind of symptoms. They could actually come to a balance inside the host’s body that they can very well be part of the dog’s life. For any reason when the population of the worms increases beyond control, they are visible to the naked eye in the dog’s stool or the pet shows some other symptoms of discomfort. This is when we might really know that the pet is in a problem. Popantel Allwormer tablets are to treat the

Treatment For Worms in Dogs

gastrointestinal worms in dogs.

Benefits of Popantel Allwormer tablets for Dogs

  • Popantel Allwormer tablets are effective for all sorts of worm infestation in the dogs.
  • The oral tablets are easy to administer.
  • It is safe to be used on all dogs regardless of the age.
  • The Popantel tablets are available according to the body weight of the dog. The dogs need different tablets according to their weight.
  • It is safe for young puppies, breeding dogs, pregnant dogs, studs, old dogs etc.
  • Popantel works better when used with other preventive measures and treatments for tick and flea.

Ingredients of Popantel tablets

Popantel tablets are made of praziquantel 200 mg, oxantel embonate 2168 mg and pyrantel embonate 572 mg.

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Dosage of Popantel for Dogs 40Kg

The dosage of Popantel for dogs is single tablet per time. The tablets are given not on daily basis but at regular intervals. The treatment time varies with the initial period and also continued dosage. It also depends on the age of the dog.

Puppies are dewormed from the 2nd week onwards till 12 weeks. Thereafter, the dosage is once a month and later to one in 3 months. For an adult dog, the treatment is in every 3 months. The breeding dogs are given the tablet 10 days prior to whelping and then 2-4 weeks after.

The dosage also differs with the type of worm or parasite.

  • The roundworms are treated as mentioned above.
  • Whipworms are treated in 6-8 weeks once the dog is of 3 months or above in age.
  • Hydatid tapeworms: The dogs in the vulnerable areas should be treated with Popantel every 6 weeks. Other types of tapeworms should be treated along with the treatment for the flea.

The Popantel tablets for dogs 40 kg are available in containers of 50 tablets. The other available packs are for 10 kg weight coming in packs of 4 tablets or 100 tablets.

4 tablets of the 10 kg dose equal to that of a single tablet of 40 kg. One needs to adjust the dosage accordingly. Once the dog has reached maturity, the easy way to have the tri-monthly treatment is with the smallest pack of 4 tablets. This pack is the single dose for 3 months.

Popantel bottle should be stored at room temperature. It should be kept away from heat. There is no need to refrigerate the bottle.


Dogs above the age of 2 weeks can use the Popantel tablets to deal with the parasitic worms. It should be given to the dogs with the supervision of the vet to avoid any allergic reactions. The ingredients of the tablets could have some kind of allergy to certain dogs so care must be taken. It would be ideal start treating the worms from the young age to have the dogs a better stand against the parasites.

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