Life Gold is a dog cancer support formula which helps in improving the quality of life for dogs suffering from cancer. As in humans, the exact causes of dog cancer are not always known. Dog cancer is considered to be partly genetic and other prominent factors may include poor diet, polluted air or water, age and stress. Cancer damages the immune system and weakens their body’s natural ability to fight these cancerous cells. Life Gold is an all-natural extract engineered using herbs from around the world.

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Life Gold helps in managing the symptoms of canine cancer effectively. Life Gold provides an effective support for the suppressed immune system for dogs during the phases of cancer and promotes long-term health. Life Gold also provides anti-oxidant protection as the dogs at this phase are at risk for the increased effects of oxidative damage. Life Gold helps in ensuring that the dog body’s vital systems of detoxification like liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and bowel are working well. The natural herbs in Life Gold help in addressing the lymphatic system also.

Life Gold – Dog Cancer Support provides support for antioxidant function in the body and may reduce free radical damage. Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable molecules that are produced in the body naturally as a byproduct of metabolism (oxidation). Free radicals are also produced by exposure to toxins in the environment such as tobacco smoke, ultraviolet light, herbicides and toxic chemicals like household cleaners and pollution. These unstable, unpaired electron molecules try to stabilize themselves by trying to bind with another electron and this process may cause damage to DNA and other parts of the body cells. This damage may even lead to the development of cancer. Life Gold’s antioxidant support neutralizes these free radicals by stabilizing them and also reduces oxidative stress.

Life Gold – Dog Cancer Support, an all-natural herbal support for dog cancer, is engineered from organically grown and wild-harvested herbs. The goal of the company is to bring wisdom and experience of the caring holistic veterinarians to the pets. The company’s aim is to produce the best products for the pets and the same vision has been incorporated in the production of Life Gold – Dog Cancer Support formula.

Life Gold is a liquid herbal medicine for supporting the dogs that are suffering from cancer. Life Gold helps in improving the immune system functioning and supports all the vital systems. It makes sure that all the scavenger free radicals are eliminated and acts as an anti-oxidative to protect the healthy tissues. BY protecting the tissues a long term health is supported for a longer life for the dogs.



Life Gold can be easily administered directly into the dog’s mouth, with the help of a dropper. They must be willing to take it orally since it is added with bacon flavor. If the dog is not willing to have it orally Life Gold can be conveniently added into his/her food or water. Life Gold is formulated with six herbs and a mushroom.

  • Inonotus obliquus – Chaga mushroom is known to cure cancer. It is an anti-oxidant that helps in boosting the immune system as well. It is also beneficial for treating stomach problems, TB, other cardio vascular diseases etc.
  • Blessed Thistle herb: This is a restorative herb that has cleansing and detoxifying capabilities. The anti oxidative property helps in cell regeneration.
  • Burdock root: Burdock is used for many ailments and one of them is cancer. It can stimulate the appetite and taking more food can strengthen the weak body of the dog that is attacked by cancer.
  • Red Clover Flowering herb: The extract of the flowers are used as cancer preventive and is rubbed on to the skin for skin cancer. This is also an appetite enhancer and a blood purifier and is able to remove toxins from the blood.
  • Sheep Sorrel herb: This is another herb that is been used to treat cancer and can reduce mucous formation. It is also a detoxifier for the whole body.
  • Slippery Elm: The inner bark is used in Life Gold and the extracts are capable of absorbing toxins and its anti-oxidant property makes it nutritious.
  • Turkey Rhubarb root: This herb helps in normalizing the bowel movement to ensure that more unwanted chemicals and toxins are excreted regularly. It helps in eliminating indigestion, stomach pain etc and gives a soothing relief to the body.

Life Gold is a 100% natural product for dog cancer support. Life Gold helps in managing the symptoms of cancer in dogs and thus re-establishes the essence of a healthy, vibrant life. Dog Cancer is common in older dogs, over the age of 10. The canine cancer is dangerous and deadly, but it is curable if found at the early stages. Life Gold for dogs, an herbal formula may help the pain of dog cancer symptoms. Life Gold helps in supporting the immune system, detoxification and promotes long-term health.

Life Gold is an all-natural, herbal dog cancer remedy. Dog cancer is defined as abnormal cell growth. The canine cancer affects different parts of the dog body. The cancerous cells follow a pattern of continuous growth and form tumors. Cancer is a deadly disease and 50% of the dogs die from the disease. This is mostly seen in older dogs over the age of 10. The precise cause of cancer is unknown. Partly it is considered as genetic and other major contributors are poor diet, food additives, polluted air or water, radiation, tobacco smoke, herbicides, household cleaners, pesticides etc. All these factors can damage the dog’s immune system, weakening their body’s natural ability to fight cancerous cells.

Life Gold is a proprietary formula developed for dogs with cancer as it promotes immune system and provides anti-oxidant protection. The symptoms of cancer in dogs are weight loss, lack of appetite, abnormal swellings, offensive odor, wounds that do not heal, lethargy, changes in the bowel habits, difficulty in breathing, unwillingness to exercise etc. Life gold is the most powerful all natural, herbal supplement which helps in preventing dog cancer and reduces the side-effects associated with the conventional cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. The unique combination of organically, wild-harvested herbal ingredients in the Life Gold makes it an efficient product to fight against the free radicals damage and helps the body get rid of toxins. Life Gold provides support for anti-oxidant function in the body and reduces oxidative stress. It also purifies the liver and promotes long term health. Life Gold has been found effective for many types of dog cancer.

Life Gold is an herbal supplement, founded in 2001 with the goal of bringing wisdom and experience of the caring holistic veterinarians to the pets. Life Gold comes with a 90-day guarantee. Life Gold supports the pets’ long-term vitality.

If there is one dreaded disease among humans, its cancer. It’s the same when it comes to dogs too. Most pet owners think of putting their dogs down when they hear the dreaded word “cancer”. It’s natural that we do not want our pets to die a painful death and a putting them down seems to be the only sensible option. Consider one thing before you put your pet down. Is it really required? Is there an option to control the pain and slow down the cancer? Is there a way to extend your dog’s life by even a single day? A life is valuable, something we cannot give once taken. With that in mind, we also understand that costs for treating cancer is very high and not affordable for most people. Natural remedies can help you. Understanding cancer and its cause will help you decide on the kind of treatment you should go for.



Cancer is caused by carcinogens. Often these are the same chemicals which are used in our household, Some in our food and plenty other reasons. Dog foods are not tested for quality and is known for carcinogens in the content. Most dog foods are packed with chemicals, flavors and other ingredients which may taste good for your dogs but will create long term problems in them. Since the dog food itself is packed with these food, the first priority should be to remove these food from their diet. Replace them with any Natural diet or A raw diet. Medications will almost always help your dog but since your dog is suffering from cancer and most likely in a stage where the dogs are old, Chances of their immunity being high is rare. Treatment will prescription drugs will take a toll on their health and worsen the conditions. Chemotherapy and other medication weakens the dog, and is not recommended by most vets. Life gold For dogs is one of the few natural remedies which promises a longer life for your dog, Reducing pain in them and increasing immunity by providing a constant run of Organic and antioxidant contents. Buy Life gold for dogs cancer support now & check out the reviews before you decide on the treatment you would like to pursue for your dog.