Anal Gland impaction in Dogs

Pet Alive: AnalGlandz For dogs

PetAlive AnalGlandz For Dogs

PetAlive AnalGlandz For Dogs- Cleanses the anal area and reduces pain and swelling and assist in softening of hardened material to be expressed from the glands. 100 percent natural proven and safe herbal tincture for pets.

AnalGlandz dogs is a natural medicine which is mainly used topically to assist in the natural emptying of the anal glands in dogs. It is a very crucial process. Besides, AnalGlandz for dogs works as an aid for manually extracting the anal glands. Especially, during the grooming period of the animal. AnalGlandz dogs is an amazing product which helps in cleansing the anal area . Also helps in maintaining healthy glands.

What Are Anal Glands in Dogs & Its Role In The Body?

Anal glands or anal sacs as it is commonly known are two small glands which are present in dogs. The position of the glands is present below the anal opening. The glands are positioned at both sides of the opening. These glands release a substance which is secreted through the ducts when pressure is felt on the glands. This phenomenon mainly happens at the movement of the feces.

Anal glands can cause a lot of problems if it does not function properly. The secretions sometimes are not released, which in turn can lead to thickening of the secretion. Besides, clogging of the duct. This is the situation where dogs usually drag their behind along the floor for getting relief. Since, this is an attempt done by the dog to relieve the pressure and irritation of impacted anal glands. The process is known as scooting and is taken by the users as embarrassing. But, it’s true that your pet might be experiencing a great deal of irritation.

AnalGlandz dogs & Its Role & The Included Ingredients

AnalGlandz for dogs helps in the natural discharge of these secretions which helps the animals in having a smooth passage of feces. The ingredients in the mix are carefully selected for its healing ability and bringing relief to the animal suffering from the above said condition. These are the ingredients which are included in the mix for AnalGlandz dogs:

  • Stinging Nettle is an efficient element for the natural cleansing of the system. It is also good for soothing the secretion of the glands.
  • Dandelion is a known herbal cleanser which is used all over the world. Dandelion also helps in the cleansing of skin and helps in the expelling of toxins from the body.
  • Chamomile is a herb that is used for gentle cleansing and for creating a soothing feel to the glands.
  • Yarrow is good for supporting the health of the skin around the anal glands. Since, it can get damaged by the process of the scooting.

Dosage & Directions

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The dosage of Pet Alive AnalGlandz is 5-10 drops in one fourth cup of warm water. First of all, the suggested application of the remedy is through clean cotton swab. Soak this swab in the made mix. Then, apply it with a gentle pressure over the glands. This dosage should be administered twice a week for efficient recovery. For furthermore efficient recovery this can be clubbed with Pet Alive Natural Moves for Pets . It is an excellent support for the functions of AnalGlandz.

In conclusion, Pet Alive is one of the best natural medicine providers of pets. All Pet Alive medicines are manufactured in FDA approved facilities. Thus making the medicines high in quality and pure. In short, AnalGlandz dogs is one such product with 100 percent natural ingredient s which makes it side effects free and heals the problem in a natural way.

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