Pet Acne Clear For Dogs

Pet Acne Clear is a natural product involving all herbal and homeopathic ingredients. It is used to cure acne and all the symptoms related to it. Being a natural product the Pet Acne Clear is free from all chemicals and there are no side effects or drug reactions reported by the users.

Acne problems affects the dogs too like the humans and the technology has advanced in developing products for treating acne problems in dogs. One such product marketed by the PetAlive is the Pet Acne Clear.

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Pet Acne Clear is a natural product involving all herbal and homeopathic ingredients. It is used to cure acne and all the symptoms related to it. The ingredients included also helps the Pet Acne Clear to treat pustules, eruptions and lesions and for promoting the health and look of the skin. This product is available in the form of a spray and is one of the most effective products for promoting clear skin in the dogs.

Being a natural product the Pet Acne Clear is free from all chemicals and there are no side effects or drug reactions reported by the users. All these products are manufactured in highly technically qualified laboratories with staff that are high medically qualified.

Pet Acne Clear – The Ingredients

There are active and inactive ingredients involved in the formulation of Pet Acne Clear for dogs. Equal volumes of all the ingredients in the potencies of 12X, 30X and LM1 in pure water base are included in the solution mix. The active ingredients are:

  • Antimonium Tartaricum – This homeopathic ingredient has the power to cure pustular eruptions and pustular acne. Apart from these the Antimonium Tart is also good for relieving chest congestions and cough wheeze or rattle. A proper breathing pattern is allowed for with proper discharge of the mucus and relieving the chest and lung symptoms.
  • Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum – This is an effective ingredient used in the Pet Acne Clear as it has the properties to cure the abscesses and relieve the different kinds of suppurative conditions. You can also get rid of the acne, pus filled spots, boils and ulcers occurring on the skin of your dog. The cysts and gland infections can be solved.
  • Kali Bromatum – Kali Bromatum is good for curing acne on the face of the dog. Other cures of this ingredient is relieving the itchiness on the chest, shoulders, face and other parts of the dog, soothing the eruptions from acne and pustular and also reducing all other types of pustules. Though Kali Bromatum is used for acne, just like potash salts, it can weaken the heart and lower temperature. So make sure you induce this product after proper no from Vet.
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Other Ingredients

  • Natrum Muriaticum – Natrum Muriaticum is a homeopathic ingredient extracted from salt and has number of medicinal benefits. An imbalance in the water levels of the dogs can be solved along with the dry eruptions, fever blisters, acne eruptions that take place. The greasy and oil content on the hairy parts of the dogs are also relieved.
  • Sulphur – Sulphur is a valuable compound for relieving all the skin problems faced by the dogs. The problems of acne, itchy skin, dry skin, fleas, skin infections, abscesses and so on can be cured easily and this ingredient increases the benefits provided by the Pet Acne Clear. It is also good for treating kidney failure issues, fevers, infections, digestive disorders, nasal discharger, diarrhea and so on.

Inactive ingredients: Citric acid, potassium sorbate and purified water.

Pet Acne Clear – The Usage

The Pet Acne Clear comes in liquid form and this solution can be sprayed either directly to the mouth of the infected dog or add them into their food contents. These two ways are explained as below:

  • Before using the spray pump should be depressed until primed. Then the spray should be held close to the mouth of the dog and sprayed directly into. This should be done three times a day until the symptoms are reduced.
  • Another method is to spray the Pet Acne Clear solution on to the food or water the dog eats. This too should be done three times a day.

Pet Acne Clear – The Dosage

The dosage level of Pet Acne Clear given to the different sizes of dogs varies. This is because the need and requirements of the dogs with different body weight are different. This solution can be given to dog of all ages too. The dosage levels are mentioned below:

  • Dog who weighs less than 20 lbs should be given 2 sprays of the Pet Acne Clear.
  • For dog who weigh between 20 lbs to 50 lbs should be given 3 sprays of the Pet Acne Clear.
  • Dog who weigh over 50 lbs should be given 4 sprays of the Pet Acne Clear.

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