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Is Peppermint Oil Safe For Dogs?

Long ago I have heard stories from my grandma about how she lived in a village and how things worked out there. I have been born and brought up in a metropolitan city that I have no clue how a village life would be.

Now take the case of my pooch he really haven’t seen a dozen of plants as I stay in an apartment where only concrete buildings can be seen far to the farthest. Okay you might be wondering why am talking nonsense when the question posed above is about peppermint oil and its safety.

So the basic thing I want to point out is most of the wild dogs, or animals that lived in natural conditions knew about the use of certain plants and their healing capabilities. My grandma used to say that dogs used to chew certain leaves that helped them to deal with indigestion problems. Basically god created plants with encoded DNA’s that they had every bit of information to cure and heal problems in both men and animals equally.

Both animals and humans knew the importance of natural herbs in the process of evolution but somehow pet animals have lost that instinct. So it is our duty to introduce natural herbs and essential oils to pet animals to treat commonly found ailments rather than relying on medications.

Peppermint oil is natural oil that is derived from the plant peppermint which is hybrid variety of both spearmint and watermint. Like every essential oil peppermint oil is safe for dogs but with certain conditions and precautions to be considered always.

If you are using this oil for the first time for your dog then better introduce the oil by letting your pooch to smell it. Let it smell the oil and get acquainted for some time and watch for signs like whether he wants to lick the oil or trying to move back. If he doesn’t like it then take it real slow and never apply any essential oil on the nose.

Pepper mint oil is a strong essential oil that can be hazardous if ingested in large dozes in the case of dogs but why would anyone provide high doses so there is nothing to be worried. In other words I would say peppermint oil is a must to have in stock if you own a dog as it has hell a lot of health benefits.

Here Are A Few Health Benefits That You Can Derive Using Peppermint Oil

  • It helps to keep your pooch’s bad breath under control
  • Helps to fight indigestion problems and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • When your dog is overheated this essential oil can help to cool him.
  • It acts as an analgesic and treats small injuries
  • It is a first-class moisturizer for both skin and his shiny coat
  • If you want to get rid of insects, flea, ticks and mites from his body then this oil is the best thing you can hire to do the job.
  • This essential oil also contains anti-spasmodic abilities that it helps in blood circulation.
  • It helps to treat arthritis pain in elderly dogs and also treats motion sickness.

Precautions To Be Followed While Using Peppermint Oil

  • Always use only a tiny drop of this oil as large dozes are generally not prescribed. It would also be good to use other ingredients along with it to reduce its strong flavor.
  • Avoid using this in small pups as it has strong aroma
  • Never apply or use this oil undiluted and it is better not to use during breastfeeding or while pregnancy.

Conclusion: Like every essential oil peppermint oil is safe for dogs but always keep in mind that not only peppermint but any medicine given in large doses can be dangerous. But on the whole natural medicines work better if taken in right quantities.

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