Relieving Digestive Disorders In Dogs – All That You Need To Know About Digestive Problems

Have you noticed a sudden change in your pet’s eating habits? Is he not eating as much as he used to? Did your vet say that he is having digestive problems and are you looking for a natural solution to get rid of it? Then this one’s for you. Your pet can experience upset tummy for a wide variety of reasons. Digestive problems in dogs are often developed from their eating habits as dogs eat anything. Diarrhea and vomiting in dogs are some of the commonly seen symptoms but apart from these, peptic ulcers, colitis, IBD, IBS, rumbling in the stomach, watery stools are also common symptoms of GI problems in dogs.


All Natural Remedy for Diarrhea in Dogs and cats. Safe and no side effects

Recommended Digestive Products for Dogs

Dog’s Digestive System

A dog’s digestive system comprises of the stomach, pancreas, liver and intestines. These organs play a significant role in the general functioning of the body. The digestive system along with enzymes and the body’s own benefiting bacteria, work together to transform food into energy and healthy tissue.

A healthy dog will have a good gastrointestinal tract that works properly. He will also have a fresh breath, a good appetite, firm stools, less flatulence and tonnes of energy. But when the gastro intestinal tract and digestive organs become compromised, the result can be diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), flatulence and other disorders.

Don’t worry. Many digestive disorders are temporary and can resolved themselves in a day or two. In other cases, where parasites, bacteria, food allergies or other food sensitivities can harm your pet and result in digestive health concerns thereby making him take supplements.

All Natural Remedy for Diarrhea in Dogs and cats. Safe and no side effects

To get sudden instant relief, many dog owners go for probiotics, digestive enzymes and other nutrients. But I would suggest you to try something at your home so that he can be kept safe from any of these formulated medicines. In this article you will come to know about

  • Digestive system in dogs
  • Causes of digestive problems
  • Signs and symptoms of stomach disorders in dogs
  • How to prevent digestive disorders in dogs
  • Natural home remedies for digestive issues in dogs
  • Summary/ conclusion

How Does Your Dog Get Digestive Problems? – Causes

Your pooch eating spoiled food – this can be caused by toxic molds, or bacteria such as E-coli and salmonella. This happens when food is contaminated by unwashed foods and sits at room temperature for too long. Even the leftovers sitting in the refrigerator for longer than 3 days when given to your dog can cause him upset tummy.

  • Allergic reaction – allergic to certain food or preservatives can result in rashes, hives, diarrhea.
  • Eating high-fat rich foods – this can upset your dog’s gall bladder or pancreas and cause vomiting or bloody diarrhea.
  • Over-eating
  • Eating when stressed – a slight environmental change can itself create stress in your pet‘s mind. You can minimize stress in your pet by keeping his routine diet consistent as possible.
  • Foreign body obstruction – your dog eats anything and everything, from small toys to plastic bags. This is why the chances of getting food poison is high in your dog. Occasionally these objects can cause damage or obstruct the digestive tract, leading to vomiting and surgery to correct.

All Natural Remedy for Diarrhea in Dogs and cats. Safe and no side effects

Symptoms Of Canine Digestive Problems

There are a wide range of symptoms associated with canine digestive disorders. Here are some of the commonly seen signs

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Unexplained weight loss, usually resulting in diarrhea or vomiting. Your pooch will gain weight when the digestive system becomes healthy. But still if he keeps losing weight, your vet should find other causes.

Change in the stools.

  • mucus indicates an imbalance in the colon
  • large volume of stools indicate improper absorption of nutrients
  • yellow or orange stools indicate an imbalance
  • gray stools indicate liver problems
  • black stools indicate bleeding in the upper part of the intestinal tract

Excessive gas or rumbling in the stomach

Least interested in eating

All Natural Remedy for Diarrhea in Dogs and cats. Safe and no side effects

Worsening Symptoms

If you find your furry friend experiencing any of these symptoms, take him to the vet immediately

  • Blood in your dog’s poo
  • Dry heaves
  • Excessive panting or shaking
  • Dehydration from vomiting or diarrhea
  • Inability to keep water down

How To Avoid Stomach Problems? – Preventive Measures

  • Avoid feeding your dog with any of the following leftovers from a party
  • Processed meats – avoid giving him sausage, spam, dried fish, jerky or meat
  • Sweets – cake, cream pies or ice cream
  • Rich foods – that are gravy or sauce including mayonnaise
  • Avoid feeding dog food that has been there in the fridge for more than 3 days
  • Don’t over feed meats and treats.
  • Make sure you do not give snacks that have a dressing, gravy or mayonnaise sauce.
  • Do not play with your pet just after he had meals. Wait for at least 45 minutes for the food to digest.
  • Avoid feeding off the table. Treating your pet with heavy foods can take so much of time to digest. Stick on to vegetables and dog treats and limit meat to less than 10% of the diet.
  • Avoid foreign body obstruction. As mentioned above, foreign parties can enter into your pooch’s body to hamper the normal functioning of the digestive system. One way to prevent this from happening is to provide your pet with toys that are pet safe.
  • Stress is on reason why your dog gets upset tummy. You can minimize your pet’s stress by keeping his routine as consistent as possible. If this is unavoidable, you can use a natural pheromone diffuser or spray such as D.A.P to help him feel more comfortable.
  • Use a coating agent to slow down diarrhea and prevent your pet from dehydrating. Replacing good bacteria in the intestinal tract with probiotics will help regain normal gut flora.

All Natural Remedy for Diarrhea in Dogs and cats. Safe and no side effects

Home Remedies For Digestive Problems In Dogs

Baking soda water: Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 cup of water. Give a little bit of this mixture to your pet every 2 hours. When his vomiting stops, follow this up with a little bit of ginger.

Ginger tea: As we drink ginger tea for getting relief from vomiting and upset tummy, same can be used for dogs. Grate 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger root or use 1 teaspoon of ginger powder and gently sum it with 1/2 cup of coconut milk for about 10 minutes. Store this in a glass mug for easy use. Give 1 to 3 teaspoons every 1-2 hours

Cooked white rice in canned coconut milk: This is a home remedy for dogs with diarrhea. Take 1 cup of cooked white rice and 1/4 cup of canned coconut milk. Give 1-2 tablespoons every 3-4 hours for small-sized dogs. Give 1/2 cup of this mixture every 3-4 hours for medium sized dogs and 1 cup every 3-4 hours for large dogs.


You can keep an emergency kit for your pet so that next time you find him upset with his tummy, you can take care of it. Coconut milk, coconut juice, ginger powder, white rice, thermometer, probiotics, baking soda, some paper towels and pee pads.

Although digestive problems are a part of life, it shouldn’t be ignored. Early treatment will speed up your pet’s recovery and provide him with comfort and happiness.

Lung Gold For Dogs Lung Infections – Reviews

Is your pet struggling a lot with respiratory problems? Supply them with Lung gold for Dogs and Cats. You can feel the change.


Lung Gold For Dogs and Cats – natural respiratory support for pets

Lung gold natural pet respiratory support is a combination of vitamin C and natural herbal ingredients that are designed to build up a stronger and better immunity in the lower respiratory system. This formula will maintain healthy immunity in the lungs for both cats and dogs by boosting your pets natural resistance to fight against those harmful microorganisms that include – viruses, bacteria, and fungus that will lead to a situation that compromises the oxygenation of tissues and their breathing.

Lung Gold for dog lung infections and easy breathing. It helps in making an optimal respiratory function. Lung Gold enhances proper oxygenation and opens airways.

Pet Wellbeing Lung Gold for dogs respiratory problems

In which conditions should my pet use Lung Gold?

People use Lung gold mainly for maintaining the health of lower respiratory systems. If your pet is suffering from productive, shortness of breath, difficulty in exercise, difficulty in activities, wheezes. Few of the symptoms in the upper respiratory tract can be caused by:

  • Allergies
  • Parasites
  • Infections from viruses, bacterial and fungal

One of the primary conditions is bronchitis for which you can use Lung gold.

It is good to seek medical advice before using this for lung-related diseases.

Other Precautions to avoid Lung Infection in Dogs

As a pet owner, you have a lot to contribute to creating a better environment for your dog.

You should take care that they are free from indoor and outdoor toxins. Keep your surrounding and air quality as clean as possible. Provide proper ventilation for your dogs.

Take extra care and avoid situations where your dogs are riding back of a pickup truck where inhalation of fumes is heavy.

Lung Gold for dog lung infections and easy breathing. It helps in making an optimal respiratory function. Lung Gold enhances proper oxygenation and opens airways.

Does Lung Gold For Dogs really work? How is Lung Gold natural breathing support for dogs going to help my dog?

Lung gold is one of the products of pet wellbeing that helps dogs that are suffering from lung diseases and helps them to breathe easy. It will help them to boost the immune response to the lung function. It has the power to enhance proper oxygenation. It also aids to open the airways thereby creating an easy, unobstructed path for inhaling and exhaling. It also helps in productive coughs when all the above mechanisms work right for your dog, ultimately it will be free of lung infections and can breathe easy.

Lung Gold dosage for dog lung infections and easy breathing – Lung Gold directions/ instructions

Help your dog to administer the product orally two times daily. Supply your dog with one drop if the weights fall between 1-25 kg.

You don’t need to refrigerate this product.

Shake well before using lung gold.

Lung Gold For Dogs ingredients

All ingredients of Lung Gold are 100% natural and organically certified. The biochemical spectrum of the herbs is preserved to ensure the full potency of the extract.

  • Marshmallow root (Althaea Officinalis): help to soothe mucous membranes, mainly of the lungs, digestive tract and urinary tract. You can see this ingredient in many herbal formulas. It helps to treat lung infections with both dry and productive coughs.
  • Olive leaf (Olea europaea): its natural disease-resistant quality fights against parasitic infections. It is used to boost the immune response to lung infections and promotes easy breathing.
  • Usnea thallus (Usnea barbata): supports immunity and works well for maintaining strong immunity in the throat and lungs.
  • Pleurisy root (Asclepias tuberosa): used for lung infections like bronchitis, influenza, and pleurisy. Pleurisy root in Lung Gold stimulates the function of mucous surfaces.
  • Chinese Skullcap root (Scutellaria baicalensis): supports the nervous system and have a calming effect. The ingredient can maintain immunity and promote healthy lungs.
  • Coptis root (Coptis chinensis): contains berberine that possesses both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
  • Jujube fruit (Ziziphus jujube): Acts as a lung tonic and adds a nourishing component to Lung Gold. It increases stamina and strength. Jujube fruit in Lung Gold assists in maintaining a healthy immune system.
  • Osha root (Ligusticum porteri): used for respiratory infections. You can also use this ingredient for treating excess mucous production and increasing oxygenation.
  • Fresh Grindelia flower (Grindelia spp.): used primarily for lung infections. This ingredient of Lung Gold helps to conclude irritation and cough.

Lung Gold for dog lung infections and easy breathing. It helps in making an optimal respiratory function. Lung Gold enhances proper oxygenation and opens airways.

Lung Gold For Dogs and Cats precautions/ warnings

This product should not be used during pregnancy or nursing period.
If the animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, kindly consult your vet and rule out what’s going wrong.

  • Avoid using hypertensive drugs
  • Do not use this product, if your dog is going to be anesthetized- either local or general.
  • Keep this product out of reach of children.
  • This product is only for animal use. In case of accidental intake, do not wait for the symptoms to rise, meet a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Absorption of drugs taken along with lung gold will be delayed.
  • Avoid keeping the product along with other food products either in the kitchen nor your toilets.
  • Do not keep this product open for a longer period. After use, close the lid tightly.
  • Do not use expiry dated lung gold.
  • In case of an accidental overdose in dogs, consult a vet as soon as possible.

Lung Gold For Dogs and Cats customer reviews

The Lung Gold customer reviews were excellent to read. 100% of users had recommended the product to their friends. Lung Gold has received an average of 5-star rating from their customers. Here are some of the Lung gold reviews taken from Petwellbeing website.

Lung Gold for dogs and cats review 1: “Great product” says Lisa from San Jose, Ca.
Lisa had a pug who was suffering from congestive heart failure. It helped soothe his cough. Lisa recommends Lung Gold to her friends.

Lung Gold for dogs and cats review 2: “Great results” says Penny from Brookfield Ct
Penny’s dog has bronchi collapse. She was put on oral bronchodilator pills, with an inhaler. But they couldn’t find any results. After using Lung Gold, Penny found her pet didn’t show any symptoms of coughing and wheezing. She reduced the use of bronchodilator pills.

Lung Gold for dogs and cats review 3: “Really worked” says a user from Deland, Fl.
They had a Pommie girl who was under a cough and trachea and lung issues. They gave her Lung Gold. Lung Gold has worked well for her.

Lung Gold for dog lung infections and easy breathing. It helps in making an optimal respiratory function. Lung Gold enhances proper oxygenation and opens airways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Pet Wellbeing Lung Gold complaints?

There are complaints about Lung Gold as few pet owners felt that the product didn’t meet their expectations. Few pet owners even noticed side effects such as panting, alteration in heartbeat, etc.

What is the money-back guarantee of Lung Gold?

Lung gold comes with 90 days money back guarantee. In this case, if you are not happy, return and claim a refund.

How long will it take to act and improve my dog’s condition?

The result varies. However, the improvement will depend on the dog’s present condition and the inbuilt immunity power.

Can I use Lung Gold with other medications?

If your dog is already on a medication for lung disorder, kindly seek a vet and get their concern. Avoid using this product along with hypotensive drugs or before anesthesia.

How long will a bottle of Lung Gold last?

For a normal weighing dog, it will last for 23 days.

Where to buy Lung Gold for Dogs?

Lung Gold for cat and dog lung infection can be purchased directly from the official website. You can also visit the Amazon website for the same.

Is Lung gold for dogs shipped to the UK?

Yes, you can buy Lung Gold for dogs from or Petwellbeing website.

Is it safe to use Petwellbeing Lung Gold for dogs with lung infections?

Petwellbeing’s Lung Gold manufacturing facility is FDA registered. The company undertakes strict quality control procedures to continuously monitor each batch of products.

Is Lung Gold for dog lung infections vet approved?

Yes, Lung gold for a lung infection in dogs is designed by a team of holistic vets and professional medical therapists. Lung Gold is a Vet approved a natural solution for easy breathing in dogs.

Lung Gold for dog lung infections and easy breathing. It helps in making an optimal respiratory function. Lung Gold enhances proper oxygenation and opens airways.

Normal Dog Urine Ph – High Ph Vs Low Ph Problems

Urinary Gold is 100% safe and natural product from Petwellbeing. The product addresses different aspects of canine urinary tract health. This proprietary blend of natural ingredients help to maintain acid balance of the bladder. There will be a comfortable urinary excretion.


Urinary Gold For Dogs

Natural remedy is determined by various factors. One of the key factor is the Ph level in our urine. Dogs too have the same kind of organs we humans have. Thus, it’s noted that a Ph level of 5.5-7 is great and healthy among dogs. Usually, anything lower than 5.5 is considered acidic and anything higher is Alkaline. Moreover, extremes are considered bad and usually indicate some sort of ailments in dogs. If already not seen, you will see it in the near future. First of all, alkaline urine indicates that there is a lot of alkali in the blood stream which will result in Bladder stone and likes. First of all, Kidney failures are already one of the major concerns in dogs and a Ph level of anything greater than 7 will soon give heavy activity on the kidney and failure will be imminent.

Something important

Overall, treating Alkaline or Acidic nature of the body is entirely controlled by food. If your dog is having a nutritious food, chances are that your problems will soon disappear . For alkaline dogs, consider feeding more natural food with meat as a major part of its meal. First of all, meat is acidic and so are plenty of other food items. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best known remedies in treating a range of symptoms in dogs. Also it is a great way to improve the acid level in a dog’s body. A table spoon of ACV added to the dogs water bowl every day can solve the issue.

Acidity or Ph level below 5.5 is just as dangerous. Caused by excessive protein consumption. This can be controlled by limiting Meat and adding More vegetables like broccoli, carrot, beetroot and Cabbages to the dog’s diet. A Perfect diet for a dog will constitute of 60% meat and 40% vegetables.

Recommended Products for Urinary Support for dogs

Urinary gold for canine urinary tract health

To begin with, Urinary Gold is a natural support for treating canine urinary tract health. Besides, the ingredients of Urinary Gold support a healthy urinary tract and normal pH in the bladder. Petwellbeing Urinary Gold is formulated by a team of naturopaths and holistic vets. You can use Urinary Gold for your dogs to provide ongoing support. Moreover, the formula naturally maintains a healthy urinary tract. In short, Urinary Gold is designed to support both the normal pH and normal urinary immunity. If your dog needs his urinary tract to be maintained, then obviously Urinary Gold is recommended.

Urinary Gold ingredients – herbs of Urinary Gold

Urinary Gold is 100% safe and natural product from Petwellbeing. The product addresses different aspects of canine urinary tract health. This proprietary blend of natural ingredients help to maintain acid balance of the bladder. There will be a comfortable urinary excretion. Following are the herbs of urinary gold for canine urinary tract health.

  • Stone root : soothes the mucous membranes of the urinary tract. This ingredient helps to keep a healthy environment within the kidneys and bladder.
  • Hydrangea root : helps to support the immune system in your pet’s body and bladder.
  • Marshmallow root : soothes mucous membranes that line the urinary tract.
  • Dandelion leaf : dandelion leaves possess powerful urinary antiseptic and herbal diuretic. Dandelion is a also a good source of many vitamins and minerals.
  • Yarrow aerial parts : possess excellent astringent properties. Yarrow aerial in Urinary Gold supports immunity. This ingredient generally cleanses and supports the entire urinary system.
  • Oregon grape root : supprts the body’s natural immunity. Helps to defend against viruses and bacteria.
  • Echinacea root, flower and seed : used commonly for maintaining healthy immune system.
  • Goldenrod aerial parts : helps to sooth the inflammation in the lower urinary tract. Goldenrod aerial parts in Urinary Gold also prevents formation of stones.
  • Horsetail aerial parts : this herb maintains normal fluid balance in the body.
  • Hops strobiles : provides a calming relaxation to the nervous system.

Urinary Gold is 100% safe and natural product from Petwellbeing. The product addresses different aspects of canine urinary tract health. This proprietary blend of natural ingredients help to maintain acid balance of the bladder. There will be a comfortable urinary excretion.

Urinary Gold dosage and directions

The formula comes in a tincture formula. Administer Urinary Gold orally twice daily.

For dogs weighing 2 – 50 lb : give one drop of Urinary Gold
For dogs over 50 lb : add one drop extra per additional 4 lb.

Shake well before use.

Urinary Gold for dogs customer reviews

The customer reviews on Urinary Gold for improved urinary health in dogs is pretty impressive. The reviews show a positive feedback. Urinary Gold has helped many dogs save their life from urinary problems. 100% of the respondents had recommended this product to their friends. The formula has received an average of 4.9 star rating.

Rusty from Fayetteville, NC had given a 5-star rating to the product. Her dog had stones in his bladder. Since then, they were using Urinary Gold. The product has really worked well for him. He is doing great on it.

“Amazingly effective” says a user from Seacrest Beach, FL.
They had a 6 year old Yorkie and 13 year old ShiTzu. Shitzu had urinary issues. Urinary Gold was the only natural remedy that worked for them.

“Cleared the UTI right up” says another user from Hill Country, TX.
“I just added the drops per weight to her food in the morning. Yes, I would recommend this to friend”.

“Still infection free” says a Pug lover from New Albany.
Their pug continues to be free of infection with daily use of Urinary Gold.

Likewise there are many satisfied customers for Urinary Gold.

Urinary Gold is 100% safe and natural product from Petwellbeing. The product addresses different aspects of canine urinary tract health. This proprietary blend of natural ingredients help to maintain acid balance of the bladder. There will be a comfortable urinary excretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Urinary Gold for dog urinary tract health work ?

The proprietary blend of Urinary Gold targets at maintaining acid balance in the bladder. The full biochemical spectrum of the herbs is preserved to ensure maximum potency of the extract.

From where to buy Urinary Gold for dogs?

You can buy Urinary Gold for dogs from official website of Petwellbeing or amazon.

Is Urinary Gold available in UK?

Yes, the product is shipped to Uk or you can buy from

Does Urinary Gold offer money back guarantee?

Urinary Gold comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Is Urinary Gold Vet approved?

Yes, the Urinary Gold formula is developed by a team of holistic vets. Urinary Gold is a vet approved formula, to give gentle, preventative support to your dog.

Is Urinary Gold FDA registered?

The manufacturing facility of Urinary Gold is FDA registered. All ingredients and manufacturing processes complies to Good Manufacturing Practices.

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Recommended Products for Kidney problems and UTI in Dogs

Itchy Owie Quick Dry Gel

Itchy Owie Ointment is for dog paws and skin. It can be used for cuts and abrasions, bites and stings and Dryness, flaking and redness.


Natural Remedy to cure every skin problem for Your dog now in an all natural formula safe from licking!

Skin problems are common in pets. A lesion, A bruise or a boil may appear on a pet’s skin from time to time. Younger dogs are prone to injuries while at play in the park. Small rashes tend to appear for no reason at all and all these tend to worry us, pet owners from time to time. Medication today, Especially external is always a concern too as pets tend to lick the affected area often consuming the medication which is meant for external use only. This often worsens the already existing skin problem with stomach ailments and sometimes even worse.

Itchy Owie cream for dog skin and paws

Itchy Owie ointment keeps all these factors in mind and is the perfect product for pet owners who are looking at bruised skin or lesions. As a matter of fact, Itchy Owie is so natural that consuming it does not create any adverse effect (though pets tend to leave the affected area alone after application). Itchy owie is an all natural ointment, Safe for external use and not harmful if consumed.

Itchy owie was first in the market with a different name in 2012. Currently improved and more effective than ever before, you can buy Itchy Owie From Also read more reviews and what people have to say about Itchy Owie from the manufacturer’s website.

Itchy Owie Ointment is for dog paws and skin. It can be used for cuts and abrasions, bites and stings and Dryness, flaking and redness.

Itchy Owie ointment ingredients – herbs of Itchy Owie ointment

The ingredients of Itchy Owie are 100% herbal. The herbs used in the formulation of Itchy Owie are certified organic and wild-harvested. Below listed are the herbs of Itchy Owie.

  • Calendula flower extracts: supports the skin’s natural resistance and ability to rejuvenate. Calendula flower extracts in Itchy Owie are helpful to apply on wounds on the skin and for many types of skin discomfort.
  • Plantain leaf: helps your dog get relief from swelling and discomfort. It helps your dog get relief from irritation experienced from bites and stings.
  • Marshmallow root: marshmallow’s soothing effects has shown to help get relief on the skin caused by a sensitivity, such as hot spots.
  • White oak bark: helps with inflammation
  • Yarrow leaf and flower: helps from swelling, bruising and burns.
  • Licorice root: it relieves the discomfort associated with swelling.
  • Propolis resin: keeps your pet’s wound clean and free from infection.
  • Aloe vera juice: supports your pet’s body to regenerate healthy and new skin cells. Aloe vera juice is commonly used for wounds, cuts, and scrapes.
  • Vitamin E oil: provides the skin with nourishment. Supports the skin’s ability to stay healthy and elastic.
  • Evening primrose oil: helps with redness and swelling.

The base of Itchy Owie ointment is made using;

  • Coconut oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Certified beeswax

Recommended products for Dog Skin

Itchy Owie ointment directions – dosage of Itchy Owie ointment

Apply Petwellbeing Itchy Owie ointment to affected areas. For insect bites and stings and for general use, apply 2-3 times daily.

Itchy Owie customer reviews

The reviews on Itchy Owie are impressive. Almost every user had given a 5-star rating to the product. Here are the Itchy Owie customer reviews, taken from Petwellbeing website.

“Great stuff” says a user from Atlantic, Va.
He has a Jack Russell Terrier named Rascal. He has allergies. His paws have been raw and have been licking and chewing on them for over a year now. He tried everything to have this issue. Spend lots of money at the vet, buy bothing helped until he found Itchy Owie cream. Within a week of using the cream, he could find the difference in his pet.

“Miracle ointment” says Brodies from Vanouver, BC.
Her dog had an extremely dry and crusty nose. She applied this ointment to his nose. Within 2 days, dry skin was taking off to reveal his soft smooth wet nose again. She considers Itchy Owie to be an awesome product for dog skin allergies.

“Gentle and effective treatment,” says Jocelyne and Pierrette from Montreal, Qc.
Their words “Application of this cream saw results in as little as 3-4 days. The mushrooms shrank and disappeared, immediately alleviating the constant pain and irritation she suffered on a daily basis. She is now happier and experiencing much less discomfort, and actually welcomes us when we go to put on the cream, when before she used to cover and cringe when it came to treatment time. Clearly, this product has had an immediate and positive effect on our dog, her health and her mental state. Highly recommended.

Itchy Owie Ointment is for dog paws and skin. It can be used for cuts and abrasions, bites and stings and Dryness, flaking and redness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to ingest Itchy Owie ointment for dogs?

The ingredients in Itchy Owie are saf to use in moderate quantities. To avoid contamination of the product, avoid putting your finger into the jar after touching the affected area on your pet’s skin. She considers Itchy Owie to be an awesome product.

Does Itchy Owie cream provide money back guarantee?

Yes, Itchy Owie cream comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

From where to buy Itchy Owie ointment for dogs?

You can buy Itchy Owie cream for dogs from petwellbeing website or Amazon.

Is Itchy Owie FDA approved?

The manufacturing facility of Itchy Owie is FDA registered. All formulas adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Itchy Owie Ointment is for dog paws and skin. It can be used for cuts and abrasions, bites and stings and Dryness, flaking and redness.

Hearty Heart Drops For Dog Heart Disease by Pet Wellbeing

  • Healthy and normal heart function
  • Heart muscle & heart rhythm
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Good circulation

Hearty Heart Liquid Drops from Pet Wellbeing

Hearty Heart for Dog Heart Disease. Natural treatment for dog heart diseases. Check with Veterinarian before treatment or administering any medications for your dog if its suffering from heart-related diseases. No side effects.

Dogs like humans can suffer from heart disease at any particular age. It is not necessary that your dog should be old to get a heart disease. Symptoms of heart disease include panting, exhaustion, loss of appetite, bloated belly, blueish gums. If you think your dog is suffering from a heart disease, consult a veterinarian immediately. Do not administer medication for your dog without proper consultation and diagnosis. If your dog is suffering from Heart disease, make sure you maintain a good diet preferably low-fat diet and also your dog gets the right amount of exercises. Proper exercise should get your dog on the path to recovery with the right diet.

HeartClean Gold for Dogs
Hearty Heart is one of the few medicines available in the market which is natural and has no side effects. Even though the medication is free from any kind of side effects.

Hearty heart is one of the few medicines available in the market which is natural and has no side effects. Even though the medication is free from any kind of side effects. It’s not good for dogs which are pregnant or lactating. Also it’s not recommended to mix hearty heart with other drugs your veterinarian has administered.

Heart disease in Dogs is not very common because its easily detected. You will notice that the dog is gets tired very easily with little play and fun. The panting starts almost in 2-3 minutes. Besides, even exhaustion can happen. You can see there is lack of appetite, lesser water consumption, and Swelling in Gums. It’s obvious that we can get worried with such large symptoms, and the Vets detect it easily.

Recommended Products for Healthy heart in dogs

Hearty Heart for Dogs Heart Disease

The hearty heart medication is natural. Besides, it is also well known for its effectiveness. The natural content includes most of the ingredients which are used in Humans too. The effectiveness of Hearty heart is not questioned at all. You can see the difference in the dog’s health over a weeks time. Hearty heart is one of the few medications which can show you results so easy and best of all your dogs will love it. Regular exercise and Proper diet with a Hearty heart could put your dog on happiness way in no time at all. For more information on Hearty Heart for Dogs we recommend you check out the website at from the link below.

A heart, whether human or animal, is a network of interconnected veins, arteries, and capillaries. It carries blood to all parts of the body. As blood is the chief carrier any obstacles in its passage or in the pumping system – the heart can be dangerous. The heart is one of the important organs that should be in good working condition all the time. It is important to maintain blood circulation to have nutrients, oxygen etc all over the body. It also keeps up the energy in the body. In the pets, the lack of it can be first seen in their vitality. The pets with a poor heart will be less active and show fatigue.

Hearty Heart Combo Pack for Dogs – Hearty Heart (Liquid Drops) from Pet Wellbeing

Hearty Heart Combo pack contains a bottle of Heart and Circulation Tonic and a bag of 1 lb Cookie crunch of either Berry or CranApple. This combo pack is deadly for bad cholesterol and good for the dog’s heart. Hearty Heart – Heart and Circulation tonic keeps the heart fit and fine by increasing the blood circulation there by reducing any risk of heart diseases. It also strengthens the veins and arteries. The cookies help reduce the cholesterol in the blood. These cookies and the tonic are also available separately.

One of the major Supplement by Hearty Heart

  • Hearty Heart – Heart and Circulation Tonic: Heart and Circulation Tonic is a non addictive natural remedy to assist the heart to function normal and healthy. The ingredients in this tonic encourage better circulation. This is made with homeopathic and biochemical tissue salts that are of pharmaceutical grade. These ingredients help improve the heart functioning for a better living for the pets. The Heart and Circulation Tonic comes as granules and not liquid. These granules are easy to administer as it is absorbed fast into the body system. You can be directly put them into the mouth of your dogs or crush and dissolve them in the food or drink.

Other Supplements include

  • Hearty Heart – Berry K9 Cookie Crunch: Berry K9 Cookie Crunch is a nonallergic cookie. Specially made for the dogs. It helps to reduce cholesterol and also provides better cardiovascular health. It is made from human grade ingredients which are rich in nutritional values. The cookies are baled in low temperature to retain the nutrition. It contains vitamins and other essential minerals for the pets. The cookies are made from rye flour, cranberries, blueberries, vanilla, eggs, and canola oil. The number of cookies per day differs with the size of the dog, from 1-4 or even up to 6 treats daily.
  • Hearty Heart – CranApple K9 Cookie Crunch: CranApple K9 Cookie Crunch is also a help for the better cardiovascular health of the dogs. The making procedure is the same as that of the Berry cookies. The only difference being is that CranApple cookies are good for those dogs that are restricted from having high protein diet. The cookies are available in packs of one pound bags. This is excellent for dogs that are allergic to protein diet. It contains no preservative, additives that can be harmful to the pets or animal products, or other grain by products that can be allergic. These cookies contain a good amount of fiber in it because of the presence of apple. It can control the cholesterol and cranberries help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. It is made from oats, water, oat bran, cranberries, and apple. Oats is a great addition in the diet to control cholesterol and apple is fibrous that also helps in waste removal from the blood.

The Advantage of the Hearty Heart Combo packs

The benefit of the Hearty Heart combo pack is to have the two better options to have a healthy heart for pets. Both the inclusions in the pack work on the two way approach on the pet’s heart. The cookies keep the cholesterol under control while the tonic improves the body circulation, even to the brain. The blood circulation is not just for oxygen and nutrient supply but also for the removal of toxins and waste from the body as well. It also strengthens the blood vessels and arteries and will lessen the risk of heart disease. The cookie crunches provide the vitamins and nutrients for the dogs that are allergic.

Hearty Heart for Heart Disease in Dogs – Heart and Circulation tonic – Ingredients

  • Arnica internally is beneficial for your heart and is also works as a preventive for stroke. This is especially beneficial for elderly dogs to keep their heart in good condition.
  • Calc fluor is a biochemical tissue salt that has toning properties and supports the tissues. It strengthens the tissues and helps with their flexibility and elasticity as well. This property of this salt makes it a great addition for blood circulation and heart health.
  • Kali phos is another tissue salt that is regularly used for maintaining and supporting the blood pressure and heart. It supports the blood flow to the brain and heartbeat. It also works as an effective nerve tonic.
  • Lachesis has anti-inflammatory properties even that of acute conditions. Hearty Heart is an effective blood thinner that prevents blood clotting and stroke. It increases the blood flow and flushes out more toxins from the blood. It can also help with stress and anxiety and controls the heart rate and blood pressure.

Hearty Heart – Heart and Circulation tonic dosage

The Hearty Heart for Dogs – Heart and Circulation tonic is available in granule form. Administer it directly into the pet’s mouth or in its food or water. Only a pinch of the granules is required for pets under the weight of 20 pounds and 2 pinches for 20-50. Dogs over 50 pounds of weight should have ¼ cap. It can also be given to cats, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, mice, and gerbils. Since the pets respond differently to the product the period to show the results cannot be pinpointed. It is done in a holistic way so there is no fear for any side effects. The only thing matters are the recommended dosage given regularly. It can be used for a maintenance course.

interostop noise & Interomone Spray for Dogs – Meridian Animal Health

Recommended products for Dog Stress and Anxiety issues

InteroSTOP Interomone spray is a method of controlling badly behaving dogs. This spray precisely contains pheromones from other animals which is repulsive to them. The pheromone used here is androstenone from pigs. This pheromone changes the dog’s behavior.

The InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone spray is a tricky device that tricks the dog. The InteroSTOP, when pressed for spray, makes a noise that sounds hissing but mimics the sound that the dog trainers make while training them. This works simultaneously and instantly, hearing this noise and the pheromone smell together makes the dogs behave well.

Features Of InteroSTOP Noise & Interomone Spray

It works immediately. There are no side effects as the ingredient used is a synthetic compound to mimic the natural pheromones. It also contains the fragrance of lavender and chamomile.

InteroSTOP Noise & Interomone Spray

InteroSTOP Noise & Interomone Spray – Controls badly behaving dogs. It contains pheromones from other animals which is repulsive to them. The pheromone used here is of pigs.

It is eco-friendly with no use of propellants to spray. The shelf period is somewhat longer than other means. It stays safe and effective for three years.

Recommended products for Dog Stress and Anxiety issues

InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone spray have been used by many veterinarians, pet owners, and dog trainers, groomers or behaviorists, etc. The uncontrollable and aggressive dogs are calmed down instantaneously when this device is handy. It is mainly used during training, examination, and grooming. Per owners mostly use it when taking the dogs for a walk. While walking, the dogs can be up to some mischief and misbehavior. With the InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone spray, that problem is taken care of easily. The lash pulling while on a walk is a constant problem, and this spray can control that.

InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone spray are packed in a 1 oz bottle. Though it is mentioned as a device, it is just a sprayable bottle that is made to sound hissing when the nozzle is depressed. The bottle comes in a bag-on-valve that helps with carrying it anywhere.

The pig perfume androstenone

The pig pheromone dearly called pig perfume is unpleased to the dogs that they choose to calm down instantly. It curbs the excessive barking and jumping in dogs that they show when going out or receiving guests at home. This pheromone has found its effect o dogs in calming them.

The dogs are tamed of their aggressive behavior with the help of this. The effect is instantaneous. If the dog has a habit of opposing to something particular, use InteroSTOP Noise, and Interomone spray each time while training it and as time goes by it will get used to the idea and start to stay calmer.

The pheromone used here is not natural but is synthetic, yet it has the same effects as the natural one would. The pungent smell of it is not so appealing to anyone for that matter. Though the smell is repulsive, it is surprising that the dogs show a calmer demeanor.

InteroSTOP Noise and interomone spray are effective in reducing the excessive and unwanted barking. It is not meant to stop the dog from barking at all. Know your dog well before trying out this solution.

Recommended products for Dog Stress and Anxiety issues

Pet Wellbeing Thyroid Support Silver For dogs – Reviews

Thyroid Support Silver

  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Helps maintain dog’s energy levels
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Helps improve dog’s coat quality
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Veterinarian-formulated

We all know the concerns of thyroid deficiency. There could be fatal effects of autoimmune thyroiditis which sometimes could be doubled with other problems including heart ailments and more. If your pet is suffering from hypothyroidism and the tests have confirmed so, consider going for Natural therapy for your pet. Natural remedies like Thyroid Support Silver for Dog Hypothyroidism has been found effective in curing and controlling Hypothyroidism in dogs.

Hypothyroidism in dogs

Hypothyroidism is a common disease in dogs, rarely seen in cats. It’s a disorder in which the thyroid glands are under active and don’t secrete enough thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism causes a wide range of symptoms. Weight gain and hair loss are the most commonly seen signs of hypothyroidism.

Thyroid Support Silver is a natural support for dog Hypothyroidism. It supports healthy thyroid function. It helps maintain dog’s energy levels.

It is easy to diagnose hypothyroidism with a blood test. Most hypothyroid dogs respond instantly to the treatment. There are no specific symptoms associated with hypothyroidism. However, there are several symptoms that can actually help a vet make findings on the disease. These include

  • Mental dullness
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Dry hair coat
  • Hyperpigmentationn of the skin
  • Slow heart rate
  • Cold intolerance
  • Slow heart rate
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Anemia

If you see any of these symptoms in your dog, take him to the vet. A vet with the help of blood tests can help to figure out, whether your dog is suffering from hypothyroidism or not.

  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Helps maintain dog’s energy levels
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Helps improve dog’s coat quality
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Veterinarian-formulated

Hypothyroidism In Dogs- Whom It Could Affect

Though there is no strict rule to which particular dog the Hypothyroid condition may occur, A wide range of dogs fall under the below category

Age: Middle aged and older dogs
Breeds: Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, Irish Setter, Miniature Schnauzer, Dachshund, Shetland Sheepdog, Cocker Spaniel, Airedale Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Greyhound, Scottish Deerhound,

Hypothyroidism is not strictly prevalent in these breeds alone. It could occur on mixed breeds too and also on other breeds not mentioned above. The above breeds are seen to be more common with these conditions.

Thyroid Support Silver for dog hypothyroidism – treating hypothyroidism naturally in dogs

Thyroid Support Silver from Petwellbeing is a natural supplement that provides therapeutic support for thyroid function. With Thyroid Support Silver, your dog’s normal levels of thyroid hormones are maintained. The ingredients of Thyroid Support Gold provides your dog with natural herbs. These herbs assist the maintenance of thyroid hormone levels. Those who are looking for a natural support for dog hypothyroidism, Thyroid Support Silver is recommended.

Thyroid Suport Silver uses – does Thyroid Support Silver really work?

Petwellbveing Thyroid Support Silver is a 100% natural product. Its a natural support for dog hypothyroidism. Following are the uses of Thyroid Support Silver
Thyroid support silver supports healthy thyroid function
the herbs used in thyroid support silver helps maintain dog’s energy levels
All ingredients of Thyroid Support Silver are herbal, and cetified organic.
It helps to improve the dog’s coat and skin.

Products for Dog Thyroid Support

Thyroid Support Silver ingredients – herbs of Thyroid Support Silver

  • Guggul gum : supports thyroid gland and levels of T3 and T4.
  • Coleus root : supports normal metabolism and normalizes the hormone production.
  • Bacopa herb : used for promoting healthy lungs, heart and nervous system.
  • Ashwagandha root : used in almost all natural formulas to act as an adaptogen. Ashwagandha root maintains healthy levels of T4.
  • Eleuthero root : supports adrenal glands and promotes a healthy immune system.
  • Blue Flag root : supports thyroid function. It also supports the blymphatic circulation. Blue flag root in Thyroid Support Silver balances the thyroid in the presence of toxic materials from the environment.
  • Irish moss : supports thyroid health, normal metabolism and healthy skin and hair.
  • Schisandra berry : relieves your dog from stress and maintains a healthy metabolism.
  • Gotu kala : supports overall vialit, mental acuity and venous circulation.
  • Bladderwrack thallus : used in small doses in Thyroid Support Silver. Small doses have shown to maintain the thyroid hormones.

Thyroid Support Silver directions/ dosage – how to administer thyroid support silver?

Shake well before use. Administer the product orally twice daily,
For every 2 lb-50 lb : give one drop of Thyroid Support Silver

  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Helps maintain dog’s energy levels
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Helps improve dog’s coat quality
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Veterinarian-formulated

Thyroid Support Silver customer reviews

The customer reviews on Thyroid Support Silver shows that the product has satisfied the dog owners. Here are some of the Thyroid Support Silver customer reviews taken from Petwellbeing website.

Nicy from Laguna Woods says that the product has helped to cure hypothyroidism in her dog. She recommends the product to all her friends.

Another user from Alto, Mi commented “Wonderful product-it really works. After using Thyroid Support Silver, his dog had healthy skin and coat. He had lost his weight and now gained back the energy. After giving Thyroid Support Silver for 3 months, they were able to reduce the dosage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use thyroid support silver for dogs?

Thyroid Support Gold is an all-natural formula developed by a team of holistic veterinarians. The herbs of Thyroid Support Silver are certified organic. The manufacturing facility of the product is FDA-registered.
Thus it is safe to use Thyroid Support Silver.

  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Helps maintain dog’s energy levels
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Helps improve dog’s coat quality
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Veterinarian-formulated

Is thyroid support silver for dogs shipped to UK?

Yes, you can buy Thyroid Support Silver from petwellbeing website or

Are there any side effects for thyroid support silver for dog hypothyroidism ?

Thyroid Support Silver has not shown any reports of side effects from its users. But the makers of the product recommends to avoid using Thyroid Support Silver if your dog is pregnant.

Does thyroid support silver for dog hypothyroidism come with a guarantee?

Yes, the product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Is petwellbeing thyroid support silver FDA approved?

The manufacturing facility of Petwellbeing Thyroid Support Silver is FDA-registered.

Products for Dog Thyroid Support

Why do girls love puppies so much?

They say it’s difficult to understand girls, I would say buy her a puppy and there is no more to understand. The relationship between a girl and her puppy is the simplest unbreakable bond in the whole universe. There are many reasons why, but I think the strongest reason is that somewhere a puppy brings out the dormant motherly nature in her. Trust me, if you see a girl who owns a puppy, I’m one hundred percent sure you’ll hear her calling herself his mother-“Come to maama”…”Who’s mamma’s good boy!!”. I have friends who are ready to own puppies instead of having kids in future because they’re scared of pregnancy.

Girls am spilling all the secrets-every single character that we want in our perfect guy is always one that our dogs already have. We want you to listen to everything that we say without being judgmental. If we ever have a fight, we want you to come back to us after the initial fire. We want loyalty and unconditional love. Most importantly, we want you to pose to the hundredth perfect picture, that we can post on Instagram. From being the perfect pillow during sad times to the crazy companion in the race down the hill, dogs have always been the ray of sunshine in our lives. No wonder about buying a puppy together is a big step in a relationship. To the girl, he might be everything but to the guy, the puppy is always “the guy she told you not to worry about”. They start getting insecure about the love their girls have for their puppy, wondering if their share of love has decreased. But let me tell you the solution for that, the moment you start accepting the puppy, the graph of respect for you in her mind just increases exponentially. That’s all you’ve to do-she is yours for life.

I’ve personally wanted to own a puppy since forever, but I couldn’t because my family was scared of them (I still don’t understand their logic). So, obviously, I never miss my chance to pet any pet available. It is like, I want an expensive dress really bad but I can’t have it. So, I spend as much time as I can wearing it in the trial room. But I’ve had a one night puppy. I know, sounds weird but you must appreciate my willpower of giving him up the next day. It was a really depressing time for me, everything was going downhill in life and that’s when my boyfriend decides to break up. I was walking back to the hostel, eyes puffy and nose runny when I see this really cute black puppy on the roadside. As usual, I went to pet it. I knew its mommy would be around and a stray like that would bite me to pieces if she sees me touching her child. But, I was so depressed, I didn’t care if I died that day. The puppy had a scar on its forehead in the shape of not a clichéd heart but somewhat like the map of Africa. It was very friendly and I decided to take him to hostel since his mom wasn’t around. I felt like I was rescuing him. Gave him a nice bath, played with him and sat by the window looking at the sun setting. He put a paw on my hand and I felt somewhere he was understanding my emotions. The next the warden forced me to return him back to the streets. It is funny that I met him after a couple of months (I identified him by the mark). He looked like a fully grown stray. I didn’t know puppies grow so fast. We must use technology to make evergreen puppies. He looked so nice, I was pretty sure he was a stud among his kind. Felt like a proud mother-Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham played in my head. (Yes I’m too filmy). See, this was the motherly nature I was talking about.

I think dogs are the best friends any man can get but to girls, they are never friend zoned. They are the safest living beings to invest our emotions in because you can always be sure of the returns. It is only when they leave us that we get crushed but we are almost never ready to give another puppy a chance. It is more difficult than moving on from a relationship. It is like losing your whole family, best friend and your lover all at once but time spent with a dog would be enough to cherish for a lifetime. Puppies not only makes you feel happy but makes you feel good about yourself, they remind you that someone is always waiting for you, someone is always there to love you and maybe that is why you should get a puppy for your next birthday.

My Dog is a therapist

We have all heard stories about how a dog pulled out a person from the rubbles of an earth quake site. There are others who have had experiences of bravery like a dog pulling a baby out of a car crash site. And then there was a story which turned out to be real for me. I have heard people talking about researches conducted on dogs trying to smell out certain forms of diseases. For instance, dogs were able to detect cancer in a patient. There were others which detected abnormal heart rates, blood pressure or blood sugar levels. There are cases where dogs were getting very disturbed hours before certain health events like a heart attack to its owners. Oh well these were stories which I never thought about twice. And more over, its normal for us to think that these dogs were probably trained to do so. Until… my mother in law’s black Labrador started acting a bit different one week before my mother in law had a major heart problem.

Dogs are usually playful, happy and a bundle of joy. When they are not acting like dogs, it usually means that they are ill. Some problem with their tummy, the heat being a bit too overwhelming or a probably disease which drains their energy. When you see no symptoms of a disease and yet there is an emotional turmoil in your dog, then there is something which we overlook. It was one of those few days when we sat around after lunch , chatting away happily while the black Labrador, came over to my mother in law and started sniffing her knee. For a moment, it looked like she had spilt some of her lunch on her pants, but there was nothing visible. It was repeated over 3-4 times the same day. It was unusual for the dog to behave that way and nobody thought of it the second time. A week later, my mother in law was hospitalized with High blood pressure. She was bleeding continuously from her nose. She recovered after a week at the hospital.

This was one instance which made me think. How could a dog know when its owner was sick? Was it a coincidence? It had to be because there was no real way to tell. It never happened again. The dog died 2 years ago naturally of old age. But Labradors are known to have special senses and sensitivity towards its human parents. They tend to know when things are wrong. Not just physically, but emotionally too. There are dogs, which will sit along with their owners for hours when the owners are mourning a loss, even far far away at a distant corner of the world. They understand that something is wrong and they feel it as much as you do. Some dogs even stop eating for a while others can be seen with tears in their eyes.

Dogs are also known to be great at relieving stress, depression and anxiety. Though not all dogs are good at it, there are breeds which can calm most people. A Labrador retriever for one can help people who are suffering from anxiety or depression. The dog takes their mind away for a short while, making them unable to think of anything but the dog itself. The chances of people going into depression are much lower with pets at home specially those which will require a bit of attention.

Its also a known fact that pet owners, specially dog owners lead a very long and healthy life. Since dog are required to be taken out for a walk, fed regularly and cleaned up, the dog owners get to be a part of the process. You will see that its normal for most dog owners to take a long walk once or even twice a day. They eat regularly and in time and its mandatory that they keep their home clean. Dogs usually litter and the owners end up cleaning whatever mess they create and also a lot more after that.

While most dog owner’s houses do have a different smell, that of a pet at home, you will also find that they take a lot of time to clean up their home every single day. It’s a process which makes the owners active and takes a lot of time away from their daily redundant activities.

Pets can be unpredictable. You can see them hopping on your new sofa one fine day or chewing your new shoe. Sometimes you can see them chewing your new shoe on your sofa. It can be a lot of pain but which will require your attention and almost immediately. This also requires the dog owners to take their mind away from what they are thinking, whatever it is that is making them anxious and attend to the immediate need.

Whatever said and done, the end results are amazing. Its not the dog you are training. Its you, yourself. Over a period of time, you can be assured to see a polite, calm and a completely loving person of you.

Understanding Dog Boundaries and Setting your own

I have seen Dog trainers and i have seen Cesar Milan. i have gone through every single episode of his tv show, downloaded the videos, ordered DVD’s and ripped them apart to understand dogs. I know that Cesar Milan is not a dog psychiatrists but most of the things he says makes sense. Most people treat dogs as though they were humans. It’s natural to bring a pet home and try to make them a part of your family. What people don’t understand is that, family for dogs is completely different from human families. And that’s one thing which made me click.

I find my dogs making boundaries. He marks his place. And then it made me wonder, if i would mark my place (of course I was not going to pee around), would he understand it. My smell in certain places should let him know that he is in my space and he should keep away. I really don’t like my keyboards or mouse chewed up while I was in the shower. Dogs usually chew up furniture’s. My mother in law’s Labrador chewed on the chair’s hand rest until it was gone completely. I did not want to lose out expensive furniture to my dog’s behavioral problems.

But then, it wasn’t behavioral problems. It was natural. Dogs needed to chew on something, but they needed to be shown what to chew on and what not to. Certain things had to be off limits. Those were where i was going to set my boundaries. I hate it when i see the dog jump on my bed leaving hair on it. The bed was surely off limits, but the dog was welcome to my bedroom. There were no restrictions to that. As a matter of fact, the dog bed was in my bedroom. He could sleep on his bed, but he is not allowed to jump on to mine.

Teaching your dog the boundaries is very important. I usually put the dog down when he jumps on the bed and block his way. It worked for some time but soon he thought I was playing. Getting rough was not the right way. Giving it a treat to stay out of the bed was not something which was going to be easy. I did not know how the entire trigger works for these guys! Keeping him completely out of the bedroom was not logical. This was surely not going to be an easy task and i had the feeling that it’s going to get worse.

I hate to beat a dog or for that matter, hurt anyone but then there are times when we all get frustrated and do things. It was one of those bad days and Zorro did climb on the bed. I lost it and smacked it right on its hind legs. The dog flipped, ran out of the room. The problem was that he did not know why he was hit. But he knew that he did something bad. it took me a while to get him back to come back to me. But then he soon forgot things and was back again being his normal stuff.

Something strange started to happen now though. Every time i lift my hand Zorro backs off. Strange but now i just lift my hand when he comes to the bed and he takes a step back. That’s good in a way. But then i realized that when i am at work or in the kitchen, Zorro sometimes, takes the time out to jump on my bed. I guess he hasn’t realized the space thing entirely.

I guess i have to be more dogged (pun intended) on getting him to understand and respect space. We all learn with experience after all.