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Otomax ear drops and cream Price

Otibiotic Ointment – It is antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory and an antifungal. It is used to treat acute or chronic canine otitis externa outer ear infections when caused by yeast or bacteria susceptible to gentamicin.

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For pet wellbeing, there are certain ear products such as Otomax for cats and dogs. Otomax is an ointment that has been approved by FDA to treat ear infection in dogs and cats. It contains antibacterial and antifungal properties to treat acute and chronic otitis. Read on to know all about how Otomax Ointment for dogs and cats work.

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OTOMAX User Reviews & Ratings

  • Ezebella, Oregon – “Thank you for having this product for my dog’s ears.”
  • Rosebutton, Michigan – “Our 4-year-old American Bulldog had ear problems since he was a puppy. He constantly used to shake his head and tried hard to scratch and rub on the carpet. Our vet recommended otomax ointment couple of years ago and we are now using it for regularly. It works just fine for him.”
  • Another user from New Jersey writes – “This stuff is not only for ear infections. I use otomax for any type of sores on my dog’s paws such as hot spots. Of course, I am using this only after consultation with my vet. It goes away in a day or so. When I apply it on his paws, I usually put a sock for a while till it dries off. Or else he will lick it off.”Otomax Ointment Ingredients, Dosage & Administration

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Otomax ointment for dogs and cats is used to treat acute and chronic otitis i.e. ear infection. Ingredients include

  • gentamicin (antibiotic)
  • betamethasone (which is a corticosteroid) and
  • clotrimazole (antifungal)

All combined they are powerful in fighting and killing the bacteria in your pet’s ear. They also get rid of yeast infection and deliver clean, healthy ear.

OTOMAX Side Effects

Note that Otomax ointment for dogs and cats is used only for temporary relief. Such products are to be used for 7 days or max 10 days depending on the condition of your dog’s ear. Go as per your vet’s instructions.

Otomax ointment for cats side effects includes certain health risks such as the increase in urinating, thirst, loss of hearing or balance, diarrhea, increase in appetite, weight gain, vomiting, and behavioral changes. Few also report Cushing’s syndrome in dogs over repeated steroid therapy such as betamethasone. While the loss of hearing is usually temporary and does not last long, if vestibular dysfunction or prolonged hearing problem is noted, make sure to discontinue use of Otomax ointment.

What Is Otomax Ointment Used For In Dogs And Cats?

Otomax ointment is a topical medication that is used for treating bacterial infections in dogs in outer ear as well as chronic infections associated with yeast and bacteria. It helps in reducing any inflammation or itchiness in your dog.

Otomax is available only via prescription once you have consulted your Vet. Note that the eardrum must be intact before you use these products and any rupture in the eardrum can be damaging to the inner ear as well. So make sure that your pet’s ear is clean and dry before you apply Otomax ointment.

How Does Otomax Ointment for dogs and cats Work?

The ingredients of Otomax ointment assist the product in alleviating any symptoms related to bacterial infection. For instance, the ingredients of Otomax contain antifungal and antibiotic properties that reduce any inflammation, redness in the ear by killing the organisms that cause ear infections. It also contains clotrimazole which is an effective component for treating fungal infection in the ear.

Though FDA has approved this product only for dogs, upon consulting the Vet many pet owners use the product on cats and other animals.

How To Use Otomax Ointment?

Follow the instructions as mentioned in the label because any error can result in recurrence of infections thus damaging the ear itself. Clean the ear and make sure it is dry before application. Note that any excessive hair in the ear needs to be trimmed off. Apply the suggested Otomax ointment and gently massage the ear. This will help in distributing the medication evenly at all areas. Always follow the dosage as instructed by your vet.

Otomax ointment directions for usage

Clean and dry the infected area. Trim away excess hair from the affected area and remove any debris using non-irritating solutions. Check if the eardrum is fine. Now instill 4 drops from 7.5g, 15g tube, 15g and 30g bottle (take 2 drops from the 215 g bottle) of the otomax ointment two times a day for dogs who are weighing less than 30 lbs.

Take 8 drops from the 7.5g and 15g tube, 15g and 30 g bottle (4 drops from the 215g bottle) two times a day into the ear canal of dogs who weight more than 30 lbs. Massage the external part of the ear canal for proper distribution. Continue this therapy for 7 days.

Otomax Ointment for dogs and cats is available in 7.5g and 15g tubes. It is also available in 215g, 30g and 15g plastic bottles.

Otomax Ointment Drug Interactions

  • Do not use otomax ointment on hypersensitive dogs and cats as this can trigger an allergic reaction. Ensure that the eardrum is intact before you use it.
  • Otomax ointment should not come in contact with your dog’s eyes. In case it occurs, make sure to wash the eyes thoroughly and contact the Vet immediately.
  • Your dog/cat’s ear must look a little better than before within a couple of days of treatment. If the symptoms persist, consider a different treatment plan after consulting your vet.
  • Do not use otomax ointment with other medications or antibiotics such as neomycin.

Otomax Ointment For Dogs And Cats Warnings

Corticosteroids when used on dogs, cats or other animals during pregnancy can lead to abnormalities such as birth defects that include deformed forelegs, anasarca etc. It can also lead to premature birth. Avoid using the product where they are required to work such as police dogs.

Store this product at room temperature and away from children and pets.

Otomax Ointment For Dogs And Cats Reviews

Otomax ointment for dogs and cats has received good reviews from pet owners despite its contradictions. Pet owners say that the product works just excellent without any side effects. The only point to note is that you need to follow the vet’s instructions without fail if you want to get optimum results.

Here are few of the otomax ointment for dogs user reviews.

What Can I Expect With Otomax Ointment for dogs and cats?”

When you maintain a proper dosage of otomax, the product will remove all the fungi organisms that cause the ear infection. You will also notice better ear health in your pet and mild to none scratching of ears. Note that this medication is not to be used for more than 7 days because it can lead to a delay in the healing process. If you feel that the symptoms still exist, consult the Vet for further treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Otomax Ointment for dogs and cats

Is otomax available only in ointment formula?

No, you can choose between otomax drops, creams, and powders apart from the ointment. Your vet will choose what is best for your dog’s ear infection.

What should I keep in my mind while consulting the Vet regarding otomax ointment?

For starters, get your vet check your pet’s ear and make sure the eardrum is in proper condition. Ask your vet on how to properly clean the ear and apply otomax ointment with instructions. If your pet is taking some other medications or any health supplements, inform the vet. Also notify if your pet is pregnant, nursing or is allergic to any previous medications.

What should I do if my pet ingests otomax ointment?

This is commonly seen among many owners. Pet experts claim that there is nothing to worry as it will pass through his system. To ease the digestion process, you can give him a decent sized meal of chicken, rice and some soup to ease the elimination process. If he consumed a lot, he will probably have diarrhea. You can also get a few tablets of charcoal and let him have a couple of them to get rid of the toxic effect. In the meantime, you can consult the vet and inform of the current situation in hand.

Can I use otomax ointment on cats and rabbits?

Though otomax ointment has been approved by FDA only for dogs, there are pet owners who use this on cats as well. For safety precautions, consult your vet before trying on this product.

Is otomax ear ointment for dogs and cats available without a prescription?

We do not recommend Otomax without prescription. Get a prescription from your Vet for buying otomax ear products.

What should I do if I miss a dose of otomax 15g ointment?

If you miss a dose of otomax apply it when you remember. If it is time to apply the next dose, skip the dose that you missed and follow as per the regular schedule.

Is it dangerous to use otomax more than the recommended period?

Prolonged usage of otomax more than vet’s recommendation can lead to delayed wound healing or immunosuppression. This can lead to the easy susceptibility of fungal infections.

How will I know if I have given an otomax overdose to my pet?

Your dog or cat will show symptoms such as hear loss or vomiting. If you notice such symptoms know that there is an overdose. Contact your vet ASAP in such situations. If you feel ear irritation that was not present during the beginning of treatment, contact the Vet.

Is it necessary to follow any special diet for my dog when using otomax?

Otomax does not interact with any foods so your pet is safe.

I am in Australia. Can I buy otomax ointment for dogs online?

Yes, you can buy otomax online. Since otomax ointment is available internationally, irrespective of location, order otomax globally for delivery at your doorstep.

Can I order otomax for cats from Amazon?

No, since otomax is a prescription medication, it is not available on Amazon.

Otomax ointment cost is quite expensive. Is there any alternative medication?

Thee are otomax ointment substitutes such as natural remedies product – Wally’s Ear oil or Zymox Otic that contains hydrocortisone that works just like otomax and is much affordable. You can also purchase mometamax sds which are available at an affordable rate. Avail of discount codes-otomax for dogs that is available online.

Can I buy otomax for dogs from Canada?

Yes, otomax ointment is shipped worldwide including Canada. However, you do need vet’s nod to order this medication.

Does otomax ointment for sale come with expiration date?

Yes, nothing lasts forever and so does this ointment. Check the label for its expiry date before you buy the product.

Will generic otomax ointment treat ear mites?

Though otomax ointment is used to treat fungal infections in the ear, few users report treating it for ear mites as well. If you are skeptical about using the product, go with Otomite that is specially formulated for treating ear mites on dogs and cats.

Can I use otomax as eye ointment?

No, otomax is designed for treating ear infections and MUST NOT be used for treating eye conditions. Consult your Vet if your dog is suffering from any eye condition.

Where will I find otomax ointment MSDS?

If you are interested in going through MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of otomax ointment, check the link –


Otomax ointment is a prescription topical ointment and is available at different types such as powders, creams etc. Make sure you follow the dosage to prevent any side effects or interactions with other medications. The otomax ointment price is on the expensive side. But you can buy discount codes for ear products, otomax ointment for dogs etc. through which you can get them at a reduction. Bear in mind not to purchase it without vet’s prescription for safety concerns.

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