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Otomax Ointment For Dogs And Cats – Usage, Side Effects, Warnings And More

Otomax Dogs & Cats

Otomax is an ointment which is made up of steroid, antibacterial, and antifungal ear medication specially designed to treat ear infections on dogs. Used for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis. Ease to use. Efficient for irritation, bacterial and yeast infections on the ear.

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For pet wellbeing, there are certain ear products such as Otomax for cats and dogs. Otomax is an ointment that has been approved by FDA to treat ear infection in dogs and cats. It contains antibacterial and antifungal properties to treat acute and chronic otitis. Read on to know all about how Otomax Ointment for dogs and cats work.

OTOMAX User Reviews & Ratings

Ezebella, Oregon – “Thank you having this product for my dog’s ears.”

Rosebutton, Michigan – “Our 4-year-old American Bulldog had ear problems since he was a puppy. He constantly used to shake his head and tried hard to scratch and rub on the carpet. Our vet recommended otomax ointment couple of years ago and we are now using it for regularly. It works just fine for him.”

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Another user from New Jersey writes – “This stuff is not only for ear infections. I use otomax for any type of sores on my dog’s paws such as hot spots. Of course, I am using this only after consultation with my vet. It goes away in a day or so. When I apply it on his paws, I usually put a sock for a while till it dries off. Or else he will lick it off.”More Details »

Otomax Ointment Ingredients, Dosage & Administration

Otomax ointment for dogs and cats is used to treat acute and chronic otitis i.e. ear infection. Ingredients include

  • gentamicin (antibiotic)
  • betamethasone (which is a corticosteroid) and
  • clotrimazole (antifungal)

All combined they are powerful in fighting and killing the bacteria in your pet’s ear. They also get rid of yeast infection and deliver clean, healthy ear.

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OTOMAX Side Effects

Note that Otomax ointment for dogs and cats is used only for temporary relief. Such products are to be used for 7 days or max 10 days depending on the condition of your dog’s ear. Go as per your vet’s instructions.

Otomax ointment for cats side effects include certain health risks such as increase in urinating, thirst, loss of hearing or balance, diarrhea, increase in appetite, weight gain, vomiting and behavioral changes. Few also report cushing’s syndrome in dogs over repeated steroid therapy such as betamethasone. While loss of hearing is usually temporary and does not last long, if vestibular dysfunction or prolonged hearing problem is noted, make sure to discontinue use of Otomax ointment.

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