Wysong is a thirty years old company pioneered by Dr. Wysong in 1979 to offer with pet diet products. It is set up to produce natural pet foods and pet health care & nutrition based on healthy and holistic approach. Wysong works on two predominant goals, namely, one – to offer pet owner with needed knowledge product information of pet health and nutrition free of cost to help them decide best product and two – to provide natural and holistic pet foods and cat/ dog supplements logically formulated and carefully manufactured for optimum health benefits.

Otisol In lines of these two goals, Wysong dog product line offers many items classified into dog dry foods, canned dog foods, raw dog foods, dog supplements and dog grooming and care products. Wysong dog grooming and care products contain naturally prepared shampoo, soap and ear treatment options. Otisol is dog ear treatment natural solution. Read on to learn more about Otisol.


Otisol is developed to help keep ears clean and stimulate tissue health. It uses natural extracts and emulsifiers that support creating an epidermal environment unfavorable to pathogenic growth. It is made to offer soothing, non-irritating and deodorizing treatment for dogs.

Product Description

Otisol is a water-soluble blend of natural extracts that is useful in daily ear cleaning. It is specifically designed for use in animals without severe ear disorders. Otisol is very effective in preventing the growth of dirt and residue that provide a way for pathogenic to grow.

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  • Otisol comprises natural extracts and emulsifiers designed to help keep pet ears clean, stimulate tissue health, and offer many more benefits.
  • It is a water-soluble ear treatment with natural ingredients that work as antiseptic and tissue healing properties for routine ear care and cleaning.
  • This product is also useful in preventing dog ear infections.
  • Otisol is a unique natural formulation consists of natural extracts and emulsifiers.
  • It is designed to maintain ears clean, encourage tissue health, and create an unfriendly epidermal environment for pathogenic or infections to occur.
  • Otisol is a calming, non-irritating and deodorizing ear treatment solution.
  • It is helpful to be utilized for both cats and dogs.
  • This grooming dog care Otisol product is available in 37 ml. Bottle form.


The Otisol is made utilizing the natural extract from Aloe Vera, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Purified Water, Sodium Coceth Sulfate, PEG-6 Caprylic Glycerides, Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, Decyl Polyglucoside, Eucalyptus Oil, Cajuput Oil, Juniper Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Chlorophyll, Colloidal Silver, Clove Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, Olive Oil, Citrus Seed Extract, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Rosemary Extract and Sage Extract.

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Directions to Use

  • Shake Otisol bottle very well before using.
  • Instill several drops into the ear for about 2-3 times in a day. Massage carefully into ear canal and remove any excess of this solution with the help of cotton or tissue. If ears are excessively dirty then repeat this procedure.
  • It is suggested to use Otisol before and after bathing if pet dog’s ears are mostly sensitive.
  • For routine ear cleansing it is recommended to use Otisol only once in a week.

To order this wonderful ear solution called Otisol that clears dirt/ remains from your pet years and soothes it, just click on the link below and click add to basket tab – http://www.wysong.net/products/otisol-pet-dog-cat-ear-infection-treatment.php