Buy Otibiotic Ointment for Dog Ear Infection – What is Otibiotic Ointment for Dogs used for?

Otibiotic ointment for dog ears is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, ear medication for dogs. You can also use it to treat severe or persistent canine outer ear infections due to yeast or bacteria. Most probably these microbes are susceptible to gentamicin. Otibiotic for dogs ears contains gentamicin that have profound uses right from reducing distress to reddishness or inflammation to exudates, odor etc. that occur due to infection or a tough antimicrobial effect. Otibiotic ointment for dog ears contains gentamicin sulfate, clotrimazole and betamethasone valerate in a mineral oil-based medium consists of a hydrocarbon gel.

Butler Schein Otibiotic ointment for dog ears – Ingredients

  • Gentamicin sulfate ointment for dogs ear infection: Gentamicin is an antibiotic that act against the normal protein synthesis of the bacterium. The action is specifically against Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus and Escherichia coli.
  • Betamethasone for dogs: Betamethasone valerate is a synthetic corticosteroid that provides anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activities. It is easy to be absorbed from the skin.
  • Clotrimazole: Clotrimazole is an antifungal agent for skin infection treatment. Clotrimazole in Otibiotic Ointment for Dog take action against the division and growth of the pathogenic microorganisms. Resistance to clotrimazole is very tough for the fungi. It is also effective in reducing odor and swellings. Though it is slow to be absorbed it breaks the fungal body.

Side Effects of Otibiotic ointment for dogs ear infection

Otibiotic ointment side effects like high enzyme levels, weight loss, vomiting, and diarrhea are seen in dogs administering the otibiotic ointment. Cushing’s syndrome in dogs is another negative effect due to prolonged steroid therapy. Clotrimazole can cause stinging eruptions, peeling and irritation of the dog’s skin.

Dosage – Otibiotic ointment directions for dog ears

Here is otibiotic ointment directions that will help you to know all about the product. Thoroughly clean and dry the external ear and remove any foreign body or crusted exudates from the ear with a suitable non-irritant solution. Trim the infectious area of any excess hair or fur. Drop about 2-4 drops into the ear canal of the dog twice per day. This otibiotic ointment for dogs dosage is best for pooches weighing less than 30 pounds. If it weighs above 30, instill 8 drops twice every day for consecutive 7 days.

Otibiotic OintmentOtibiotic Ointment – It is antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory and an antifungal. It is used to treat acute or chronic canine otitis externa outer ear infections when caused by yeast or bacteria susceptible to gentamicin.

Precautions – Otibiotic otic ointment for dog ears

Usage beyond the recommended 7 days may delay the healing. Prolonged usage of Otibiotic Ointment for Dog can reduce the immunity. It is only for external use and should not be taken orally. It is meant for animal use only, in the case of human ingestion immediate medical attention must be given. Do not use in dogs with known perforation of eardrums. Sensitive dogs may suffer from deafness or partial hearing loss. Corticosteroids can cause cleft palate and deformed forelegs in the offspring if given to pregnant dogs.

Quadritop ointment for dogs eyes

Quadritop ointment for dog ear infection has been used from years but there have been many pet owners who raised queries if quadritop ointment can be used for dogs eyes. Though it is recommended neither by the product manufacturer nor by the Vet, pet owners have used them and found immense relief.

A story of Quadritop ointment for dogs eyes

A pet owner who has an 11-year-old shepherd used quadritop ointment. Its the ingredient cortisol that works wonders on the infectious area. Using an ear product for the eye did not go well with certain vets. However, the results were impeccable for two reasons (1) the ointment suggested by the vet was almost 5x costly when looking at the tiny amount that is to be applied and (2) the cortisol content is comparatively less than quadritop.

Note the product is specific for the ear infection. Overdosage can trigger side effects on a pet’s health which can prove detrimental. If you are hesitant to use quadritop ointment for dogs eyes, then make sure you consult your vet and get a good remedy for your pet. This ointment is NOT for dogs dealing with hypersensitivity, skin allergies or pregnant dogs.

Otibiotic ear drops

Instill 4 drops (2 drops if you are using 215g bottle) twice a day to the ear canal on dogs that weigh less than 30 lbs. Instill 8 drops (4 drops of 215g bottle) twice a day on the ear canal of dogs weighing more than 30 lbs. make sure to follow this treatment for 7 consecutive days.

If you are looking for Otibiotic ointment substitute, there are a couple of products that you can find online that are excellent in healing dog’s ears. Mometamax and Pet king brand zymox otic solution for pet ears (1.25 ounces).

Is quadritop healing ointment available on Amazon?

Click on the link below to purchase quadritop ointment for sale or purchase from websites such as, etc. However, it is not available on Amazon. Quadritop Ointment is also available at Henry Schein Animal health center.

Can I use Quadritop for cats?

Yes, You can use Otibiotic ointment for cats as well.