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Dog Psoriasis Treatment – What Ointment to Put on Psoriasis on Dogs?

Psoriasis Dogs: How can Dogs get Psoriasis?

Can Dogs have Psoriasis? Yes, Dogs are usually prone to this condition due to their food habits. It’s important that dogs be fed a natural diet with very little to no gluten, preservatives. If possible avoid wheat and rice too. Though there is a lot of Grain free diet for dogs which are sold online, most of these foods are of little use as it contains added preservatives and by-products. A perfect diet for a dog is Raw and if your dog is dealing with a condition such as psoriasis, he/she should be fed a raw diet as much as possible. Avoid spices in dog food and that includes sugar, salt and any form of taste additives. Sugar and salt, both act as irritants when consumed and the skin irritation tends to increase.

What to do to dogs who get Psoriasis?

The infamous apple cider vinegar treatment is great for treating psoriasis in dogs. Both external and as a diet additive, ACV is an excellent remedy for dogs with various conditions. ACV added with the drinking water could add a lot of difference to your dog’s health. A small amount of Diluted ACV sprayed or rubbed on the dog’s Fur and skin will relieve the dog from its irritation. Its safe to apply the solution several times a day and dogs will have no side effects if they happen to lick it. It’s always important that you understand that ACV should not be used directly and should be dissolved with pure water before applying it to the Dog’s skin.

The Skin Remedy and an ointment for skin psoriasis in dogs is available in the market. Most of these ointments contain 2 major ingredients or one of the 2. Sulphur and charcoal, both are very effective in treating psoriasis in Dogs. Both the ingredients are known to slow down the breaking of T Cells which happen in a rapid pace. Charcoal is considered safer too. The best part of these treatments which is all natural is that there are no adverse effects and chances of dogs going into an allergy mode.

Symptoms of Psoriasis in dogs & why you should watch out before treating your pet.

Dog Psoriasis symptoms can be sometimes mistaken for eczema, which is a skin condition and is very similar to the Psoriasis. Unfortunately, a lot of difference does occur in between the 2 conditions and treating the dog with the wrong medication could only delay the process of treatment making the condition worse. A change in diet keeping in order with your Vet can raise the immunity level and treat psoriasis in dogs.

Nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C or omega 3 fatty acids are a must and should be included in the daily diet. This will not only keep psoriasis in dogs but other ailments too at a bay. At all times, consult your vet to at least be sure what you are treating your pet for. Most vets do not recommend natural remedies. But they surely know a lot about what the condition is and with the state of the art equipment and their years of study, they will be able to determine the condition far better than most pet owners.

Confusing the condition with another is not acceptable and in most case, it’s a lot of inconvenience for your pet.

Ointments for Psoriasis on Dogs

Over the counter drugs for dogs with Psoriasis are freely available. The best remedy which we came across was Vetionx Derma-Ionx a great natural cure for dogs with psoriasis which is very much balanced and has been tested not just in labs but by dog owners who have taken a lot of time and patience to see this product evolve. The Derma-ionx a product by Vet ionx is one of the few natural remedies which help in curing Psoriasis for Dogs. Check out the article below for more information on Derma-ionx by

Dogs Psoriasis Treatment in Ayurveda

Are you looking for psoriasis treatment in dogs? Then, here is a psoriasis treatment in Ayurveda using neem leaves and oil. For starters, let me put the fact straight to you. There is sadly no remedy to completely eradicate psoriasis. The reason is that this skin disorder is a genetic condition and there is no way to fix the genes. But overly, science is yet to discover more about psoriasis. However, you can control the condition by using right psoriasis in dogs treatment.

Neem oil is one of the best-suggested treatment to get rid of psoriasis on a dog. Why? Because for starters, it does not promote any side effects which is one of the top queries asked by many pet owners. No wants to deal with a side effect, be it a human or a dog.

Neem Oil can affect your skin just like steroids but without any side effects and all benefits. It also alters the natural immunity of your pet‘s skin in a positive way thereby proving one of the best psoriasis treatment in Ayurveda.

Be it any skin infections, neem oil is one of the obvious remedies. Its antibacterial properties that can cut down the aggravation of psoriasis conditions. There are many neem oil products such as tablets, capsules etc. which is used as a Psoriasis treatment in Ayurveda for healing dogs. If you are using neem oil, apply to the affected area. If you are using capsules simply insert the ingredients of the capsules with the dog’s raw food and feed him.

Homeopathic Treatment for Psoriasis Dogs

Homeopathy is one of the most sought-after remedies in the world majorly because they give promising results. If you are looking for psoriasis treatment in homeopathy for dogs, then there are medications that can heal your canine from any psoriasis.

For instance, Mezereum is a compound that is derived from a flowering plant called Daphne Mezereum. Available at Europe and Northern Asia, Mezereum is a plant that is vastly used as a Psoriasis treatment in homeopathy.

Another medication used for Psoriasis treatment in homeopathy is Potassium Permanganate Baths. A chemical in all ways, it is used by many industries and is an effective water treatment. You can find it in retail stores at an affordable price which provides a good relief from psoriasis.

Canine Psoriasis Treatment Guidelines

The guidelines are published every now and then so as to update the public while helping the doctors to treat plaque psoriasis. The aim of these guidelines laid down by The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) in their latest psoriasis treatment guidelines is to classify drugs for patients whose psoriasis is beyond topical treatment. You can read about it here at

The Psoriasis on Dog treatment guidelines has been divided into various sections keeping in mind the condition such as psoriatic arthritis, topical therapies, phototherapy and many more. Though these medications are laid down for people, they do not differ from what is treated for psoriasis in dogs or any animal for that matter.

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