Urinary gold

Urinary Gold is 100% safe and natural product from Petwellbeing. The product addresses different aspects of canine urinary tract health. This proprietary blend of natural ingredients help to maintain acid balance of the bladder. There will be a comfortable urinary excretion.


Urinary Gold For Dogs

Natural remedy is determined by various factors. One of the key factor is the Ph level in our urine. Dogs too have the same kind of organs we humans have. Thus, it’s noted that a Ph level of 5.5-7 is great and healthy among dogs. Usually, anything lower than 5.5 is considered acidic and anything higher is Alkaline. Moreover, extremes are considered bad and usually indicate some sort of ailments in dogs. If already not seen, you will see it in the near future. First of all, alkaline urine indicates that there is a lot of alkali in the blood stream which will result in Bladder stone and likes. First of all, Kidney failures are already one of the major concerns in dogs and a Ph level of anything greater than 7 will soon give heavy activity on the kidney and failure will be imminent.

Something important

Overall, treating Alkaline or Acidic nature of the body is entirely controlled by food. If your dog is having a nutritious food, chances are that your problems will soon disappear . For alkaline dogs, consider feeding more natural food with meat as a major part of its meal. First of all, meat is acidic and so are plenty of other food items. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best known remedies in treating a range of symptoms in dogs. Also it is a great way to improve the acid level in a dog’s body. A table spoon of ACV added to the dogs water bowl every day can solve the issue.

Acidity or Ph level below 5.5 is just as dangerous. Caused by excessive protein consumption. This can be controlled by limiting Meat and adding More vegetables like broccoli, carrot, beetroot and Cabbages to the dog’s diet. A Perfect diet for a dog will constitute of 60% meat and 40% vegetables.

Urinary gold for canine urinary tract health

To begin with, Urinary Gold is a natural support for treating canine urinary tract health. Besides, the ingredients of Urinary Gold support a healthy urinary tract and normal pH in the bladder. Petwellbeing Urinary Gold is formulated by a team of naturopaths and holistic vets. You can use Urinary Gold for your dogs to provide ongoing support. Moreover, the formula naturally maintains a healthy urinary tract. In short, Urinary Gold is designed to support both the normal pH and normal urinary immunity. If your dog needs his urinary tract to be maintained, then obviously Urinary Gold is recommended.

Urinary Gold ingredients – herbs of Urinary Gold

Urinary Gold is 100% safe and natural product from Petwellbeing. The product addresses different aspects of canine urinary tract health. This proprietary blend of natural ingredients help to maintain acid balance of the bladder. There will be a comfortable urinary excretion. Following are the herbs of urinary gold for canine urinary tract health.

  • Stone root : soothes the mucous membranes of the urinary tract. This ingredient helps to keep a healthy environment within the kidneys and bladder.
  • Hydrangea root : helps to support the immune system in your pet’s body and bladder.
  • Marshmallow root : soothes mucous membranes that line the urinary tract.
  • Dandelion leaf : dandelion leaves possess powerful urinary antiseptic and herbal diuretic. Dandelion is a also a good source of many vitamins and minerals.
  • Yarrow aerial parts : possess excellent astringent properties. Yarrow aerial in Urinary Gold supports immunity. This ingredient generally cleanses and supports the entire urinary system.
  • Oregon grape root : supprts the body’s natural immunity. Helps to defend against viruses and bacteria.
  • Echinacea root, flower and seed : used commonly for maintaining healthy immune system.
  • Goldenrod aerial parts : helps to sooth the inflammation in the lower urinary tract. Goldenrod aerial parts in Urinary Gold also prevents formation of stones.
  • Horsetail aerial parts : this herb maintains normal fluid balance in the body.
  • Hops strobiles : provides a calming relaxation to the nervous system.

Urinary Gold dosage and directions

The formula comes in a tincture formula. Administer Urinary Gold orally twice daily.

For dogs weighing 2 – 50 lb : give one drop of Urinary Gold
For dogs over 50 lb : add one drop extra per additional 4 lb.

Shake well before use.

Urinary Gold for dogs customer reviews

The customer reviews on Urinary Gold for improved urinary health in dogs is pretty impressive. The reviews show a positive feedback. Urinary Gold has helped many dogs save their life from urinary problems. 100% of the respondents had recommended this product to their friends. The formula has received an average of 4.9 star rating.

Rusty from Fayetteville, NC had given a 5-star rating to the product. Her dog had stones in his bladder. Since then, they were using Urinary Gold. The product has really worked well for him. He is doing great on it.

“Amazingly effective” says a user from Seacrest Beach, FL.
They had a 6 year old Yorkie and 13 year old ShiTzu. Shitzu had urinary issues. Urinary Gold was the only natural remedy that worked for them.

“Cleared the UTI right up” says another user from Hill Country, TX.
“I just added the drops per weight to her food in the morning. Yes, I would recommend this to friend”.

“Still infection free” says a Pug lover from New Albany.
Their pug continues to be free of infection with daily use of Urinary Gold.

Likewise there are many satisfied customers for Urinary Gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Urinary Gold for dog urinary tract health work ?

The proprietary blend of Urinary Gold targets at maintaining acid balance in the bladder. The full biochemical spectrum of the herbs is preserved to ensure maximum potency of the extract.

From where to buy Urinary Gold for dogs?

You can buy Urinary Gold for dogs from official website of Petwellbeing or amazon.

Is Urinary Gold available in UK?

Yes, the product is shipped to Uk or you can buy from amazon.uk

Does Urinary Gold offer money back guarantee?

Urinary Gold comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Is Urinary Gold Vet approved?

Yes, the Urinary Gold formula is developed by a team of holistic vets. Urinary Gold is a vet approved formula, to give gentle, preventative support to your dog.

Is Urinary Gold FDA registered?

The manufacturing facility of Urinary Gold is FDA registered. All ingredients and manufacturing processes complies to Good Manufacturing Practices.

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