Nexgard For Flea And Ticks
Insect Repellent For Dogs

Nexgard For Flea And Ticks In Dogs

Nexgard For Flea And Ticks In Dogs

Nexgard is a simple chewable tablet that contains special formulations that has the capability to kill ticks and fleas. It works with an enhanced technique that kills adult fleas before they start laying their eggs.

Have you heard about Nexgard the flea killer? Well if you own a pet am sure you would be well aware of what fleas and ticks can do to your pooch. It just gets the hell out of us, not to mention the dog has to suffer. Want to get rid of flea and tick problems then Nexgard is the solution that you might need. In this article, you will find a detailed review about Nexgard For Flea And Ticks the new flea and tick killer remedy

About Nexgard Oral Treatment For Fleas And Ticks

To start with, Nexgard is an oral treatment remedy for ticks and fleas in dogs. This product is from Merial, an innovation-driven animal health care company. Nexgard is a simple chewable tablet that contains special formulations that has the capability to kill ticks and fleas. It works with an enhanced technique that kills adult fleas before they start laying their eggs. Thus interrupting their life cycle and killing them for once and all. It has the capability to fight against infestations like American dog tick, Lone star tick and deer tick.

Nexgard claims to protect the pet and safeguard its health for a full one month when under this medication. It also prevents re-infestation during this period.

Flea And Ticks A Real Headache For Dogs

Fleas and ticks are seriously nerve-irking problems and every pet owner has to deal with it at some point. This is a problem suffered worldwide especially during summer months. Imagine those locations where the climate is always warm and how do people out there manage fleas. I really wonder about the dogs living in warmer climates.

Well contrary to this belief, experts say that fleas can survive in cold winters too. This is possible because they stay hidden inside cozy indoors and warm places like cervices. They wait for the right time and start their work of biting our poor dogs. Fleas and ticks find their way to your home somehow, either with the help of wild animals, cats, or human visitors. There is no way to protect your dog from these pesky creatures.

Therefore, the only alternative that stands a chance is medications that might work and keep these bastards away. There are many methods like topical ointments, oil baths, and other remedies to keep fleas and ticks away. However, I am not sure how cool will your dog sit and allow you to apply these without making any fuss. So I suffice oral treatments are much better than topical remedies. Nexgard is an oral tablet that has powerful formulation to protect dogs from pestering fleas and ticks.

What Is NexGard For Flea And Ticks?

NexGard is a simple chewable tablet that claims to kill 100% of fleas and ticks in 24 hours. It has a beef flavor and is soft to chew. It is one of the first chewable tablets, which is highly popular with an overwhelming response from customers.

Dogs do not usually love to take tablets but with the beef flavor, I am sure he will love to chew it until the end. You can actually treat your dog without any pain on your side and for him. If you have dealt with flea problems before then you would have used flea control medications like frontline plus. Nexgard is from the same company that makes frontline plus.

This medication actively works throughout the month in your dog’s body and kill all the fleas and ticks roaming around. It starts showing results within 24 hours and that is a great deal. The medication cracks the central nervous system of the fleas and they fall of the dog’s body within few hours. Thus, they die without hatching new young ones for continuing their legacy of infesting pets.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to buy this medication?

Nexgard is a medication that kills flea and ticks effectively. However, you will require a doctor’s prescription to administer this drug. This is because a vet can identify your dog’s condition better and determine how to deal with the situation.

Another reason why a doctor’s prescription is necessary is that, dosages differ with the size of the dog. Vet is the only person who can understand the dosage requirements depending on the condition and the size of the dog. For larger dogs, dosage will be more to show effective results. In addition, if your dog is suffering from other health conditions then your vet might say a no this medication.

Will this medication show results within 24 hours?

In majority of the cases, it just takes 24 hours to work. In some cases in may even take two or three days to show results depending on the dog’s infestation. This is one of the medicines, which assure consistent results for controlling fleas and ticks.

Will this medication kill already laid eggs?

It not only kills the adult fleas but also kills the hatched eggs. Once the flea bites the dog, it drops of the dog’s body and die. The eggs laid prior also see a similar end and die almost instantly. This medication is more than enough to control any sort of flea infestation.

How does it work?

This powerful oral remedy kills and destroys fleas and ticks. It also helps to prevent re-infestation. It contains a unique ingredient Afoxolaner that blends into the bloodstream of the pet. When the fleas and ticks bite the dog, their central nervous system gets over stimulated. This ingredient slowly releases into the bloodstream and largely depends on the metabolic activity of the pet. Therefore, it takes time to infuse into the blood and offers protection for 30 long days.

How to use Nexgard?

It is as simple like the dog treats that you offer. In a general survey, pet owners disclosed that their dogs loved to chew Nexgard than any other chewable tablets. You do not have to trick them or hide it inside the food to feed it. They will surely love to chew it and will want for more. If you have a fussy dog that throws tantrums then Nexgard is the best solution that you can rely on. The beef flavor gives their taste buds a kick ass taste and that is why they love to chew Nexgard.

How long is it effective and why do I see many fleas as soon I administered this tablet?

The medication mixes into the dog’s blood stream and continues to release for the whole month. When the fleas bite, the central nervous system of these insects collapse and they fall off. It shows instant results within 24 hours, and for the next 30 days, you can stay calm and relaxed without the fear of fleabites.

If the dog has any itching or allergy due to already infected bites then it will go off in few days. Once you administer this drug, you will find more fleas on your dog’s coat. This is because they come out of their hideouts and get ready to fall off. Do not panic if you see more numbers, it is just that they are soon going to die.



by Best vet care 4 out of 5stars (398 Customer Ratings)

Price: $38 – 67
Nexgard is a chewable tablet from Best Vet care. It is an oral treatment remedy for ticks and fleas in dogs.

Best Flea Control

4 stars out of 5 by Shannon for Nexgard

Works better than Advantage & Frontline. My dog loves it.

Can I use this medication for all ages of dogs?

You can use this medication on pups above 8 weeks of age and on older dogs. Also, note that your dog should be over the 4lbs mark to start this medication.

Are there any Side Effects while using Nexgard?

The most common side effects that are associated with this medication are headaches, vomiting, and loss of hunger, dry skin, seizures, lethargy, and diarrhea. While the side effects are rare and do not occur in the majority of the cases. If you find any symptoms, make sure to have a word with your doctor. If the situation worsens then contact your vet immediately before going ahead with the dosages.

It is safe not to use this drug when lactating or pregnant. The efficacy and side effects in such conditions have not been studied yet. So stay on the safer side by not administering this drug under such circumstances.

Advantages of  Nexgard For Flea And Ticks

  • Easy to use – compared to the topical ointments and herbal oil baths, this medication seems to simplify the job. It is easy to administer and all you have to do is give them to chew once a month. This keeps the dog protected for the whole month.
  • Double remedy – kills both fleas and ticks in one go. You do not have to look for two different medications to kill these annoying creatures. One simple Nexgard keeps both these creatures away.
  • No interference with other medications – Nexgard is a safe medicine that does not interfere with other medications and are safe alongside other treatments. (Discuss everything with your doctor prior to start taking any medication in general)

Can I use this more than once a month?

No. Nexgard recommended dosage is only once in a month and not more than that.

What is the recommended dosage?

Buy a pack depending on the weight of the dog. Make sure that the dog finishes the whole tablet and does not spit it out. Repeat the dosage every month for best results and enabling constant protection. You can start this drug anytime and continue without any interruption to prevent flea infestation and related allergies.

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You can buy the packets based on the weights mentioned below

  • 4-10 lbs
  • 10.1-24 lbs
  • 24.1-60 lbs
  • 60.1-121 lbs

Nexgard In A Quick Glance

  • Oral medication for preventing ticks and fleas
  • Only for dogs and do not try on other pets
  • Treats many types of tick problems and most of the flea infestations
  • Beef flavored and easy to administer
  • Dosages based on weight of the dog and prescription required.
  • Safeguards your dog for one full month and prevents re-infestations
  • Not for use in puppies below 8 weeks
  • Keep away from pets and small children

Nexgard For Flea And Ticks Customer reviews

Nexgard has a sort of mixed reviews. A whooping majority says that this drug is effective and sorts out the flea problems when used consistently. They say that they have finally found a simple remedy that is not only easy to use but also very effective to prevent re-infestation.

Now there are bunch of cases where people say that this medication even though effective has created adverse health effects. I could find in many online reviews where there were complaints about the side effects. I guess most of them would have not followed the dosages as prescribed by the vet. Some customers warn others to keep this away from dogs suffering from seizures. Anyways at the end of the day it is better to follows the Vet’s word and instructions properly. Since this is a prescription medicine, make sure to do it the right way by following appropriate dosages.


Nexgard is from the Merial family that has a wide range of animal health care products. This is one of their best selling flea medications. Nexgard is generally safe when consumed under a vet’s guidance. As a pet owner it is always better to be well educated about various medications before you start it on your dog.

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