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Milk Thistle for Dogs
  • Canine milk thistle maintains the health of your dog.
  • Petwellbeing’s Milk Thistle safeguards your pet from harmful toxins that damage the liver.
  • It supports the stability of liver membranes.
  • Milk Thistle hunts for harmful radicals.

Naturally Treating Liver Disease In Dogs With Milk Thistle – Vets Recommend

Milk thistle is becoming a popular choice among the pet owners. People started using milk thistle as a natural remedy for liver disease in dogs. Do you have a pet with liver disease? Are you looking for natural support for treating canine liver disease? Then, this article is dedicated to treating liver disease in dogs using milk thistle. Vets. Recommend this natural remedy to many pet owners for safeguarding their pet’s life.

Recommended For your Dog Liver Health

The liver is a complex organ. A dog’s liver performs critical processes, over 500 functions in the body. Some of these include regulation of blood sugar, production of bile for digestion and control of blood clotting. It’s the liver that acts as a filter to remove toxic substances. The liver is known to absorb fats and certain vitamins. Being such a vital organ, it is essential to take proper care of the liver. An overload of toxins can cause the liver to fail. Some pets are genetically prone to liver failure. Some pets are prone to liver disease due to bacterial or viral infections.Natural ingredients like milk thistle, turmeric, burdock, and certain vitamins are right for the canine liver disease. These ingredients support liver health. In this article, we are going to cover the symptoms of liver disease and how milk thistle for dogs help in treating liver disease.

Signs & Symptoms Of Liver Disease In Dogs

As mentioned above, liver disease in dogs come from certain bacterial or viral infection. The overdose of drugs and toxins can cause damaged liver in your pet. If you find any of these following symptoms in your dog, take him to the vet.

  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Soft stools
  • Weakness and listlessness

If a proper diagnosis is not taken, these symptoms can worsen to

  • Jaundice
  • Convulsions
  • Swollen abdomen from fluid accumulation
  • Unusual Behaviour

Milk Thistle For Dogs – A Natural Support For treating liver disease in dogs

When selecting a milk thistle supplement for your dog, it is essential to look for a genuine company. One such company is Petwellbeing. Petwellbeing’s Milk thistle is a 100% organic, natural supplement. It contains herbal ingredients for optimal liver support for dogs. A team of holistic vets designs the formula of Milk Thistle. Milk thistle for dogs, help to heal liver disease and digestive disorders as well.

Ingredients Of Milk Thistle For Dogs – What’s Inside The Formula

Milk thistle comes with milk thistle seed as its active ingredient. The component is certified organic. Inactive ingredients include de-ionized water, natural bacon flavor, and vegetable glycerin. The ingredients of Canine Milk Thistle help in performing the following functions.

  • Canine milk thistle maintains the health of your dog.
  • Petwellbeing’s Milk Thistle safeguards your pet from harmful toxins that damage the liver.
  • It supports the stability of liver membranes.
  • Milk Thistle hunts for harmful radicals.

Milk thistle seed is a natural source of silymarin. Silymarin is a compound containing flavonoids to protect the liver from toxins. It helps to maintain liver cell health. Giving milk thistle to your pet ensures natural detoxification for optimal health.

Milk Thistle Directions – How To Use The Product For Treating Liver Disease In Dogs?

Administer the Milk Thistle natural formula orally once daily. Give 1 drop for every 1 lb(0.5 kg) – 50 lb. For dogs over 50 lb, add one drop per additional 2 lb (1kg).

Shake well before use. No need of refrigerating the formula.

Milk Thistle Warnings / Precautions

  • Not safe to use in pregnant dogs.
  • If the symptoms worsen, stop using Milk Thistle and consult your vet.
  • Consult your vet before using Milk Thistle.

Milk Thistle Customer Reviews – What The Customers Say

Customer reviews on Milk Thistle were pretty good. Users had given a 5-star rating for the product. Here are some of the customer reviews on Treating Liver Disease In Dogs using milk thistle.

  • “Excellent product,” says Lisa. Lisa used it daily, until one month. She found a good improvement in her dog’s condition. She recommends the product to her friends.
  • “This product saved out Lhasa Apso.” – Says LouAnn from Toledo, Ohio. Her 6-year-old Lhasa Apso was suffering from liver disease. Her blood test numbers were disappointing, and the prescription medications were not showing any results. But after administering Milk Thistle from Petwellbeing, her blood test results were on good numbers. LouAnn recommends the product to every dog suffering from Liver failure.
  • “Good product,” says Jackie from Michigan. Jackie had a 12 yr old schnauzer, suffering from liver failure. He found Milk Thistle and brought from Petwellbeing. Today, he finds his pet active. He recommends Milk Thistle to his friends.
  • “Truly a wonderful product – can’t say enough about it,” says Lori from Alexandria. She liked the product as it was easy to administer and is quite happy with the results. She recommends Milk Thistle to all her friends.


While there are advanced treatments for dog liver disease, it is always best to identify the signs in the early stages. Treating your dog at the right time can save your pet from unpleasant symptoms. It also can protect you from costly medical bills.

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