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Natural Ways to Cure urinary tract infection in dogs

Urinary tract infection in dogs is just as common in people too. The common prescription drugs adviced by doctors include Antibiotics which is heavy on the dogs liver and could cause adverse effects in dogs. Check out some of the best natural ways to cure Urinary tract infection in dogs.

Cesar Milan in one of his article recommends Cranberry extract. Cranberry extracts are indeed natural and free from toxins. Many people have found a great difference in treating Urinary tract infection in dogs with cranberry extract. The content itself is easily available online on amazon but there are plenty of people who would sell it in stores too. Try the natural and the purest forms in liquids rather than pills.

Apple cider Vinergar is one of the most widest used Natural remedy for Urinary tract infection in dogs. This is so safe that people recommend it to be added to the water bowl of the dog. as a matter of fact, ACV is known for multiple benefits in dogs. They help better liver functioning and heart. The activity of the dog is also seen to improve. ACV is known to be one of the few wonder ingredients available for dogs and humans.

Oranges & Lime are also one of the few natural things you could add to the dog’s diet. They are high in Vitamin C and help the dog recover improving immunity. The increase in immunity helps in beating the bacteria while the dog is infected with Urinary tract infections.

Kidney support gold is a concoction of natural remedies in a pill form. It helps in kidney functions of the dog. Though in a tab form is purely a supplement and fully natural.

A dog with UTI or urinary tract infection should always be handled with care and surely with cleanliness. Keeping the dogs premises clean at all times can reduce the risk of getting the dog infected with the condition time and time again. Also be sure that your dog is constantly provided with enough water to drink. Limit the activity of the dog outdoors. Too much of exercise and running around may not be the best thing to do for your dog during this time.

Another Natural remedy for dogs is the Milk Thistle . Milk thistle is one of the best herbal remedy for dog and cat urinary problems. Milk thistle is also used to treat liver conditions in dogs and cats. Milk thistle for dogs are available from Various vendors online.

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