Addison’s Disease is one of the common diseases in dogs these days. A malfunction in the adrenal glands and its inability to produce Cortisols and mineralocorticoids, a key enzyme which helps a dog in a lot of things including alertness, movement and more. Cushings Disease is another of the adrenal malfunction where the same cortisols are excreted in excess creating a completely different range of symptoms.

Addisons disease is life-threatening. Understanding Addisons disease and its cause is essential. Did you know, controlling a dog’s diet and moving to a completely natural diet could solve some of the issues related to adrenal glands? Yes. Move to a natural Raw diet for just one month and see the difference in your dog.

Adrenaid is a homeopathic remedy for Dog Cushings Disease. Effective and natural , Its a vet approved medicine which is now available from 1st pet natural.