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Natural Remedies For Dogs

Domesticated dogs have been one of the most loved and preferred pets for centuries. They are very much a part of the family and are looked after with the same love and affection as shown to any other member of the family. So when it comes to food or medication it is only natural that for dogs too, only the best will suffice.

Americans spend about $50 billion dollars on their pets and more than half of this is spent on medicines and for veterinary care. Not all medicines are effective or safe and many of them may have side effects on the pets.


Natural Remedies to treat common ailments affecting dogs

Using Natural remedies is one of the best ways to treat all common ailments that afflict dogs. . Many of the common and minor infections like cold, flu, skin problems, toothaches, allergies and simple stomach problems can all be treated using natural remedies. Many of the common skin problems and allergies are best treated using natural remedies Natural remedies use ingredients made from plants, fruits or vegetables. These remedies have been effectively used for centuries, much before the discovery of modern medicines. They are still very popular in many countries. Natural remedies are very safe, easily available and many of them are simple concoctions which can be made at home They do not contain any harmful chemicals which may have adverse effects on the dog’s organs. They are safe and cause no side effects. They are also inexpensive.. Numerous books and online articles are available which will provide help to prepare these remedies using the right ingredients in the correct proportion. There are many remedies to treat each of the ailments and we can try out different combinations to find the one that is most suitable for a particular ailment for our pet. Many of the common natural remedies used to treat humans are effective for dogs as well.

Some examples of simple remedies are flavorless electrolyte-replacing liquids that help prevent dehydration in dogs suffering from diarrhea or vomiting. Chamomile tea is good for skin problems and also for upset tummies.  Vitamin E oil is good for dry skin. Common yeast infections of the stomach can be treated by using yogurt which is an excellent probiotic. Probiotics help preserve the good bacteria in the intestines. They also help treat yeast infections in dogs. Ground oatmeal soaked in bathwater can help reducing itching in dogs. Similarly, Epsom salt mixed in warm water can help heal wounds and swellings faster. Simple lime in water applied on the skin can help prevent fleas. These simple examples prove using natural remedies is a sensible, safe and cost effective way to treat many of the day to day illnesses that affect our pets. Some of these remedies can also be continued along with conventional medication.

Natural remedies need not be used only when dogs are ill. Many simple remedies can be used regularly to prevent many of the common illnesses. One of the reasons attributed for these recurring infections and allergies is because of the environmental pollution.  All the toxins affect the health of our pets and they are easily affected. Natural and raw food is also one of the best food options for dogs. Raw or uncooked foods retain a higher percentage of minerals and vitamins and dogs find them easier to digest.  Thus a combination of natural remedies when combined with wholesome natural food will make dogs healthy and fit.

Our site gives an insight into the various diseases affecting dogs and how to use natural remedies to effectively treat them.


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