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The Best Natural Remedies For Dog Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that is common among dogs and humans. The characteristics of this disease are the same for all, and so are most of the natural treatment methods. The condition is the sudden growth of the skin cells. Read on to know all about Natural Remedies For Dog Psoriasis. You will also find why Dogs lick their psoriasis.

The dog immune cells-particularly T-cells that take months for its growth would grow in a matter of few days causing some bumps of skin. This skin layers can later be dry and flaky. It appears as dandruff on the surface.

Though it starts as small patch somewhere on the skin, it soon spreads to other parts as well. These skin patches get dry over the time and can be extremely itchy for the dog’s comfort. It can scratch it too vigorously leading to secondary infections also.

In some dogs, the psoriasis is localized to a specific area or areas only, but in others, it can spread to all over. It is not a contagious disease or dangerous in any manner to other dogs around. But the secondary infections around the psoriasis are another matter. The main focus should be on preventing the secondary infection and reduce the itching.

What Causes Psoriasis In Dogs?

The exact cause is not yet known. The immune system of the dog behaves abnormally and create this inflammation like a situation that leads to this condition. The T-cells in the immune system would grow uncontrollably leading to this condition.

The cause of this disease is entirely on the genes. It is the reason why some dog breeds are more vulnerable than others. Breeds like West Highland terrier or the Golden retriever are the most affected. In others, the dog that has its immune system compromised somehow tends to get psoriasis. Dogs that are less exposed to sunlight or have poor hygiene and type of breed are all reason why one would get psoriasis.

Treatment Of Dog Psoriasis

The sad part is that there is no complete cure for this. It can come back later; there is no complete eradication. But treatment is most important to prevent the itching and scratching. The itching can be too intense to drive the doggy to distraction.

The usual treatment includes topical application of creams and some medication to boost the immune system. Since the treatment may not be permanent, it is unhealthy to rely on such methods entirely. The best course of action is natural remedies for dog psoriasis. There are a few lots of them.

Natural Remedies For Psoriasis In Dogs

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a universal cure for almost all kinds of diseases and particularly skin diseases. It is one of the excellent natural remedies for dog psoriasis. The aloe vera gel can directly apply over the affected skin area. It has soothing effects to relieve the itching. The anti-inflammatory property would check the cell growth. It is also hydrating to the skin. Since psoriasis can erode the skin off its natural oils, it can accept any hydration on it. The best option for all these would be aloe vera gel.

There is no harm in using the gel directly from the plant. Just ensure that you don’t mix latex with the gel. The gel can be used directly over the skin or mix with a little water and use as a skin wash or to soak the dog for a while.

Although aloe vera is safe to take internally to boost the immune system, it may not be advisable to use it on your own without consulting the vet. There are aloe vera supplements available for the benefit of the dog’s immunity. Aloe vera can bring good changes in the dog’s skin to help it fight diseases like psoriasis.

Moreover, applying aloe vera can prevent the possibility of secondary infections. In case there are any infections, the anti-bacterial property of aloe vera is enough to cure it. The wound healing ability can close the wound faster.


One of the cheapest and widely available natural remedies for dog psoriasis is sunlight. The UV rays in the sun are powerful to destroy the uncontrollable T-cells in the dog skin. The daily exposure to sunlight in the morning or the evening should be part of psoriasis treatment. Spend at least half an hour under the sun. Do avoid the peak hours as the dog might suffer sunburn.

Vitamin D

Moreover, the sunlight makes a source or base of for the dos to make their own immune-boosting vitamin D. yes, same like us, the dogs also make their vitamin D in the presence of sunlight. But unlike us, their skin cannot absorb this vitamin. This created vitamin D gets its entry inside the dog’s body when they lick their fur. This vitamin D can help boost the immune system in dogs.

Most dogs that are suffered by psoriasis have a low vitamin D level. But studies show that this vitamin D creation by dogs is not enough, so try some other methods also to improve its immune system. Fish liver oil is an excellent source of this vitamin and suits the dogs well.


Turmeric is the next on the list of powerful natural remedies for dog psoriasis. This herb is safe to be used both internally and externally. The topical application of the fresh turmeric paste can cure all kinds of skin problems. It has anti-inflammatory property to start with and then there is this anti-microbial activity. Both of these are significant in dealing with psoriasis.

One of the reasons for dog psoriasis is frequent exposure to toxins and thereby having a weak immune response in dogs. Interestingly turmeric has the s natural ability to detoxify the body and reinstate the immune reactions healthily. Including turmeric in the dog’s regular food and having the paste applied over its skin on affected areas and by adding a pinch of turmeric in its bathing water can help with psoriasis.

The antimicrobial property of turmeric prevents any bacterial infections on the scratched areas. The wound healing ability helps repair the damaged skin. The anti-allergenic nature reduces the itching, and the immune suppressant property of turmeric can make adjustments in the dog’s immunity to work accordingly and bring down psoriasis.

While applying the turmeric paste on the skin or adding it in the diet of dog does not need any meaningful consultation. Turmeric extract is available as capsules and if you want to give your pet thee tablets do consult with the vet.

Natural Oils – Natural remedies for dog psoriasis

Natural oils can be therapeutic for so many skin diseases, and psoriasis is no different. Psoriasis removes the natural oil from the dog’s skin and leaves it dry, brittle, and flaky. So applying natural oils on to the dog’s skin would be therapeutic as well as nourishing. There are a few natural oils that are nourishing and can cure psoriasis or provide relief from this skin condition. They are,

  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil can be used for topical application and as part of the diet. It has anti-bacterial, antiseptic and wound healing properties, all of which are useful in curing psoriasis in dogs. Coconut oil can relieve itching and add moisture to the dog’s skin and nourishes it. The oil reduces the flakiness and helps the skin heal faster. Applying coconut oil over the dog’s skin is good to prevent any bacterial infection on the scratched skin. It is also safe for the dog to lick its coat. Internally coconut oil can help boost the immunity as well. It also helps with proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Much of the cases where the dog suffers psoriasis due to the weak immune system is lack of enough nutrients or problem with nutrient absorption by the body. Coconut oil can cure it to some extent. Hence, it is considered one of the best natural remedies for dog psoriasis. You may either apply the oil on the skin after a soothing bath or give a dose of a ¼ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon full of coconut oil internally. The dosage varies with the size of the dog.
  • Olive oil: Olive oil is beneficial to oil that can treat dry skin and be nourishment both internally and externally. You may apply olive oil over the dog’s coat to reinstate some of the lost moisture or add it into its daily diet. The best time to apply olive oil is before or after the bath. You can use this oil for the regular massage session. Olive oil is the natural remedy to the flakes due to psoriasis.
  • Primrose oil: This is not a direct remedy for dog psoriasis. The anti-inflammatory effect of this oil can prevent the growth or spread of psoriasis on dogs. Moreover, the oil can cure dry skin and dull coat which both occur with psoriasis. It also helps reduce the itchiness. In addition to this immediate relief from psoriasis symptoms, Primrose oil also has some nutritive value for the dogs. It is safe to apply over the skin and upon licking it enters the dog’s internal system to work as a nutrient. The essential fatty acids in this oil can boost the immune system and control psoriasis.
  • Neem oil: Neem oil has the power to kill or prevent any irritating living creature on the dog’s body. Whether it is bacteria or the parasites, neem oil is the to-go-remedy. Neem oil is one of the powerful natural remedies for dog psoriasis. It can moisturize the dry skin and make a perfect barrier against invaders. All it needs is carrier oil. Just add a few drops of neem oil into the massaging oil – olive or coconut oil. You can apply these oils as often as you need. Diluting the oil would make it acceptable for the dogs.

Warm bath

Nothing beats like a warm bath. It is one of the cheapest natural remedies for dog psoriasis. The frequent bathing can harm the dog’s skin, especially with hot water. What I suggest is to use ‘warm’ water that is just above the cold water. The warm water helps remove the flaky skin from the dog’s body and can also soothe them. The natural remedy for dog psoriasis comes here in the form of different ingredients used during this warm bath. You may use natural oils for massaging before the bath or use this oatmeal pack to reduce the inflammation and itch on the dog’s skin.

Oatmeal bath: Oatmeal can reduce the itch on the skin and is useful for all kinds of skin infections. Apply a generous amount of oatmeal paste made with powdered oats and some water. Apply this paste all over the affected area and let the dog take some rest in its tub. After 5-10 minutes, wash off the paste with some warm water. Drop in some neem shampoo or oatmeal shampoo for some extra effects. Oatmeal can balance the dog skin pH and reduce the occurrence of itchiness. It conditions the skin and fur also.

Dietary changes – Natural remedies for dog psoriasis

To treat psoriasis, you may have to make some significant changes in the dog’s diet. Sometimes the wrong food also is the reason why the immune system of your pet is acting weirdly. So, if your dog has psoriasis, then it means no raw meat or eggs for a while for them. The dog is not primarily a feral animal and need not be served fresh food all the while. It needs cooked meat and eggs, so help them prepared. It is also to be noted to avoid gluten, wheat, rice, cornmeal, etc. from the dog’s diet.

By changing the diet means to include all the healthy food as well. Add in some immune boosting foods for the dog. Include high fiber, protein-rich, and low carbohydrate food. Boost the nutrition of the meal with some omega fatty acids and its likes. Do not forget the vitamins and minerals as well. Pumpkin, carrots, and other veggies would also do some good. Try as much to avoid the ready-made food for a while and cook homemade food for the poor thing.

Saliva – Why do dogs lick their psoriasis?

The belief that dog licking psoriasis or wounds goes back to Egyptian times. Wise claim it is one of the natural remedies for dog psoriasis. In recent times, you might hear a pet owner saying that dog licking their psoriasis or wounds help them heal. It is true to a fair extent. Your pooch carries antimicrobial properties such as Lysozyme, Histatins, Nerve growth factor, etc.

  • Lysozyme – is an enzyme that kills bacteria. It also inhibits the overgrowth of bacteria.
  • Histatins – proteins that are also present in our saliva. It also helps in repairing the skin cells.
  • Nerve growth factor – is a type of protein that helps in speeding the healing time to 50% faster.

There are many reviews from pet owners that support this theory. However, dogs contain a bacteria called Pasteurella that can trigger skin infection that can worsen the symptoms.

Immune boosters

The final resort is to give the dogs some immune boosters of any kind.

  • Avoid dirty areas: The first step towards immune boosting is to avoid exposure to dirty areas. Keep your dog clean and hygienic always. Do not let the dog play in the dirty surroundings. It would be a good idea not to let your dog play with others for a while. Spend some quality time with your dog that itself could boost confidence, morale, and immunity. Wash, massage, and groom your pet regularly. Regular washing can remove those dead skin cells and reduce the red bumps on its skin.
  • Fish oil contains a high amount of omega fatty acids like omega – 3 and omega-6. Both of these are important for the skin and coat health on dogs. It can also improve the overall immunity of the dog. Just make sure that you don’t overdo this fish oil. Excess fish oil in the system can affect vitamin E in the dog’s body.
  • Probiotics are the next step of strengthening the immune system of your dog. Feed some plain yogurt, daily. The good bacteria in the yogurt help increase the good bacteria in the gut and later boost the immune system.

Additional immune boosting agents

  • Hydration: Proper hydration of the body and skin is essential for the dog to prevent and cure psoriasis. Urge the dog to drink plenty of water, especially when it has psoriasis. It helps to reduce the drying of skin. It can eliminate much of the toxins as well.
  • Dietary supplements: The immune system needs all the nutrients to stay healthy. The deficiency of even one of the nutrients can adversely affect the immune system as a whole. Have a little chat with the vet and see if your pet is lacking in any of the essentials. Find the immediate solution for this to help it fight psoriasis.
  • Stress: Finally stress can affect the dog’s immunity, so you need to make sure that your pet is not overly stressed. Staying alone for too long or having some phobia can have a more significant impact on dogs. In case your pet has any of these problems, address it at the earliest. It can hurt its immunity.


Natural remedies for Dog psoriasis are around the corner. You don’t have to look very head. They are simple and easily applicable. However, many confuse and misunderstand psoriasis to be other types of skin diseases. Proper diagnosis is essential for all kinds of diseases. Though there are many natural remedies for dog psoriasis, one must consult with the doctor first and diagnose the problem properly. Do seek advice on how to go about with this natural remedy and treatment rather than deciding for yourself.

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