Anal Gland impaction in Dogs

PetAlive AnalGlandz For Dogs – Anal Gland Impaction Relief

PetAlive AnalGlandz For Dogs

PetAlive AnalGlandz For Dogs- Cleanses the anal area and reduces pain and swelling and assist in softening of hardened material to be expressed from the glands. 100 percent natural proven and safe herbal tincture for pets.

AnalGlandz By PetAlive

AnalGlandz for Dogs is for external use. Application instructions are clearly given on the bottle and on the website. Add 5-10 drops on a 1/4 cup warm water and apply on the anal area with comfortable pressure. Application is recommended only once a day. Application can be weekly once to avoid the recurrence of the problem.

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Being a natural remedyAnalglandz for dogs has no side effects. But in case of rashes or itching, please stop using Analglandz immediately. This has not been seen on any of the pets. Additional precaution has to be taken to make sure that the water used to mix Analglandz drops is warm and not hot. A comfortable warmth is great.

Anal Gland Impaction Symptoms

Anal Gland impaction is something you cannot avoid noticing if your dog has the problem. Is your dog dragging its back on the ground with a sad face? That’s the irritation caused by the canine friend, telling you that something is wrong with its anal gland. The irritation in the area creates discomfort leading the dog to drag its back on the ground. Some times the ground is a rough surface and often its on your couch or rug. The discomfort of the dog on one side and the problem itself creating an embarrassing situation to you and your friends who visit home is another.

Anal Gland impaction is surely not life threatening but its a bit embarrassing for you and a lot of discomfort for your canine friend. Taking action of every single problem of your pet is your responsibility as a pet owner. If you are looking for symptoms of anal gland impaction, you just need to keep your eyes open.

Anal Gland impaction in Dogs could happen at any age. There is no specified age from when dogs get this problem. Anal Gland impaction is a mechanical problem so to speak. The Fluid in the Anal glands, below the anus area is usually flushed off when the dog excretes. Due to problems in diet (usually due to lack of Fiber in diet) the anal glands are not pressed, which creates the fluid in the anal glands to remain. Over a period of time, this could irritate the dog to the extend that it starts dragging its bottom on the floor, rugs and rubs it all over the place, trying to press the anal gland and remove the fluid by force. Though this works at times, the process is not efficient and requires manual attention.

PetAlive Analglandz for dogs

Analglandz for dogs is a homeopathic remedy to Anal gland impaction in dogs and cats. Being effective with no side effects, Analglandz for dogs is one among the few products which has been constantly ordered by clients.

PetAlive Analglandz for dogs, is specifically designed to help problems related to Anal gland impaction in dogs and cats. Since its safe, Analglandz for dogs can be used without side effects and there are no known adverse effect to using Analglandz on a long term.

AnalGlandz for Dogs –  Cures for Anal Gland Impaction the Natural way

For dogs its almost always natural. Yes the medication too is recommended naturally. Trying to induce chemical contents into your dog’s life is going to create adverse effect sooner than later. When there is a condition which cannot be cured with natural remedies, the prescription drugs come into play. Increasing fiber content in the diet is the first step you can take as a responsible pet owner. The next step to clearly cure anal gland impaction is to add a natural medication like Analglandz.

A veterinary procedure of less than 5 minutes can be done at a vets place , but costs could go up and the inconvenience of taking your pet to the vet would be an add on on your time. A Vet usually expresses the anal glands manually helping the dog relieve the problem. Frequent express of anal gland impaction (once in a month) is usually recommended by Vets.The procedure is easy enough to learn and can be done by you at home. If the diet is not maintained, the problem tends to re-occur. For more information on Analglandz for dogs and details on Pricing and more, we suggest you check the website at

AnalGlandz for Dogs – Ingredients

AnalGlandz ingredients include Stinging Nettle, Dandelion, Chamomile, Yarrow and Silica. All these ingredients have a special reason to be here and are highly effective in treating Anal Gland impaction. Add on with a diet of high fiber food, your dog is going to do great in as little as a day or two.

The ingredients are natural herbal cleansing agent which helps in providing a soothing effect for your dog. The anti-oxidant effect and the detoxification process which is effective in these ingredients help your dog with general health too. Silica specially is an excellent remedy for emptying the Anal sacs.

For more information on PetAlive Analglandz for dogs ingredients check the website at

Anal Gland Impaction in Detail

Anal Glands or the anal sac is a gland near the anus of the dog. This gland produces a very smelly liquid which is excreted or expressed every time the dog excretes. Though there seems to be no physical use of the liquid in the body like other enzymes and nutrients, this particularly smelly fluid passed through the anus enables the animal to mark its territory. By nature, the liquid is expressed or removed every time the dog excretes / passes stool, but in some cases the gland is blocked and the fluid is not removed. This results to irritation in the anus and in later stages create complications. Anal gland impaction may not lead to be fatal, but the complications of a surgery may be an inconvenience for both the pet owner and the pet itself. Immediate remedy and treatment is advisable for pets when health conditions occur.

Anal Gland Impaction Symptoms

The most common symptom of Anal Gland impaction is scooting. You may have noticed that the dog drags its bottom on the ground when affected with anal impaction. This is the dog’s way of removing the liquid (or trying its best to do so). Often this works for the dog, but sometimes it doesn’t. If the anal gland impaction is in advanced stage, chances are that its going to worsen. A veterinary help may be required to express anal glands manually. The procedure takes 10 minutes and you can do it at home if you know how to do it.!

Anal Gland Impaction and dietary causes

Diet is meant to be one of the few causes of anal gland impaction. Though many would disagree to the theory of commercial food being the major cause of anal gland impaction in most dogs, We would advice you to try natural diet for a week or more to test if your dog is feeling better.

Analglandz Homeopathic Medicine for Anal gland Impaction

Of all medicines, Homeopathy is currently termed as natural and effective. Approved by the world of medicine today, Homeopathy leaves no side effects and is efficient and effective at the same time. AnalGlandz for Dogs is a Homeopathic remedy for anal gland impaction which can cure dogs of its problem. The need for manual anal gland impaction is completely removed once treated with AnalGlandz for dogs.

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