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Ear Care Gold For Dogs
  • Ear infection
  • All Natural ingredients
  • Cure ear infections in a week
  • Product by Petwellbeing.

Natural Ear Drops For Your Pet – Treating Ear Pain & Infection In Dogs With Natural Products

Does your dog have ear problems? Are you looking for a natural solution to get rid of ear problems in dogs? You are on the right page. Ear problems in dogs are one of the disgusting health problems. Many dogs suffer from ear problems. Ear problems are painful and unpleasant for your pet. A holistic approach is the right solution to overcome this problem. For this, you need to consider the environment in which your dog lives. What he eats and what his lifestyle is, matters when treating canine ear problems. Here are some natural ear drops for your pet such as Ear Care Gold.

Canine ear problems often are related with environmental or food-based allergies. If your dog has a very sensitive skin, there are chances that he/she might get allergic to ear infections. Dogs who are prone to itchy skin and hot spots will suffer from ear problems.

Recommended Products For Dog Ear Infection

Certain types of yeast and bacteria that are present in your dog’s ears can also cause ear infection. Taking your pet to the veterinarian is the conventional approach to treat ear problems. Your vet will prescribe antibiotics, steroids and other medications, to provide immediate relief. By doing so, the symptoms are suppressed. This is just a temporary fix and doesn’t last long.

If you want your pet to permanently stay away from ear problems, go for natural medications. A holistic approach looks at your dog’s diet, lifestyle and total system. In order to accomplish a long-term cure, your pet needs to follow herbal or homeopathic remedies.

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Following Are Some Of The Best Natural Medications For Your Pet To Get Rid Of Ear Problems

  • Ear Care Gold
  • Ear Dr.
  • Otaxium ear drops

But before I begin with the products, here’s the table of content

  • About Ear Care Gold – The Natural Ear Drops For Your Pet
  • Ear care gold ingredients
  • How to use Ear Care Gold – directions
  • Ear Care Gold reviews
  • About Ear Dr.
  • Ear Dr. Ingredients
  • How to use Ear Dr – directions
  • Ear Dr customer reviews
  • About Otaxium Ear Drops
  • Otaxium Ear Drops ingredients
  • How to use Otaxium Ear Drops – directions
  • Otaxium Ear Drops reviews
  • Conclusion

Ear Care Gold – For Dog Ear Infections

Ear care Gold from pet wellbeing is a natural formula for treating canine ear infections. Its a natural ear drops for your pet to keep your dog’s ears comfortable and healthy. It strengthens the immunity in canine ears. The ingredients of Ear Care Gold fights against the bacteria and fungi causing ear infection.

Ear Care Gold is a natural ear drops for your pet solution formulated by a team of holistic veterinarians. It’s a blend of natural herbs for dealing with discomfort caused by ear problems. Ear care Gold is an infused herbal oil that leaves the skin inside the ears normal and healthy. Being in the liquid state, this oil is known for its ability to keep skin tissue healthy. Ear care Gold provides nutrition to the layers of the skin, which provides a soothing effect to your pet. It maintains natural immunity of the skin as well.

You can use Ear Care Gold for treating symptoms like dog shaking his head, scratching and swelling. If you notice redness and even thickening of the skin in ears, you can apply this oil.

Ear Care Gold contains only herbal ingredients and so provides gentle and soothing effect to your pet. As the product does not contain alcohol or chemicals, your pet won’t get irritated with the oil. Results have shown that the product has helped to stop the recurrence of ear infection in many pets. Once the normal, healthy pH is re-established, it is much hard for the bacteria or fungi to infect the ears.

Ear Care Gold ingredients

All ingredients of Ear Care Gold are natural and herbal. Following are the ingredients of Ear Care Gold, the natural ear drops for your pet.

  • Goldenseal root – also known as hydrastis canadensis. This is one of the best herbs for treating bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It has a soothing quality on infected mucous membranes and inflamed tissues.
  • Olive Leaf – Also known as olea europea. This leaf provides natural protection against fungi, bacteria and micro organisms.
  • Calendula flower – medicinally known as calendula officinalis. It is commonly applied to abrasions to help restore normal skin cells. Its anti-microbial activities help protect the dog’s ears from yeast and bacteria.
  • Mullein leaf – called as verbascum thapsus, is an effective herb for keeping the inner and outer ear surfaces healthy.
  • St. John’s wort flowering herb – is generally known for internal use, but also good in healing external problems. When infused into oil, these yellow flowers release their pigment.
  • Aloe Vera leaf – helps to treat irritated tissues inside our pet’s ears. The anti-fungal properties of Aloe Vera leaf improves skin inflammation.

Ear Care Gold Directions – How To Use This Natural Ear Drops For Your Pet?

Use Ear Care Gold for 7-10 consecutive days until you see positive results. Using the dropper, insert drops into the ear canal. Gently massage the outer ear. Remove any excess drops from the outer ear with a towel or tissue. Avoid touching dropper to any discharge from the ear.

  • Under 25 lb, pour 3-4 drops in each ear
  • For 25-50 lb, insert 1/2 dropper in each ear
  • For dogs over 50 lb, insert 3/4 dropper in each ear

Ear Care Gold Customer Reviews

The reviews of Ear Care Gold are pretty good to read. Many dog owners have found this natural ear drops for your pet very helpful in treating ear problems in their pets. Here are some of the Ear Care Gold customer reviews

  • “Great product” by Chris from CO. Chris bought Ear Care Gold for his pug when the conventional medications were not showing results. He found this product cleared his pet’s ear problems immediately after pouring the drops. He also added that the infection has not come back till date.
  • “Amazing natural ear drops for your pet” by Shirley from Oshawa. Shirley found that Ear Care Gold cleared her dog’s ear problems within 2 weeks. She recommends this product to everyone.
  • “Better than what the vet provides” says Tracy from Connecticut. Tracy who first tried for vet prescribed drops, couldn’t find any results. But after she brought Ear Care Gold, she could see the symptoms subsiding. She recommends this product to all dogs suffering from ear problems.
  • “Has helped fight this ear fungus problem” by Laura from Texas. Laura recommends Ear Care Gold for all those dogs who are suffering from ear conditions. She added that the product has helped to clear the bacterial issues from her dog’s ears.

Ear Dr. – Natural Support For Dog Ear Health Naturally

Ear Dr is a herbal ear drop for ear health in dogs. It maintains normal balance of flora in your dog’s ear canal. Ear Dr contains a blend of natural ingredients that come in an olive oil base. The formula provides a general support to your pet’s ear health naturally. Ear Dr from Native Remedies remains true to their full method of herbal extraction. Being a natural ear drop, the chances of getting side effects is less The manufacturing method of Ear Dr. ensures that all active ingredients are taken in perfect proportion. Ear Dr. is manufactured in FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant facilities, ensuring safety and quality. The whole formula of Ear Dr. is manufactured by a team of experts, including naturopaths, homeopaths and responsible pharmacists.

Ear Dr Uses

  • It provides a soothing effect to your pet from the itchiness and discomfort caused by ear infection.
  • Maintains normal balance of flora in the ear canal
  • Soothes ear passages to prevent scratching and itching
  • Promotes complete ear health.

Ear Dr. Ingredients – Blend Of Natural & Herbal Ingredients

Being a natural product, Ear Dr. is a 100% herbal formula that contains the following ingredients in therapeutic dosage.

  • Calendula – It’s a perfect herb for treating skin conditions. Commonly applied to abrasions to help restore normal skin cells.
  • Mullein – Mullein in Ear Dr. keeps the inner and outer ear surfaces of your pet healthy and clean.
  • Rosemary – rosemary another active ingredient of Ear Dr. It possess certain anti-bacterial qualities. It acts as a soothing agent in the formula of Ear Dr.
  • Tea tree essential oil – is a powerful disinfectant that helps in treating certain types of infections. As many dogs with ear infections have unpleasant smell, tea tree oil gives a natural disinfectant smell.
  • Extra virgin olive oil – extra virgin oil treats ear mites causing infection in your pet’s ears.

Ear Dr. Instructions – How To Use Ear Dr.?

  • Keep your pet’s head upright and insert dropper carefully.
  • Allow drops to fall into the ear canal.
  • Massage his/her ears gently
  • Repeat 2-3 times daily for at least 7-10 days.
  • For dogs above 20 lbs and below 50 lbs, insert 3-5 drops in the ear.

Ear Dr. Customer Reviews – What The Reviews Say About this natural ear drops for your pet

All products of PetAlive are natural and do not contain any parabens. So, being a dog owner, you would really love the way the product gives relief to your pet. The reviews of Ear Dr. say that the formula has really helped their pets get relief from ear problems. Here are a few customer reviews on Ear Dr.

  • “Wonderful” says Miffy Mae. She gives a 5-star rating to the product and said that Ear Dr. has helped to get rid of ear mites from her pet’s ears. She used to apply a drop or 2 into her pet’s ear canal once a week.
  • “Great” said another user. He added that the product is great for ear blockage.
  • “Awesome product” by Ok Elmo. His 2 year old spaniel cross had scratching symptoms. He ordered Ear Dr and found the symptoms gone. He says “no more itchy ears. She was no longer irritated by her ears itching constantly.”

Otaxium Ear Drops – A Herbal Treatment For Ear Infections & Pain

Otaxium , formerly known as Otalgia ear drops is a natural pet formula for treating external ear infections. It helps to treat ear problems in both dogs and cats. Otaxium ear drops is a combination of herbs that help to relieve dog ear pain and pressure in the ears. A natural ear drops for your pet, Otaxium ear drops help to treat symptoms of bad odor from your pet’s ears. Dogs with Inflamed ears, scratching and itchiness in ears are gets relief from Otaxium ear drops.

Ingredients Of Otaxium Ear Drops

Otaxium Ear Drops contain natural organic herbs that help in treating symptoms associated with scratching and itchiness. Following are the ingredients in the formulation of Otaxium Ear Drops.

  • Yarrow – yarrow tincture helps to get rid of fleas that causes itchy ears and scratching.
  • Yucca root – yucca root reduces inflammation response and allergic reaction. It helps to reduce the likelihood of scratching that may lead to infection.
  • Mullein leaf – helps to enhance the immune system to resist ear infection. It helps to soothe the ear tissues with its mucoprotective qualities.
  • Vitamin E oil – relieves the pain of middle and inner ear.

How To Use Otaxium Ear Drops For Dogs?

Shake well before using Otaxium Ear Drops. Insert 3-4 drops in affected ear 4 times per day. If your pet’s infection is severe, use Otaxium Ear Drops up to every 2 hours in the affected ear.

Warning : Do not give Otaxium Ear Drops if the ear is bleeding or if the pet has ear tubes. If there is a presence of major sore in your dog’s ears, avoid giving Otaxium.

Otaxium Ear Drops reviews

  • “Great product” by Glo. He was satisfied with Otaxium Ear Drops as it helped to clear chronic ear issues. He has given a 5-star rating to the product.
  • “It works” says TL Myers. His pet had severe ear infection for weeks and couldn’t find any prescriptions effective. He bought Otaxium Ear Drops and found the symptoms gone within first use. He recommends Otaxium Ear Drops for canine ear problems.
  • “A Safe natural ear drops for your pet” says Sandy A. Whitely. Sandy has given a 5-star rating to Otaxium saying that the product addresses common ear problems in large breed dogs.

Bottom line

Maintaining balance in the ear and keeping the outer ear clean will keep your pet’s ears problem-free. Although these above mentioned natural ear drops for your pet are effective in clearing ear infections, make sure that you consult your vet before buying. Your pet’s ears have a close connection with skin health. This means a healthy diet, keeping your pets away from mites and fleas are very important. Adopting a holistic approach to your dog’s health will result in a happy ending.

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