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3 Natural Coat Refresheners for Dogs Safe and Effective all at the same time!

The usual Wrestle to get your pooch to the tub is never ending. Some of us bathe our dogs every weekend and some do it every fortnight. While some of the dogs love the bath, there are others that throw a tantrum. ITs not a unusual sight to see me drag my 4 year old German shepherd to the tub every weekend. but its not the dogs always that are lazy or don’t want to have a shower. I fee lazy at times and put forward the task for the next week. The results are not all that appealing after a day or two.

The stench of the dog becomes quite significant after a week. You end up feeling that you have made a bad decision and wish you would be able to bathe the dog now.

Well this is for your then. When you run out of time and want a few days more to get the “TASK” done, We find some of these simple ingredients to our help. Most of the ingredients are probably in your kitchen or somewhere in the house.

Corn Starch as dry dog shampoo

Most dogs stink because of the sweat in them. Do you know what we use to make food thicker when there is a bit too much of water? Corn Starch. Corn starch absorbs water like sponge. Its safe for the pet and it can lick it all it wants. Unlike Powders which are available in cans from the stores, these are chemical free and safe for pets! Pat the corn starch on your pets coat and brush it with a hard bristle Grooming brush. There is no irritation, or itch for the dog and its extremely safe. The odor is neutralized in a few minutes!

Baking soda for Powder

Baking Soda is one of the few common ingredients in your kitchen and is used for a range of purposes. Brushing your teeth with Baking soda and Salt can leave your teeth white. Baking soda can be used to clean tough stains and uses of baking soda are endless. Now you could also apply Baking soda to your pets coat and leave it odor free. its better to leave the baking soda for over half an hour to get the best results. Be sure to brush off the powder well. Though its safe, there may be minor irritation to your pet if the powder remains in her fur, creating discomfort!

Natural oils for Reduced odor & anxiety

Natural oils are great way to get rid of the odor in dog coats. Its not only safe but has other benefits. For instance, Lavender oil is known to soothe the dog, make it more calm. The fragrance is soothing to humans too. Cardamom oil in a very diluted form can remove odor, bacteria etc. Diluting one or more of these essential oils with water and spraying it on your dog coat will leave your dogs coat healthy and free from smell.

Essential Tips for Dog Hygiene

What ever you do, at the end ,its essential that you bathe your dog regularly. Other key factors to consider to keep your dog healthy is a proper diet, clean ears and a clean teeth. Brushing your dogs teeth daily, cleaning its ears regularly and making sure its dry will make sure that its free from infection. Ears and mouth are major cause for dog odor apart from diet. Add a Raw diet to the menu regularly. Add Apple cider vinegar to the dogs water and make sure there is enough roughage in the dog food to clean its teeth. Anything which your dog can bite and rip off will clean its teeth while giving it the required fiber to clean its stomach easily.

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