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Agile Joints for Dogs
  • Alleviate the discomfort associated with normal, daily exercise and activity.
  • Maintain flexibility and normal, comfortable motion
  • Addresses joints, cartilage, ligaments and joint fluid
  • Helps normal recovery following orthopedic surgery
  • Appropriate for dogs of all ages

Muscle and Joint Support For Dogs

PetAlive is one of the leaders in the manufacture and distribution of herbal supplements needed for dog health. It is one of the safest products because of the constituent of all natural and herbal ingredients. A product for promoting the muscle and joint health of the dogs is the Muscle and Joint Support.

Arthritis and Joint Support For dogs

Muscle and Joint Support not only supports the health of the joint and muscles. But also improves the health of the joints, muscles and even bones. It makes the dog healthier and stronger and provide for increased physical performance. An indirect effect of this supplement is taking care of the health of the liver.

Muscle and Joint Support Ingredients

Devil’s Claw – It is also known as Harpagophytum procumbens is added in the Muscle and Joint Support for relieving any pains or aches faced by the dogs. It has properties of anti-inflammation, anti-spasmodic and also acts as an anti-oxidant. Being an anti-inflammatory ingredient it is good for treating osteoarthritis in dogs. This herbaceous plant is mainly used as ingredient in those medicines for treating muscle pain, back pain, chest pain, migraines, inflammations, swelling, skin injuries and so on.

Spirulina – An ingredient in the Muscle and Joint Support formula mix which is known for its high constituent of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and carotenoids. This micro-organism is also high in chlorophyll content. It is an effective remedy for treating the muscle and joint disorders in dogs. The joint and muscle pains can be caused due to many reasons. This can be effective treating when the ingredient is added to the product.

Lecithin – Lecithin is a lipid substance added as an ingredient in the Muscle and Joint Support because of its benefits for reliving mild and severe cases of arthritis, liver functioning, functioning of the cells, promoting strength for physical activities, muscle endurance and so on. It can be given to your dogs to increase their physical performance. It can boost their energy levels to make them more active and healthy. The presence of fatty acids contributes to the strength and health of the bones, muscles and joints of the dogs.

Glucosamine sulphate – This homeopathic ingredient is the last one added to the Muscle and Joint Support formula. It is known to be a natural pain reliever. It helps in relieving the pain caused in the joints and muscles. At the time of rebuilding damaged parts and for other body pains.

Muscle and Joint Support – The Usage and Dosage

Just like all the other supplements of PetAlive, the Muscle and Joint Support too can be given directly or indirectly. In the direct method, the capsules are put directly to the mouth of the dog and made them to swallow. A lesser riskier and easier method is mixing the contents of the capsules in the food, treat or water fed to the dog. You can adopt any one of the method depending on the preference of your dog and looking your convenience too. 

  • Dogs who weigh less than 20 lbs are to be given half a capsule of the Muscle and Joint Support. This should be given two times a day.
  • Dogs who weigh more than 20 lbs and less than 50 lbs are to be given One capsule of the Muscle and Joint Support. This should be given two times a day.
  • Dogs who weigh more than 50 lbs are to be given 1 to 2 capsules of the Muscle and Joint Support. This should be given two times a day.

A bottle of Muscle and Joint Support has 60 Veggie capsules which will last for a considerable time, say for 15 to 60 days. The effects will start showing within 6 to 8 weeks. This differs depending on the dog’s diet, physical activities and health. It is very important to take care of the health of your dog apart from giving these medications. They should be provided with the proper diet with all the essential nutrients, proteins and vitamins and they should not be made to sit idle always.

For added advantage, the usage of Muscle and Joint Support is combined with DetoxPlus which is also a product of PetAlive.


The Muscle and Joint Support supplement is available from its parent site of PetAlive as well as on It is available for better offers and combo packs at the parent website. To order this right away, click on the following link:

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