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Meometamax 30g otic solution – Side effects, ingredients

Soothes itching and irritation naturally. Safe. Nonallergic and free from chemicals.  Guards against repeated ear problems and infections.protects from bacteria.

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The product is available only via prescription by your pet’s veterinarian. Scroll down to know more about Mometamax ear ointment for dogs ingredients, dosage, side effects and more.

Mometamax Customer Reviews & User Ratings

Mometamax Ear Ointment for dogs has got 3.8 out of 5 star ratings from pet owners. People note improvement after using the product. Of course, side effects have always been a part of any product. But, if you follow the instructions clearly, your dog will be away from side effects.

Here are few of the Mometamax ear ointment for dogs reviews.

Recommended products for allergy and Itching in Dogs

Pet Owner Review 1

Kera – “I have a 2-year-old sharpie/black lab mix. He was having an ear infection and had been in treatment for 3 months trying on various oral antibiotics. He was also put on steroids because of bad swelling. My friend had tried Mometamax on her pet and swore by it. At such a point I was willing to try anything. The first 4 days I did not notice any changes. But almost overnight his ear had cleared up. I could actually clean his ear without making him cry. By the end of treatment, his ear was clean and healthy. The only difficult part is the tip of the applicator as it would hurt the pet more when the infection is affected deeper.”Pet Owner Review 2

Apollo’s Mummy – “My pitbull Apollo was suffering from ear infections. I have tried all kind of ear drops but nothing worked. As I was working at a Vet hospital, I brought my pup for the checkup. The doctor suggested Mometamax ear ointment for dogs. The price is a bit too much for the bottle but the results make it work. The tip of the bottle is super thin and long sliding just right to the canal of the ear. I highly recommend this product.”

Recommended Products For Dog Ear Infection

Pet Owner Review 3

DutchessOliviaNina – “My pug suffers frequently with skin and ear infections. When I saw the price of mometamax I was shocked plus very happy. Fortunately, my vet gave me a big container of this product. Next time her skin is showing any irritative symptoms I will be able to treat them easily not to mention less costly as well.

Mometamax For Dogs Ingredients

Mometamax ingredients are prepared using the following ingredients –

  • Gentamicin sulfate – that has antibacterial properties making it effective to use against fungi and other bacterial infections
  • Mometasone – comes with anti-inflammatory properties that fight any redness or inflammation in the area
  • Clotrimazole – is a powerful antifungal agent that is used to treat otitis externa when the skin is exposed to fungi

Combined together they work excellently in alleviating dog’s ear infection thus preventing hearing loss or rupturing the eardrum.

Mometamax Side Effects

There was no report of any side effects till now. Yet, that does not negate the chances of possible side effects. The mometamax hearing loss is the main side effect claimed though there are no reports so far. Potential side effects of Mometamax for dogs include loss of appetite, increase in thirst, urination, diarrhea, vomiting etc. You will also notice that the ingredient gentamicin, when applied for a prolonged period, can lead to ear and kidney toxicity that can be reversed or at times irreversible.

Other side effects of Mometamax ear ointment for dogs include blistering, fluid retention, itching in the area, delay in healing, redness, generation irritation in the skin etc. In case, adverse reactions occur, better to have a talk with the Vet before using the product.

What Is Mometamax Ear Ointment For Dogs?

A prescription medicine used to treat ear infection in dogs. You can purchase Mometamax via online. A combination of highly powerful ingredients, it comes with antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate the pain and promotes healthy ear balance.

How To Use Mometamax And How Does It Work?

Mometamax for dogs is an FDA approved a product that is used to treat dogs only. Available as a solution formula, the medication comes with a dropper that can be easily administered on your pet’s ear. It is a once in a day treatment.

The ingredients of Mometamax is effective in treating a wide range of bacteria. For instance, clotrimazole is an ingredient that has antifungal properties that work against dermatitis infections. Mometasone is a hormone created synthetically that cures any inflammation in the skin and allergic reactions. Within 24-48 hours, you will notice positive results in the infected area.

The dropper with the bottle makes it easy to administer the medication in your dog’s ear.

Mometamax Ear Ointment For Dogs Usage & Instructions

Now that you have the product in hand, here is how to use Mometamax for dogs – dosage, instructions etc.

  • Clean your dog’s ear using a mild cleanser and make sure that the infected area must be clean and dry.
  • Trim off any excess hair from the infected area.
  • Shake well the product before use.
  • Vet recommends a dosage of 4 drops (in dogs weighing less than 30 lbs) to the infectious ear area once in a day. Dogs weighing more than 30 lbs need 8 drops of Mometamax in the ear canal.

Continue this treatment for 7 consecutive days or as per by your Vet’s instructions and ensure that the medication does not get in dog’s eyes, nose or mouth.

Mometamax otic suspension for dogs is available in 15g and 30g bottle.

Mometamax For Dogs Warnings

Do not use Mometamax otic suspension in sync with other medications in the ear unless, of course, your vet suggests otherwise. If your dog is allergic to any of the individual ingredients listed in Mometamax, do not use it.

Note that if your dog is suffering from a rupture in the eardrum, do not use Mometamax. At some point of treatment, if you notice hearing loss in your dog, stop the usage immediately. Since the effect of Mometamax has not been studied upon on pregnant and nursing dogs, use it under strict guidance.

Using the product for more than 7 days can delay the healing effect.

Momentamax is an otic suspension formula for dogs that are available to treat bacterial infection on the ears.

Where To Buy Mometamax For Dogs?

You can purchase Mometamax for dogs from this website or purchase from other pet health websites such as that offer this prescription medication.

My Dog Ingested Mometamax? What Should I Do?

This is quite common when you have a fiesty pet running around in the home. They are unaware of what they are putting in their mouth that can at times make you go haywire.

However, note that ingesting Mometamax is certainly not life-threatening. It will only give your pet an upset stomach. You can expect vomiting, diarrhea that do not last long. At this point, it is necessary to keep your dog well hydrated. Offer them only room temperature water. Do not give them cold water as it can aggravate the symptoms.

Home remedies you can try

While the best way is to take him to the Vet, you can certainly try some home remedies. You can even stop all food, treats or table food. Feed them the diet of chicken and rice ONLY (1/3 chicken, 2/3 rice – no spices and no fat). This will ease the stomach upset and prevent diarrhea. You can also add 1 tsp of canned pumpkin (without any spice) per meal to calm the spiking intestinal levels. It is also a safe natural remedy for your dog in balancing the digestive gut.

If your dog is vomiting, hold consumption of food and water for 2-3 hours after they stop vomiting. Then try feeding them small amounts of water waiting 30 minutes in between to check if it stays. You can even give them small amounts of smart water electrolyte or Pedialyte and ensure that the water is at room temperature. As a result, they will recover the energy back thus bringing back the lost electrolytes due to vomiting. Once the water stays, you can introduce food 6-12 hours in small quantities after vomiting giving 30 minutes in between to ensure that it stays in your dog’s tummy.

Mometamax Ear Ointment For Dogs Discount Coupon Codes

There are Mometamax for dogs discount codes and coupon codes that will give you the product at a good price reduction. Subscribe to newsletters if you are planning to buy Mometamax for dogs regularly. Using coupon codes and making use of promotional offers can support in keeping your dog’s skin healthy and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mometamax

Can I Mometamax for dog ear infections from Amazon?

No, because Mometamax is a prescription medication that is available only at online pet medication stores.

Are there any Mometamax 15g for dogs side effects?

First of all, till now there have been no side effects from pet owners. Yet, chances of possible side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, frequent urination, increase in thirst, kidney dysfunction etc. and more have been noted.

Can I order Mometamax ear drops for dogs at Canada?

Yes, You can order Mometamax for dogs from online no matter you are in Canada or any other country. Make sure to present a prescription during purchase.

Is Mometamax 30g available as an ointment for dogs?

Yes, you can opt for Mometamax ointment for dogs upon vet’s advise.

Does Mometamax for dogs ears skin expire?

Yes, just like any other product, Mometamax for dogs does come with an expiry date. Make sure to check the label of the product.

Can I use Mometamax for pregnant dogs?

Yes, but you need to be extremely cautious while using the product to prevent any side effects. Always consult the Vet and do not try administering the product yourself.

Is it okay if I use Mometamax for cats?

Mometamax is specifically for dogs only. Therefore, it should not be used on cats, horses or any other animals.

Can Mometamax make my dog go deaf?

In Mometamax, hearing loss is a possible side effect that has been noted. If you notice hearing loss during the treatment phase, stop using the product and take your pet to the vet without further delay.

I have no Mometamax prescription. Can I still purchase the ointment?

No. Mometamax is available only via prescription. Mometamax without prescription means you are incurring a health risk on your pet. For safety measures, it is better to get a proper Vet prescription.

What is Mometamax for dogs used for?

Mometamax for dogs is for treating otitis (ear infection, inflammation in dogs). Some pet owners use Mometamax for treating infections in other skin areas.


Mometamax is a prescription medication that helps many dog owners deal with ear infection/skin inflammation. While the drops are used for healing any infection in the ear canal, Mometamax ointment can kill a variety of fungi and allergies that attack dog‘s skin.

Mometamax price is certainly expensive. Nevertheless, the positive results certainly make the product worth a try. It has a good shelf life which makes this one-time investment definitely vital. If you are looking for a quality prescription medication, you need not have a second thought about Mometamax.

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