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Mometamax For Dogs Otic Suspension – Ear Antibiotic For Pets

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The product is available only via prescription by your pet’s veteranarian. Scroll down to know more about Mometamax ear ointment for dogs ingredients, dosage, side effects and more.

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Mometamax For Dogs – Ear Antibiotic

Mometamax treats ear infections in dogs. A combination of highly powerful ingredients, it comes with antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that alleviates the pain and promotes healthy ear balance.

Mometamax Customer Reviews & User Ratings

Mometamax Ear Ointment for dogs has got 3.8 out of 5 star ratings from pet owners. People note improvement after using the product. Of course, side effects have always been a part of any product. But, if you follow the instructions clearly, your dog will be away from side effects.

Here are few of the Mometamax ear ointment for dogs reviews.

Pet Owner Review 1

Kera – “I have a 2 year old sharpie/black lab mix. He was having an ear infection and had been in treatment for 3 months trying on various oral antibiotics. He was also put on steroids because of bad swelling. My friend had tried Mometamax on her pet and swore by it. At such a point I was willing to try anything. The first 4 days I did not notice any changes. But almost overnight his ear had cleared up. I could actually clean his ear without making him cry. By the end of treatment his ear was clean and healthy. The only difficult part is the applicators tip as it would hurt the pet more when the infection is affected deeper.”

Pet Owner Review 2

Apollo’s Mummy – “My pitbull Apollo was suffering from ear infections. I have tried all kind of ear drops but nothing worked. As I was working at a Vet hospital, I brought my pup for checkup. The doctor suggested Mometamax ear ointment for dogs. The price is bit too much for the bottle but the results make it work. The tip of the bottle is super thin and long sliding just right to the canal of the ear. I highly recommend this product.”

Pet Owner Review 3

DutchessOliviaNina – “My pug suffers frequently with skin and ear infections. When I saw the price of mometamax I was shocked plus very happy. Fortunately my vet gave me a big container of this product. Next time her skin is showing any irritative symptoms I will be able to treat them easily not to mention less costly as well.”More Details »

Mometamax For Dogs Ingredients

Mometamax ingredients is prepared using the following ingredients –

  • Gentamicin sulfate – that has antibacterial properties making it effective to use against fungi and other bacterial infections
  • Mometasone – comes with anti-inflammatory properties that fights any redness or inflammation in the area
  • Clotrimazole – is a powerful antifungal agent that is used to treat otitis externa when the skin is exposed to fungi

Combined together they work excellently in alleviating dog’s ear infection thus preventing hearing loss or rupturing the eardrum.More Details »

Mometamax Side Effects

There has no report of any side effects till now. Yet, that does not negate the chances of possible side effects. Mometamax hearing loss is a main side effect claimed though there are no reports so far. Potential side effects of Mometamax for dogs include loss of appetite, increase in thirst, urination, diarrhea, vomiting etc. You will also notice that the ingredient gentamicin when applied for prolonged period can lead to ear and kidney toxicity that can be reversed or at times irreversible.

Other side effects of Mometamax ear ointment for dogs include blistering, fluid retention, itching in the area, delay in healing, redness, generation irritation in the skin etc. In case, adverse reactions occur, better to have a talk with the Vet before using the product.More Details »

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What Is Mometamax Ear Ointment For Dogs?

A prescription medicine used to treat ear infection in dogs. You can purchase Mometamax via online. A combination of highly powerful ingredients, it comes with antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that alleviates the pain and promotes healthy ear balance.

How To Use Mometamax And How Does It Work?

Mometamax for dogs is an FDA approved product that is used to treat dogs only. Available as a solution formula, the medication comes with dropper that can be easily administered on your pet’s ear. It is a once in a day treatment.

The ingredients of Mometamax is effective in treating wide range of bacteria. For instance, clotriamazole is an ingredient that has antifungal properties that work against dermatitis infections. Mometasone is a hormone created synthetically that cures any inflammation in the skin and allergic reactions. Within 24-48 hours, you will notice positive results in the infected area.

The dropper with the bottle makes it easy to administer the medication in your dog’s ear.

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